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Laboni Hira

Labini hira - Writer

Laboni Hira, also known as Salty, is a passionate writer. Her vibe is all about cats, pretty skies, autumn, and wildflowers. She has a keen interest in writing about fashion, lifestyle, and home improvement areas. She is very active socially and leverages her network to connect to experts in various industries to understand various topics in depth. In her writing, she brings out the experiences of different users through her active interaction in addition to her own experience.


Shruti writer

Shruti is a writer, producer, blogger, foodie, traveler, explorer, shopaholic, and spiritual, well that’s me! I’m a family-bound person and share a very strong bonding with my sisters. I love to write about movies, celebrities, television soaps, and music. In her words – “Writing is not my passion; it is rather an antidote to me that gives mental peace and satisfaction”.