Flash Tattoos – A Complete Guide? [What is Flash Tattoo, Price, How to Get?]

Tattoo lovers do not have an end to their passion for tattoos. We don’t disagree; the options, varieties, designs, and various methods for tattoo artwork can spoil anyone for a choice.

Just like any other tattoo, flash tattoos enjoy equal attention from tattoo lovers. Flash tattoos are not new to many tattoo researchers; flash plays an important role in the world of tattoos that has supported many tattoo artists in displaying their skills.

This guide talks about everything you wanna know about flash tattoos. We shall discuss the meaning of flash tattoos in detail and get to the most sought questions online. Let’s begin with the meaning of flash tattoos at first.

What is a Flash Tattoo?

A flash tattoo is a pre-made design that is done on a person in one session itself. These are slightly different from custom tattoos.

These tattoos can be easily found on prints, posters, books, and similar material at tattoo shops and tattoos parlors. Flash tattoos can be classified into two types:

  • Market
  • Collector

1. Market flash tattoos:

Market flash tattoos belong to classic tattoo designs. These are usually found on the walls of tattoo parlors. Some classic typical examples of market flash tattoos include hearts, roses, pop culture themes, infinity, and more…

One major advantage of market flash tattoos is that these can be easily done in one session itself. As we now know, that these tattoos have generic basic designs.

If you wish to go for something unique, market flash tattoos are not the one. But, cares who? Sometimes a small heart design can look best too!

2. Collector flash tattoos:

Collector flash tattoos have a unique concept compared to market flash tattoos. These are designed and created by tattoo artists who wish to showcase their unique skills.

In short, collector flash tattoos are special tattoo editions and are a product of the artist’s creative imagination.

These can be viewed on your tattoo artist’s portfolio. If they really have something in mind for you, they will display their best design and suggest you go for something unique that matches your personality.

Are flash tattoos permanent?

No, flash tattoos are not permanent. But, they do have a life of about a week to spend with you. Where have you planned to place your flash tattoo also decide the life of the same.

Whatever designs you find posted on the tattoo website are in a way categorized under flash tattoos.

All you have to do is simply pick the pre-drawn design from a tattoo website or your tattoo artist’s tattoo book and ask the artist to do it on you. As the name suggests, you will be out of the parlor with a tattoo in one session itself.

If you consider the precautions and follow them sincerely, you can enjoy flash tattoos for a little longer. Be wise in selecting the location for flash tattoos as some parts of your body may fade it sooner than the rest.

For instance, hands are most exposed to water throughout the day to carry out different activities. Thus, you must avoid getting a flash tattoo on your hand if you wish to enjoy it longer.

Where do you put flash tattoos?

Flash tattoos are usually not too big in design. These are small, cute, and always in trend. Thus, people choose locations where they are most visible such as hands, arms, ankle, neck, and similar locations where they can flash their flash tattoos!

Flash tattoos are more preferred over custom tattoos as these are easily done on those who cannot wait to see a tattoo on them.

If you don’t have patience for several tattoo sessions in custom designs, we suggest you go for flash tattoos.

We agree that custom and advanced tattoo designs have picked great demand in western countries however, these have not subsided the love for classic flash tattoos!

How do you get flash tattoos?

Flash tattoos are also referred to as temporary tattoos by some. These are made with a special type of paper. Similar to the process of screen printing, flash tattoos to are created with a coated page by transferring the film.

When the film successfully transfers the image onto the skin, the backing paper slowly slides off. Let’s understand more about the process of the flash tattoo.

When you visit the tattoo parlor, your tattoo artist will show you oodles of pre-designed flash tattoos.

On selection, the stencil or film is then transferred to your skin before the real tattoo process begins. The initial design is done in black and gray. It is then filled with color or shaded as per the design chosen.

How long do flash tattoos last?

Flash tattoos do not last for more than 4 to 6 days. If you want them to stay for a little longer, we already suggested you take good care of your flash tattoo then.

We shall discuss the tips on how to make flash tattoos run longer but, for now, let’s stick to their durability.

If you are passionate about tattoos and wish to flaunt them for long, flash tattoos are not meant for you. Due to their shorter life, the designs in flash tattoos are smaller as well.

For temporary tattoo lovers who wish to create different art on their bodies at different intervals, flash tattoos make the right choice!

How much does a flash tattoo cost?

Flash tattoos cost as minimum as $50, however, your size, place of the tattoo, level of shading and color matter too in deciding the cost. Some flash tattoos can go up to $150 as well.

The trickier and thicker design you choose, the most your tattoo artist needs to work on the shading part.

The cost for flash tattoos may also vary as per the type selected. Some people go for a combination of custom work over the lash tattoo.

For instance, some love the temporary arrow of cupid striking the permanent tattoo heart.

How do you make flash tattoos last longer?

Tattoos are a part of self-expression. People have different messages, emotions, and thoughts to express through these tattoos.

Thus, no one loves the idea of tattoo fading so easily. It is essential that you follow all the instructions and aftercare provided by your tattoo artist.

If you too want your flash tattoo to stay longer, try the following tips:

  1. Keep your tattooed area clear of any loose clothing. The cloth should not rub your tattooed skin or the design will start to fade sooner.
  2. Avoid using any body lotion, water, and other similar cosmetics on your tattoo or the skin around it. Too much moisture can rub off the tattoo as well.
  3. If you have to apply makeup, then we suggest you pat or smoothly apply a thin layer of talcum powder or gentle baby powder to the surface of the tattooed skin. For temporary tattoos, we suggest you follow this step once daily.
  4. Do not scrub or rub your tattooed are roughly. Even while bathing, you must avoid using soap and avoid scrubbing the tattoo.
  5. Keep your tattoo area moisturized but, let it be naturally dry too. Avoid sweat as it will let the tattoo chip off or fade easily.

What is a flash tattoo day?

Flash refers to small tattoo designs that are usually designed with the support of a sheet of paper. Tattoo flash days are organized by tattoo artists to drive more traffic to the parlor.

Great discounts, offers, flexible timing, and oodles of varieties tattoos are put to be designed on people.

Tattoo days have changed the meaning of tattoo industry for good. Initially, most countries banned tattoos for their negative image.

The artwork was more related to criminals, bodybuilders, underworld, LGBT groups, and more… However, with many creative artists getting in the field of tattoos and special events like flash tattoo days, tattoos are highly acceptable.

Flash tattoo day is celebrated globally where different tattoo artists come together to display their artwork.

Tattoo artists also use common tattoo images or old-school designs on themselves or on people to showcase their art at a nominal fee and they are open to designing tattoos all day long.

People from different parts of the world love the idea of this body artwork. Some common flash designs include anchors, skulls, daggers, hearts, and more.

Final Words:

Go for less complex designs that help you to express the real objective of a tattoo. Some even prefer shorter designs that are clear and concise.

It all depends on what you prefer and what intention you have for flash tattoos. Check out more with your tattoo artist and clear all the queries that you may have with regard to flash tattoos.