Eyeball Tattoos – A Complete Guide [How Long Do Eyeball Tattoos Last?]

Eyeball tattoos are being experimented on more in these times due to rising demand. These are done by injecting ink with the support of a needle in the top layer of the eye onto the sclera. Eyeball tattoos are strictly designed or performed by professional tattoo artists only.

There are a lot of details related to these tattoos that you must know other than just the duration. It is because several factors are responsible to make eyeball tattoos last.

In short, people go for eyeball tattooing to get permanent coloring of the white eye (also referred to as sclera). Although you may have heard of the demand for eyeball tattoos, these could be life-threatening too.

Before you read further about the good side of these tattoos, let us quickly explain the other side too. Understanding the pros and cons will help you to make a rational decision.

Risks associated with eyeball tattoos:

  • Limited vision
  • Loss of complete vision
  • Detachment of the retina
  • Partial or complete blindness
  • Eye inflammation
  • Light sensitivity
  • Itchy eyes

Some more common complaints heard from customers are:

  • The tattoo doesn’t get filled up perfectly in the eyes.
  • The lines inside look smudged.
  • The color looks disrupted, faded, or migrated.
  • The shape is irregular.
  • Some colors look either too dull or too harsh.

Despite the precautions and aftercare, eyeball tattoos still leave back some health risks. Now that you are aware of the negative side, let’s discuss something positive.

Is eyeball tattoo permanent?

Yes. Eyeball tattoos cannot be reversed nor can they be removed. These are permanent tattoos performed by only a few highly professional tattoo artists.

Although the treatment is categorized under cosmetic surgery, these are performed by few tattoo designers globally. These are done to enhance the natural look of facial features so that one gets a long-lasting look.

There are studies that claim eyeball tattoos can be removed with the help of cosmetic surgery. However, these could be too expensive and cause discomfort.

There are several ways to remove or lighten eyeball or eyeliner tattoos. However, if you don’t wish to remove the eyeball tattoo, it will remain for life.

How long do eyeball tattoos last?

As the studies and cases claim, eyeball tattoos last for a lifetime. Thus, these are permanent in nature. It can be stated that eyeball tattoos are non-reversible unless there is a possible medical treatment for the same.

Since the dye is injected between the layers of the eye, it helps to spread in the larger space in the eye. Such processes are not common.

We do not deny that people haven’t shown interest in doing eyeball tattoos. However, this won’t be an easy journey.

As per the studies, when an eyeball tattoo experimented on three people for the first time in 2007, only one person survived. Her name was Shannon. She was the only survivor of the three who survived with eyeball tattoos the longest.

How much does it cost to tattoo your eyeballs?

An eyeball tattoo is also known as a scleral tattoo. Coloring the whites of the eyes means you are going for an eye tattoo that starts from $1000.

Moreover, the fee of tattoo artists is high as these tattoos are performed by only selected tattoo professionals in the world. The eyes are the most sensitive organs on the body and thus, there is always a risk associated with the process.

The after results could not be always successful on the health part. Thus, these are performed at risk by professionals only.

If you think you can afford both, the money and health risks, you may go for it. However, you must also be aware that eyeball tattoos are a painful process.

5 Reasons why people go for eye tattoos

Regardless of whether it is eyeliner or eyeball, these are done for various reasons. Some are personal and some have a historical past attached.

As we explained, that these are the most dangerous tattoos in the world, some tattoo lovers cannot resist experimenting with the same.

Below are few reasons why people go for eyeball tattoos:

1. Sentimental reasons

People go for eyeball tattoos to get away with the other pain of life. Some people believe that a new pain can make them forget the existing one.

It could be a major heartbreak or painful memories of their past. Also, they don’t wish to see tears in their eyes and wish to look cool always. Eyeball tattoos are a cool thing to them that they would love to try.

2. To feel the uniqueness

An eyeball tattoo has a unique process that is strictly done by few tattoo professionals only. There are enthusiasts who wish to do unique stuff and try unique things.

Due to various features, eyeball tattoos are considered unique, and thus, some people love to try them on them just to look unique, experience unique, and follow unique stuff.

3. To experience something exciting

Eyeball tattoos could be dangerous but to some, these give them a kick! They consider it exciting and won’t think twice before going for it. Such people are more adventurous and sportier. They don’t mind trying new things that sound exciting.

4. Out of curiosity

Curiosity kills the cat and that’s what exactly most tattoo artists will tell you too before going for an eyeball tattoo.

But, those who are curious know the unknown! People are curious to try different things. They must have heard from others or read stories about eyeball tattoos.

5. To feel the pain

Pain could be satisfying to some people. Some run away from it and some simply love to experience it. Pain curbs their adrenaline rush and makes them thrilled at the same time.

Most tattoo lovers and piercing fans won’t mind trying out the dangerous adventures too. An eyeball tattoo is one of the adventures not many would like to experience. The main reason is due to the painful process.

Important Things to Consider Before Going for Eyeball Tattoos

There may be artists who have never done body art tattoos but they could be skilled and experience at eyeball tattoos. It is due to the expertise they carry in this specific art.

Some artists are highly experienced in tattoo art but, they will never consider or recommend eyeball tattoos due to their complex process and health complications.

Thus, there are few things you must consider before going for eyeball tattoos…

1. Experience

Experience or expertise is one crucial thing to look for in your tattoo artist, especially for the eyeball.

There are no official classes or training to get these processed, thus you need to be very informative about their background and the number of clients they have handled in the past.

2. Location of the studio

Studio location is very important as the tattoo parlor must be near your base. It is because some of the worse side effects may bother you post eyeball tattoo.

Post the tattoo, you are likely to experience eye sensitivity, light sensitivity, partial blindness, and fatigue. You need to reach your home with ease and convenience.

3. Cleanliness around

The cleanliness of the studio especially for eye tattoos is of utmost importance. The artist works in your eyes wide open with the support of needles and tools.

Thus, you need to know whether the tools are sterilized, the place is clean, and the artist is hygienic to prevent any foreign body to enter your eyes while filling the ink.

4. Client reviews

Check the customer reviews before you jump into the process of eyeball tattooing without exploring everything about it.

You must read about the experiences, feedback, and reviews of clients who have tattooed their eyeballs before and if they have done it from the artist you are planning to hire. You can explore online too.

5. Health expert’s advice

You need to consult your health expert before trying the eyeball tattoo. It is because the eyes are a sensitive organ and thus, the side effects are more compared to other parts of the body.

You must also take an opinion from them on your state of health before going for this eye art. You need to be physically fit before such dangerous acts.

Final Comments: 

Research and studies have mentioned the good and bad sides of tattoos. We hope with this article and some more research on the web, you would be able to make a rational decision on an eyeball tattoo.

You must understand the urgency and reason of this tattoo before you go for one. Be open to reading everything before you go with the eyeball tattoo.