TOP 5 Popular Bishop Tattoo Machines | Features, Benefits and DrawBacks

Bishop is the brand for all your tattoo supplies needs. Founded in the USA, the company sells every part of the tattoo machine needed for premium tattoo inscription. 

Brand Bishop is maintaining the trust of their customers for decades. The gadgets created by the company have signatures Swiss motors, German bearings, Japanese medical-grade polymer plastics, and aircraft aluminum frames.

With a guarantee of a year for all their products, they offer in-house repairs in case of your product breakdown. All Tattoo supplies are sophisticatedly crafted to make every tattoo lover’s experience pleasurable.

List of 5 Popular Bishop Tattoo Machines

S. NoTattoo Machine Name
1Bishop Fantom  
2Bishop Microangelo Rotary Tattoo Machine
3MAGI Black Edition – Nikko Hurtado
4Bishop Authentic Rotary Tattoo Machine  
5Bishop Wand Pen Tattoo Machine  

Top 5 Bishop Tattoo Machines : Deep Dive

1. Bishop fantom

Let’s review the stunning high-quality Fantom Bishop tattoo machine. The cartilage machine, being super light-weight, is apt for those artists who have weak wrist and other hand issues—the appealing pen-design device houses unique features.

The Fantom machine has a custom-made medical grade flat motor that allows the artist to use the gadget easily. This model’s frame is constructed using light aircraft aluminum material, providing sturdiness and making it the lightest machine along with the Bishop MAGI machine.

Furthermore, the weight helps artists to work for long hours. The voltage used is between 8 and 10v.

If we talk about the needles, the machine is compatible with most of the cartridge ones. The two plunger bars supplied with the kit are usable for all sizes of grips.

Fantom bishop is ideal for a beginner and pro as its exceptional output in drawing lines and shading.

Package Inclusions:

  • One tattoo machine
  • A case, 
  • A couple of plungers
  • An Allen wrench
  • And 
  • RCA cord

Key features of Bishop fantom Tattoo Machine

  • Built with aircraft- aluminum material
  • Type – rotary cartridge machine
  • Weight- 1.07 oz
  • Power voltage- 8 to 10 volts
  • An RCA cord connection / a clip cord 
  • Motor- swiss motor (medical grade motor) 
  • Double-needle clip
  • Stroke length – 3.5 mm – 4.2 mm
  • Plunger bars for all size grips
  • A year (limited)warranty by the manufacturer

Things we liked in Bishop fantom tattoo machine

  • No lubrication is required.
  • It is the lightest machine in the industry.
  • There is a plunger bar for all-size grips.
  • Easy to use
  • Very Durable 

Drawbacks we Noticed in Bishop fantom tattoo machine

  • Fantom grip has to be purchased separately
  • Non-compliance with traditional needles

Our Verdict on Bishop fantom tattoo machine

If it’s called the beast machine is not over-rated at all. The revolutionary Fantom model is outstanding for its lightweight construction and optimal balance.

2. Bishop Microangelo Rotary Tattoo Machine

The Microangelo RCA is a revolutionary direct-drive machine from the Bishop brand. It is the first tattoo machine to have interchangeable 3.5mm and 4.2mm magnetic cams. This means you can switch the cams from 3.5 to 4.2 quite fast — with no tools.

The anodized body is designed to be durable as it is made from the bishop’s signature aircraft aluminum material. It has a custom striped body.

The fantastic model is equipped with a Maxon swiss Motor, making it suitable for lining and shading. Moreover, the in-built plunger bars are compatible with all grips, including grips from other reputed brands like FK and others.

The operating voltage of Microangelo ranges from 6v up to 8.5v output. You can use any standard cartridge needles. Being one of the most efficient and effective rotary tattoo machines, it is available in colors like blue, red, graphite, black, gunmetal, and silver.

The standard one-year warranty by the brand applies here.

Package Inclusions

  • One tattoo machine
  • An Allen key
  • Two interchangeable stroke magnetic cams
  • One case

Key features of Bishop Microangelo Rotary Tattoo Machine

  • Built with aircraft- aluminum material
  • Type – rotary cartridge machine
  • Weight- 2 oz
  • Power voltage- 7-9 volts
  • An RCA cord connection / a clip cord 
  • Motor- swiss motor (Maxon) 
  • Dual ball bearings
  • Available in different colors.
  • Made in the USA

Things we liked in Bishop Microangelo Rotary Tattoo Machine

  • It’s a direct drive machine
  • No lubrication required
  • Lightweight
  • Pinned strip design is quite catchy.
  • It comes with plunger bars for all-size grips, even with brands like FK and Cheyenne

Drawbacks we noticed in Bishop Microangelo Rotary Tattoo Machine

  • Non-compliance to clip cord connection

Our Verdict on Bishop Microangelo Rotary Tattoo Machine

With this fascinating rotary tattoo machine, get solid lines, shades, and packs color on your artwork. It’s embedded with exceptional features.

3. MAGI Black Edition – Nikko Hurtado

MAGI Black Edition – Nikko Hurtado is one of the limited edition (made in the USA) models from brand Bishop. Ranging from the stroke, the motor’s torque, speed, etc., the collectible machine model is produced with utmost precision.

The Magi Black operates at between 6 and 8.5v. And ready to use apparatus after unboxing. Again the device is also cartridge-specific and works with general cartridge needles and all hawk grips.

The tattoo machine comes with an RCA connection and is fitted with a Maxon Motor with dual ball bearings.

Other vital features of the MAGI edition are thatIt needs no adjustments but a spring attached that offers the right amount of necessary auto-pressure, and by practicing with your hand speed, you learn to adjust your give.

If you analyze this machine’s speed performance, it works 30% faster, thereby leading to more efficiency and healing artwork. There is also two plunger bar to use. Both are measured at 71 and 76 mm, respectively.

The former is used with disposable grips, and the latter for click grips. So move fast and pick this amazingly easy to use the machine as there are only a limited 1000 Gold Versions and 4000 Matte Black Versions. 

Package Inclusions

  • A case
  • One rotary machine
  • An Allen key

Key features of MAGI Black Edition Tattoo Machine

  • Built with aircraft- aluminum 
  • Weight- 1.8 oz
  • Power voltage- 6-8.5 volts
  • An RCA cord connection 
  • Motor- swiss motor 

Things we liked in MAGI Black Edition Tattoo Machine

  • Its grease and lube free
  • Different sized plunger bars-changeable grips and click grips
  • Cartridge-specific
  • Faster and consistent punctures per second

Drawbacks we noticed in MAGI Black Edition Tattoo Machine

  • Limited edition availability
  • The grip is not included, as shown in the pic.

Our Verdict on MAGI Black Edition Tattoo Machine

If price is not a factor, then this limited edition and one of its kind device should be in your tattoo studio.

4. Bishop Authentic Rotary Tattoo Machine

With the beautiful signature Bishop logo inscribed on the side, the ergonomically designed model fits in your hand like a charm. You can be well assured of facing any hand-related health hazards.

With the greatest standards and built with billet aluminum material to provide sturdiness, this famous tattoo big brand has the most outstanding standards.

There is a Maxon-Swiss motor installed that can move the cartridge’s needles forth and back. This function leads to precision in shading and delicate lining.

The tattoo artist can use this machine to carry out the complete tattoo process. with the advantage of purchasing additional accessories; you can upgrade the machine’s performance and versatility.

The bishop’s Authentic, interesting-looking rotary tattoo machines are designed under aircraft manufacturing standards to give you a device you can trust. 

Package Inclusions:

  • One tattoo machine gun.

Key features of Bishop Authentic Rotary Tattoo Machine

  • Built-in materials – billet aluminum 
  • Hand polished
  • Weight- 3.8 oz
  • Power voltage- 8 to 9 volts
  • an RCA cord connection/ a clip cord 
  • motor- Swiss motor 
  • Double-needle clip
  • Stroke length – 3.5 mm – 4.2 mm

Things we liked in Bishop Authentic Rotary Tattoo Machine

  • Versatile functionality
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy operation
  • Sturdily built with billet aluminum

Drawbacks we noticed in Bishop Authentic Rotary Tattoo Machine

  • The machine is heavy
  • A bit expensive

Our Verdict on Bishop Authentic Rotary Tattoo Machine

Bishop’s Authentic Rotary Tattoo Machine ranks tops in versatility, direct drive, efficiency and has an overall likable design.

5. Bishop Wand Pen Tattoo Machine

Here comes the fantastic versatile and ergonomic designed three wand machine from Bishop. The pen-style Wand models are used as Shader, Packer, and Liner.

The three wand features a Faulhaber motor that is custom-made for optimized torque, nominal voltage, and RPM. Each wand has a stroke length of 3.5, 4.2, or an unbelievable 5.0.

You can pick any one of the all-in-one machines, depending on your need. From traditional tattooing, dot work, blackwork, and all kinds of line work;

The machine has it all. The custom brushed motor with custom wind and built-in give and matte black cap and grip with a hand-polished flat black band give this Bishop’s wand model an edge over another device in the market.

The shader wand is flawless for making lines, even grey and black shading, and much more functional performances. It’s has a 3.5 stroke length.

Suppose you are the one who desires a dedicated liner. Then it would be best if you bought the liner wand. Bishop liner wand is the first in the crowd with a 5.0 stroke. Tattoo expert Big Sleeps specially endorse this model. 

For bold lines, accurate color, old-style, 3RL work, you can go for the packer wand. It has a 4.2 stroke. Again as a tattooist, if you only like to play with black and gray colors, then the packer wand is perfect for you. It has enough power to do every style very smoothly.

 Since the packer has a 4.2 stroke, it is recommended for soft, smooth black & gray only. The packer models are endorsed by tattoo artists Nikko Hurtado and Victor Chill.

Don’t use oil or grease with the machine as instructed by the company. It will void your warranty.

Package Inclusions:

  • One pen-style tattoo machine
  • Free Grip
  • RCA Cord
  • Machine travel Case

Key features of Bishop Wand Pen Tattoo Machine 

  • Type – Pen (Shader, Packer, and Liner)
  • Hand polished band
  • Weight- 4 oz
  • Power voltage- 8.5 to 10 volts
  • an RCA cord connection 
  • motor- Custom Faulhaber 
  • Matte Black Cap & Grip
  • Aircraft Aluminium construction
  • Adjustable Needle 0-6mm
  • Stroke length 3.5 – 5mm stroke
  • maximum torque and speed

Things we liked in Bishop Wand Pen Tattoo Machine

  • Softer hit on all skin types.
  • Small and compact
  • Super stroke length is 5mm
  • Low vibration

Drawbacks we noticed in Bishop Wand Pen Tattoo Machine

  • It doesn’t come with grips

Our Verdict on Bishop Wand Pen Tattoo Machine

No matter what Bishop wand pen-style machine you choose for your tattoo art, all the three variations featured above has unique aspects that come to life as you use any of them.

Final Comments:

The Bishop Tattoo Machine brand has unique signature features that will transform your tattooing love. Known for building some attractive rotary tattoo machines, all its models are characterized by versatility, direct drive, efficiency, and lightweight.

The machines are lubrication-free and are compatible with all types of cartridge grips. As a prevalent form of art, tattooing is becoming more sophisticated with branded tattoo machines.

The is to make the tattooing experience pleasant for experts and tattoo lovers, and Bishop tries to deliver the same. Its rotary machines enhance both the shading and lining and has long-lasting operational hours.

All the above process is possible when you have some compact and lightweight devices without tiring. Brand Bishop excels in making such devices. Whether it’s the old gun-style or a pen-style gadget, brand bishop allows you to experiment with the soul of an artist’s inking style.