Metallic Tattoos | A Complete Guide & FAQs | Recommended Metallic Tattoo Inks

Metallic tattoos are the new trend! These look amazing and more women are switching to this due to their glittery looks. Tattoos take a tough decision as some go for permanent and some for semi-permanent.

Regardless of what tattoo one goes for, it takes effort, patience, and craze to fall for the art. Due to the high demand for tattoos across the globe, tattoo artists have come a long way in creativity; metallic tattoos are one example.

Metallic tattoos are the solution for people who love tattoos but, are afraid of needles and wounds. These are available in oodles of designs and patterns.

One of the major reasons why women prefer metallic tattoos is because these can be worn like a piece of jewelry. You would find these on many celebrities too.

Some people do not like the idea of temporary metallic tattoos and we have some suggestions to help you with the best alternative to metallic tattoos. However, we shall check that in the latter part of this article. For now, let’s stick to the basics

Can you get metallic tattoos?

Metallic tattoos are available in huge varieties online. Most designs are temporary as these are like stick-ones that take you away from the pain of needles.

The most common colors in metallic tattoos are silver, gold, grey, and white. Some people also relate it with flash tattoos because of the shine and glitter they give in final results.

People who get metallic tattoos on their bodies do not find the need for any jewelry as these look adorable! Temporary metallic tattoos last for up to 4 to 5 days after application.

These come in various designs and can be used as bangles, neck chains, finger rings, toe rings, anklets, etc., If you are looking for something to replace the jewelry, metallic is the word!

Take a look at some of the interesting facts associated with metallic tattoos/flash tattoos:

  1. Metallic tattoos are inspired by the various cultures, traditions, destinations, and lifestyles of people. People try these for various reasons. Some are related to experience and some just for fashion.
  2. Metallic tattoos are considered to be safe compared to other chemical-based tattoos. However, these are safe only if you paste them as stickers and let these stay on the surface of the skin. Anything with ink and needlework carries various other drawbacks.
  3. One amazing fact about these tattoos is that you can get them custom-based too! These are also available as per occasions like birthday, summer designs, themed parties, weddings, jewelry design, in letters, etc…
  4. For sticker-based metallic tattoos, you can even order your design beforehand. Sticker-based tattoos can be applied as DIYs too.
  5. Metallic tattoos are temporary designs and so you can keep changing and trying new ones anytime and any number of times!

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How do you make a tattoo look metallic?

There are various ways you can make metallic tattoos last on the body. However, remember these are yet not permanent. If you wish to go for something that lasts long or similar to permanent tattoos then there are tricks.

Talk to your tattoo expert if you can play with permanent tattoo inks in silver, golden, grey, or white. You may use permanent tattoo inks to design metallic tattoos.

If your tattoo artist is creative, he/she will surely find a way out to many a permanent metallic design with the help of tattoo inks. The other combinations that you can check are yellow and brown over gold and black, and grey for silver.

Before you make up your mind, understand these are alternatives and won’t give you the same luster or shine as metallic transfers.

You must also know that there is nothing known as metallic ink. Moreover, it is difficult to find gold or silver pigment. To get these shades, you may have to use a metal flake base that no tattoo expert will advise you to do so.

It is because these pigments could be highly toxic and not advisable for your skin. One can rather go for metallic tattoo sheets to do the job in safety measures.

In context to the above, think wise if you still wish to go ahead with metallic inks in gold and silver as these could also be highly expensive. Thus, not many companies make it due to limited sales.

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Are metallic tattoo inks safe?

The answer is NO! As their name depicts, metallic tattoos consist of harsh chemicals and metals such as metals, oxide, and mercury. Although metallic tattoo inks are popular in America, these are also not recommended at the same time for their high chemical components.

Other than infection, there are risks of unsterile needles that are exposed to mercury and other metal components. These can lead to severe skin diseases.

If you wish to continue, then you must try the real gold metallic ink that is found in Asia. We recommend you perform a skin patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to the ink before you begin with the actual process.

You may choose between temporary or permanent considering your preference, risks involved, and cost attached.

How long do metallic tattoos last?

As we discussed earlier in this article, that temporary metallic tattoos do not last for more than 4 to 5 days, which is fair.

If you have a wedding to attend and you are too lazy to load jewelry in your bag, metallic tattoos are the best alternative! The after-care of metallic tattoos is different.

Unlike permanent tattoos, metallic tattoos need to stay away from moisturizers. If you rub and scrub them more, they will fade out sooner. Thus, you have to be careful while maintaining these.

Let us help you with some of the most commonly asked queries related to metallic tattoos. These will help you to take a decision respectively.

Frequently asked queries related to metallic tattoos

Q. Can I remove my metallic tattoo by myself?

With the support of an oil-based remover and a good scrubber, you can easily take off the metallic ink from your skin. Simply rub some remover on the ink and scrub it for few minutes. Wash it with mild soap and pat dry the area.

Q. Are metallic tattoos water-proof?

To an extent, yes. However, extreme water pressure and the water level may damage the metallic ink that will tend to fade out.

For instance, sauna baths, swimming, and prolonged shower baths may disrupt your tattoo shine. For a durable tattoo, you must get it done at a professional tattoo parlor.

Q. Are metallic tattoos safe?

If you go for the sticker ones, these are generally safe as they are pasted on the surface and do not sink deep inside your skin. Other types of metallic tattoos can cause allergic reactions as metallic inks are toxic.

Thus, you may check with your tattoo artist on the pros and cons of metallic tattoos before going for one.

Q. Why are metallic tattoos not available in permanent?

Metallic tattoos are encouraged and loved because of their shine and glitter. Thus, anything that lies deep inside the skin is like one is expecting to see them shine through a closed chamber. The top surface of the skin heals and the tattoo loses its shine.

Q. Are flash tattoos and metallic tattoos the same?

There is not much difference between the two. Both last for up to 5 days at a stretch. The aftercare for flash and metallic tattoos is also the same. You must avoid sunscreen, moisturizer, and oil on your tattooed skin for longer durability.


Now that you know everything about metallic tattoos, what are you waiting for? Start collecting these on your skin and flaunt those glitters at the beach! We would love to see which design you began with, so don’t forget to share your comments with us. Happy painless tattooing with metallic tattoos!