Best Tattoo Clip Cords | Top 5 Picks & Guide to Select the Perfect Clip Cord

A clip cord is a cable that is used to provide power to the tattoo machines. This cord is connected from the tattoo machine to the power supply. A clip cord is essential for any coil machine, as well as traditional rotary machines.

It is always important to use a good quality clip cord, as it makes sure that you do not have a short circuit or accidentally overload your machine.

A faulty clip cord could also cause other problems, such as low voltage, and your machine may also stop working abruptly. For these reasons, every tattoo artist must use a good quality Clip cord, and also keep one spare. 

List of Top 5 Tattoo Clip Cords : By Best Feature

Guide to Select A Perfect Tattoo Clip Cord

1. Material

A Clip cord is meant to connect your tattoo machine to the power supply, so it has to be made from a material that is durable and flexible. The most common type of wire used for Clip cords is copper wire.

Copper wires are flexible yet very conductive, so they are ideal for this purpose. Usually, the material used for the outside of this type of wire is silicone.

A silicone wire is the best because even if the wire gets hot, then it will not melt easily. The silicone material is also quite flexible as well as durable. So, while choosing a good quality Clip cord, try to go for a silicone one. 

2. Length

In a professional tattoo shop, one may not sit directly beside the power supply, so your Clip cord wire needs to be long enough.

Always choose a wire that is at least 5 feet long. This way you would not have to worry about any tugging or pulling while moving your machine around.

3. RCA vs Clip Cord

There are two types of clip cords used in the modern day, one is the regular kind, which has two L shaped wires at the end, which go into your machine, and the other one is the RCA cable, which is used for modern tattoo machines.

An RCA cable does not have two L-shaped wires, instead, it has a jack, which plugs directly into the machine. You must buy the type of Clip cord based on your machine.

Most modern pen-style machines use the RCA Cords; however, you should always check your machine for the exact information. 

4. Flexibility

If you are using a regular Clip cord, the L shaped wires can sometimes be quite difficult to press into position. This is why always choose a Clip cord which is flexible at the base. This way, it becomes much easier and faster to plug in your machine.

5. Durability

The durability of a Clip cord depends upon a lot of factors. One of these factors is the material of the wire itself. Other factors include the cover materials, the quality of the jack and the flexibility.

You have to always keep in mind that the more flexible the wire is, the less it is likely to be damaged. 

Top 5 Best Tattoo Clip Cords for Tattoo Machines

1. ITATOO Tattoo Clip Cords 

Best for Length

ITATOO Tattoo Clip Cords is made with high quality silicone and the jack is made from stainless steel to provide seamless connection.

It is coated with a fireproof material, making it completely safe for every machine. This Clip cord is quite long and it is compatible with most tattoo machines. 

Key Features and Specifications of ITATOO Tattoo Clip Cords 

  • This Clip Cord is 8.2Feer or 2.5 Meters long, which means you can extend it quite a bit. 
  • It is quite flexible and it will not break or disconnect easily. 
  • The Clip on this wire is quite flexible as well, so you will not face any difficulty while connecting it. 
  • This wire has high electricity conductivity and therefore reduces Voltage loss significantly. 

Pros and Cons of ITATOO Tattoo Clip Cords


  • The fireproof nylon coating makes this wire quite durable. 
  • Stable and continuous power is ensured through this cable.
  • It is compatible with all tattoo machines. 


  • The cable may get dirty easily, so you have to use a cover for it. 

Reason for Recommending ITATOO Tattoo Clip Cords

This clip cord has the longest cable in our list. It is 8 feet long, which means that you can have a long distance between the tattoo machine and the power supply and still work comfortably.

The 8 feet cable also makes sure that you do not pull or tug on the machine, keeping everything safe and stable. 

2. JellyfishPro Silicone Soft Tattoo Clip Cord

Value for Money

JellyfishPro Silicone Soft Tattoo Clip Cord is made with the best quality materials, while being user friendly and lightweight.

It is 2 meters long and it is made with silicone, which allows it to be more flexible and more durable. The clip is sheathed using a thick material making it safer to work with. 

Key Features and Specifications of JellyfishPro Silicone Soft Tattoo Clip Cord

  • The wire is 2 meters long, so you can move around your machine freely without any tugging or pulling. 
  • Both the jack and the clip are high quality, which makes the seamless connection. 
  • This wire prevents shortages and thus protects your machines. 
  • The silicone covering makes the wire much more durable and long-lasting. 

Pros and Cons of JellyfishPro Silicone Soft Tattoo Clip Cord


  • The length of the wire is perfect for any tattoo shop. 
  • It can handle all kinds of voltages with no issue. 
  • It’s a hassle free wire as it stays put without moving at all. 


  • It is a bit heavy, which may cause some pulling. 

Reason for Recommending JellyfishPro Silicone Soft Tattoo Clip Cord

JellyfishPro Silicone Soft Tattoo Clip Cord is long, flexible and made with good quality materials that will last you a good couple of years. It is also not too expensive, which is why we can call this Clip cord “value for money”. 

3. CINRA Silicone Tattoo Clip Cords

Excellent Quality Material

CINRA Silicone Tattoo Clip Cord is available in two different sizes, making it suitable for different machines. It is made with copper wires, which makes it highly conductive, without any dysconnectivity issues.

The wire itself is flexible, which helps you avoid any tangles or knots, making your wire quite durable. 

Key Features and Specifications of CINRA Silicone Tattoo Clip Cords

  • This cable is 1.8 Meters or 6 feet long, which allows you to work without pulling on the wire. 
  • It is lightweight wire, which means it tangles less often and there is no pulling. 
  • The clip itself is flexible and easy to use. 
  • Inside the silicone seething, there are 65 strands of copper wire, which helps the wire deliver stable voltage across the machine.  

Pros and Cons of CINRA Silicone Tattoo Clip Cords


  • The wire does not get hot even after using it for a long time. 
  • Silicone coating makes the wire tangle free and flexible. 
  • It fits most tattoo machines. 


  • It is not very long. 

Reason for Recommending CINRA Silicone Tattoo Clip Cords

This Clip cord is made with high quality materials both inside and outside. The wires are made from pure copper, which helps improve conductivity.

The wire is sheathed with a silicone jacket, which makes the wire durable and less prone to tears. So if you are looking for a wire that is very conductive and durable, this is the one for you.  

4. Vincent Tattoo cord for Tattoo Machines

Best for Flexibility

Vincent Tattoo cord is a RCA cord cable, which is ideal for most pen tattoo machines and Rotary machines. This RCA cable has a L shaped plug, which is a much more efficient design and it makes the wire more convenient to use.

Made from soft silicone, this wire is super flexible and very efficient at delivering the required electricity. 

Key Features and Specifications of Vincent Tattoo cord

  • The wire inside is made from pure copper, which is great for uninterrupted transfer of electricity. 
  • It weighs only 23 grams, which helps it avoid tugging and stretching. 
  • It is 2 meters long, thus allowing lots of space to work comfortably. 
  • Both the female plug and the RCA plug promotes great conductivity, so you will not experience any shortage. 

Pros and Cons of Vincent Tattoo cord


  • It has been tested extensively by folding it, so you can be assured that a simple tangle will not destroy your wire. 
  • It is compatible with most Pen Tattoo machines and rotary machines. 
  • The 90 degrees of the RCA plug makes it easy to use. 


  • The wire is quite thin, so heavy pulling may disconnect it. 

Reason for Recommending Vincent Tattoo cord

This Tattoo RCA cord is very thin and the outside is made from a high quality silicone. This means that you can easily bend and old this wire without worrying about disconnection or a tear.

It has been tested by folding it over a thousand times, so if you are looking for a RCA cable which is virtually indestructible, this is the one for you.

5. EZTAT2 Master Tattoo RCA Clip Cord

Best for Durability

EZTAT2 Master Tattoo RCA Clip Cord is made with premium quality silicone, which makes it tangle free and very easy to use. This RCA cord is compatible with most Pen style machines and rotary machines.

The cord is thick, which makes it quite durable, and it avoids tangles and tugging. It delivers continuous electricity without any issues. 

Key Features and Specifications of EZTAT2 Master Tattoo RCA Clip Cord

  • The cord is quite thick, so it does not pull and there is no strain on the cord. 
  • This cord is 1.8 meter long or 6 feet long. 
  • It is a durable cord, as it has a silicone jacket on it. 
  • It is compatible with most Pen style machines and rotary machines. 

Pros and Cons of EZTAT2 Master Tattoo RCA Clip Cord


  • This cord is thick, so it does not pull or stretch easily, keeping it safe. 
  • It delivers fast and continuous electricity. 
  • The mono jack and the RCA jack are both of high quality. 


  • The cord is not long enough for one to work with it comfortably. 

Reason for Recommending EZTAT2 Master Tattoo RCA Clip Cord

This clip cord is made from heavy duty materials that are able to withstand strain and any type of electricity overload. This wire is quite thick, which also makes sure that you do not accidentally rip off the wire.

So, if you want a Clip Cord that is very durable from both inside and outside, it is the one for you. 

Comparison of above-listed Tattoo Clip Cords

Cord TypeFlexibilityDurabilityLength
ITATOO Tattoo Clip Cords Clip CordYesDurable8.2 feet/ 2.5Meters
JellyfishPro Silicone Soft Tattoo Clip CordClip CordYesDurable6.5 feet/ 2Meters
CINRA Silicone Tattoo Clip CordsClip CordYesDurable6 feet/ 1.8Meters
Vincent Tattoo cordRCA CordYesDurable6.5 feet/ 2Meters
EZTAT2 Master Tattoo RCA Clip CordRCA CordNoVery Durable6 feet/ 1.8Meters

List of Some of the Best RCA Tattoo Cables

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Final Words

Clipcords are an important part of a tattoo machine setup. Without a good clip cord, you can never connect the power supply to your tattoo gun. So, we recommend that you always have a good quality clip cord in your kit.

As mentioned in our article, the best clip cords are flexible, they are made of good quality material, and they provide a consistent flow of current through them. You can choose any of these highly-rated Clip Cords from our list and be assured of their quality.