Why Do Tattoo Artists Use Black Gloves? Do Tattoo Gloves Need to be Sterile?

Are you looking for reasons why most tattoo artists use black gloves? Then we are glad you have reached here. We have researched and gathered the best of information for you on tattoo artists using black gloves.

You must not only know everything about tattoo gloves but also the reasons why these are worn, the best quality, and the advantages of using the same.

Black gloves especially latex ones are highly preferred and these are globally recognized by tattoo artists all over the world.

Let’s consider it this way, too much red to see on the table is anyway not a great idea. A tattoo does have some bloodshed in the process and thus, any other bright color is equally not as happening as red.

Do Tattoo Artists Have to Wear Gloves?

Yes! Most reputed tattoos artists wear disposable gloves for safety. These gloves not only consider their safety but also the clients too.

The process of tattoo involves needles, inks, and dyes that are used on the skin.

Other than these, as we discussed that you can expect some blood game on the tattoo table in the process. Thus, no one has a risk of cross-contamination.

Tattoo gloves provide comfort and confidence to the artist. Medically approved tattoo gloves ensure that they offer you total protection.

The advanced hand gloves are flexible, comfortable, and hygienic. Moreover, these make the artist look experienced and professional in all ways.

What Gloves Should Tattoo Artists Wear?

Some tattoo parlors are pretty strict about their hygiene and rules. They not only expect the same from their clients but, also follow it sincerely. Thus, they are very particular about selecting the right gloves for tattoo work.

Creating a tattoo is like a fresh wound in the initial period. Thus, these parlors pay close attention to hygiene and cleanliness. Failure to do it will only give further risks to viruses and bacteria entering the client’s bloodstream.

There are several types of gloves for tattoo artists. A few important ones to mention are latex gloves, black nitrile gloves, and vinyl gloves. Let’s know about these to be more confident of the same.

Latex gloves:

Latex gloves are medically approved. These are low in cost and are thin in texture. Despite being thin in their material, these are damage and puncture-proof.

Not many tattoo artists prefer to wear these are wearing them for prolonged hours can cause latex allergy. Similarly, if a client suffers from a latex allergy, the tattoo artist will refrain from using these anyway.

Vinyl gloves:

These are not like latex gloves. Vinyl gloves have a thicker and more resistant material. However, the gloves make it hard for tattoo artists to hold for too long.

Moreover, the hard and thick material doesn’t allow smooth movement of hands to perform the art. Thus, these gloves are not generally recommended for tattoo work.

Black nitrile gloves:

The reason why we discussed all types of gloves was so that you are more convinced of black nitrile gloves.

The explanation will help you to be more confident of the tattoo artist next time you see these gloves on their hand. Black nitrile tattoos are considered to be the best for tattoo work.

These gloves are made of thin and stronger material compared to vinyl and latex gloves. The gloves are disposable and resistant to chemicals.

It means these can be cleaned as well as these do not cause allergic reactions to the clients or the tattoo artist.

Our Recommendations:

Why Do People Wear Black Gloves for Tattoos?

Gloves help in providing the desired hygiene and cleanliness in tattoo parlor especially during the process.

Moreover, black nitrile tattoo gloves offer good protection and safety from cross-contamination or other kinds of allergic reactions. If you consider the tattoo community, you will find most tattoo artists using the same.

Black tattoo gloves or nitrile gloves are also known to protect against other hazards like chemicals, abrasions, teras, and biohazards.

Many people use these gloves for cooking and catering too. But, if you are thinking of tattoos, don’t just go for black gloves; you must choose black nitrile hand gloves for tattoo artwork.

Why Do Tattoo Artists Wear Latex Gloves?

You will find some tattoo artists using latex gloves for the reasons we discussed above. They just wish to save some bucks than spend on expensive ones.

Latex gloves are made of natural rubber that fits well in some cases and may protect from bacteria and viruses. However, these are not as comfortable and resistant as black nitrile gloves.

Latex gloves prevent oils and skin moisture from transferring to other people. But, these are not generally recommended for tattoo artists. Even if you visit your nearest tattoo store, you will find more of black nitrile tattoos.

Do Tattoo Gloves Need to Be Sterile?

As per the health experts, tattoo artists must wear disposable gloves to carry tattoo artwork. Black nitrile gloves are disposable gloves approved by medical agencies.

Thus, these need to be sterilized if your tattoo artist is disposing of them after use. However, non-disposable tattoos are supposed to be sterilized.

It means added efforts and time spent on the sterile process for all the gloves before and after use.

Black nitrile gloves may be pricey but these are worth the investment considering the time and effort saving. You don’t have to sterilize these after every use.

However, latex gloves may be cheap to use and can be sterilized but, you need to check the hindrances that come along.

If you think of the client’s safety and your safety, then we suggest you stick to black nitrile tattoo gloves.

Final Words:

Tattoo gloves can be of various types and qualities. You must choose something that protects you from germs, bacteria, and allergies.

You may visit the tattoo store or seek a second opinion from an experienced tattoo artist on the best type of tattoo gloves. Whatever you choose, keep in mind the safety guidelines for yourself as well as the client.