Are Finger Tattoos A Bad Idea? 5 Reasons You Must Know Before Getting Finger Tattoo

Your tattoo expert may be hesitant if you meet them with the idea of a finger tattoo. Most tattoos won’t even recommend you going for finger tattoos. If you wonder why then you have reached the right page.

In this article, we shall discuss everything about finger tattoos, their pros and cons, and their lifeline. Finger tattoos are the most appealing and attractive but, they come with certain flaws that you must know.

For tattoos on any area of the body, you must do some homework and the same rule is applicable on finger tattoos too. Once you are convinced with your research, advantages, and drawbacks, you can go ahead and take your decision.

These small, cute, and adorable tattoos must be done by professionals as the process can be painful.

We agree these look sleek, appealing, and alluring on the fingers. Maybe more people in your friends’ circle may want to follow in your footsteps. It would be wise to share your experience and research with them.

We shall help you with the research work and guidelines, however; experience is something that you will take if you have made up your mind to go ahead with it.

Are finger tattoos acceptable?

Finger tattoos are high in demand as those are the most exposed part of the body and thus, these may not be acceptable by many job owners.

Other than the job restrictions, you must know certain facts associated with finger tattoos before accepting these on you. The more homework you do on finger tattoos, the more it will help you to make a confident decision.

Although tattoos on fingers help you express clearly, there are some flaws to it. Let’s quickly take a look at the same:

1. Size of the design

Fingers are the sleekest on the body and thus, the design becomes smaller. You cannot think of a bigger design on your fingers. So for those who are tattoo freaks and wish to make it bigger and better, artwork on fingers will be a disappointment.

2. Tattoo Experts

Very few tattoo artists perform the art on fingers. Not everyone is happy either to do it in such smaller areas. They love to experiment with bigger designs. You will not find many tattoo parlors accepting the request.

3. Healing takes longer

Tattoo healing on fingers takes longer than usual. If an average takes about 2 weeks to heal, tattoos on fingers taken longer to heal. You must also know that you lose out on a major number of skin cells every 24 hours from the tattoo process.

4. Job restrictions

Ask your employer if they will allow you at work after these. Finger tattoos are highly visible and thus not many companies appreciate you coming with those. You don’t want any disappointment later, do you?

5. Heavy maintenance

Finger tattoos can cost you heavy maintenance as these fade out easily. So you can imagine the cost you will end up spending on the re-touches. Thus, not many would like the idea of spending so much and bearing the painful process too.

Based on the above facts and flaws, you can decide whether you would accept these tattoos on your fingers or not.

Why finger tattoos are a bad idea?

1. Ouch, that hurts!

Fingers are connected with the nerves and the skin layers are sensitive being in close contact with the knuckle bone. Due to less fat on the finger area, be prepared as the tattoo process can hurt badly there.

Unless you want to make it a symbolic experience for the pain you have gone through for your tattoo, we don’t think it will be a good idea for that place.

2. Fade out

The tattoo around fingers is the most prone to fading out. If you still wish to go ahead with the finger tattoo, be assured of repeated re-touches every few weeks. Those who hate the idea of visiting the tattoo parlor must think twice about tattoos on their fingers.

3. Don’t expect perfection

Unless your tattoo expert is highly skilled in finger tattoos, don’t expect perfect tattoo designs on your fingers. It’s the trickiest even for tattoo artists and thus, most avoid it. Unless you are 100% sure about your tattoo artist, going for finger tattoos would be a bad idea.

4. Smaller and limited designs

Don’t expect your desired designs to come exactly on your fingers. Other than the angel of imperfection, you will have to compromise on the design too. There are selected designs and letters that can be inked on those small fingers.

You cannot imagine bigger designs to fit onto the limited area of your fingers and so it won’t be a good idea to go ahead with the thought of finger tattoos if you are keen to flaunt one big one.

5. Extra care

Don’t expect to go carefree after getting inked on your fingers! You will be a handed over a huge list of instructions to follow for finger tattoos. It is because these tend to fade out easily and so you will need to take extra care of your design to protect it for long.

If the thought of taking extra efforts and the pain of remembering about the tattoo disturbs you, then consider this a bad idea.

The finger tattoo faded after a week – is it normal?

Technically, finger tattoos can last for as long as 6 months or more if you take proper care. However, some people complain of their finger tattoo fading out within a week.

It could be possible that you failed to follow the instructions and take care of your tattoo well. You must not panic if you experience tattoo finger from your fingers after a week; in many cases, this is normal too. Read further to know why.

Every tattoo you do undergoes a healing phase. You might notice tattoo fading whereas, in reality, the skin is absorbing the tattoo ink within your fingers. When your tattoo heals in few days, you will further experience that the excess ink starts to peel off.

All these are normal. It is only the top layer of the tattoo ink that will peel off. Once the skin heals completely, your tattoo will come back to its desired looks.

You may also connect with your tattoo artist to confirm whether the healing process is running smoothly. If needed, he may give you a free touch-up for any loss of ink. Your tattoo artist will also guide you on how to protect the tattoo from thereon.

How long does it take for a finger tattoo to fade?

In most scenarios, six to eight months is the ideal time for your finger tattoos to stay. In some cases and in case extra care is taken, these may last up to 12 months until you need a re-touch again.

Your finger tattoo may not vanish completely; it will only lose its shine, texture, and color.

If you have gone for colored ink, then it is rare that colored tattoos on fingers will stay for more than 12 months however, you can expect some blurriness during the period.

One of the major reasons why finger tattoos fade faster is because we make use of our hands the most. Fingers are mainly used in everyday tasks and thus the wear and tear of tattoos are bound to happen.

Depending on the effort and work you take from fingers, the friction caused will decide the lifespan of your tattoo ink.

More friction and more work mean the skin will start shedding ink faster. You will need to be extra careful with the aftercare instructions.

How do I keep my finger tattoo from fading?

Although your tattoo artist will give you a set of instructions to follow to prevent finger tattoo fading, you may also refer to the following instructions that will come in handy for you:

  • You will need to keep your fingers clean and free of dirt all the time.
  • Use gentle and milk soaps while washing your hands and fingers.
  • Your fragrance-free lotions, hand gels, and moisturizers.
  • Do not use sanitizers as they will fade off the ink sooner due to alcohol content.
  • Avoid water as much as you can as the more you expose and make contact with water, the sooner your finger tattoo will fade.
  • Use moisturizers that are natural and chemical-free. You may also check our herbal products.
  • Use antibacterial soap or shower gels and be careful while taking bath.
  • The first 2 weeks are critical and important for healing and so you must follow all the instructions sincerely as provided above and by your tattoo artist.
  • Cover your fingers and hands to protect from the harsh UV sun rays.
  • Avoid sweat on your finger areas.

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Final Words:

Everything that we see has its own merits and demerits. Although finger tattoos are not a great idea if you wish to stay with tattoos for long, it all depends on your decision.

Some intentionally go for it to experience the trend, feel, and looks on them. If you wish to experience it too, follow your heart, follow the instructions and you will be just fine.