Do Tattoos Stretch with Muscle Growth? How Much Does a Tattoo Stretch?

Tattoos are globally recognized body artworks. Earlier tattoos were tabooed in many countries, but, the early 20th century saw tattoo-winning global presence.

Tattoo and muscle growth are not a new relation; initially, most bodybuilders loved to do the artwork on their bodies.

We understand the concern of whether muscle gain can affect the quality of the tattoo and this is why we are here to provide this well-researched content to our readers.

Not just muscle growth, various factors are involved in affecting the tattoo. Some factors are known for positive results whereas some are known for negative results.

Do Tattoos Stretch with Muscle Growth?

Yes, they do! Muscle growth and muscle loss both can affect the looks of your tattoo. Some changes do happen with tattoos when muscles grow.

For instance, your arms are the most common area for tattoos to stretch on muscle change.

Let’s find about the connection with body parts, muscle gain, and tattoo results in detail.

1. Arms

To share in detail, tattoos on arms are more prone to stretch marks. This could be a positive change as when you get inked on your arms, the tattoo will help you to hide stretch marks.

On the other side, a tattoo on the forearm will show significant stretch or change in muscle gain.

2. Legs

Similarly, tattoos on legs will again react differently based on the exact location. For instance, upper leg tattoos or tattoos on thighs will again win to hide stretch marks.

3. Back

The back is all about muscles, however, the best part is that no matter how many muscles you work on your back, it is usually not as bulky as other parts of the body.

Thus, tattoos on the back will have zero effect on muscle gain on the back.

4. Chest

Chest tattoos will again not likely face any stretching or contracting on muscle growth.

You need to also discuss with your tattoo artist whether the selected area on your body for tattoo will react differently to muscle growth. It is because your skin changes on muscle growth regardless of whether you have tattoos or not.

The best places to avoid the fear of tattoo stretch are ribs, ankles, legs, and more… You may also consult your tattoo artist for this.

Other factors affect tattoo stretch too. Let’s find out about these as well!

Factors Responsible for Tattoo Stretch On Muscle Growth

  • Design of tattoo
  • Size of tattoo
  • Place of tattoo
  • The level of weight gain, fat gain, and muscle gain
  • Kind of body workout performed

Do Tattoos Move When You Gain Muscle?

Significant results in weight gain, weight loss, or muscle gain may allow your tattoo to move. For instance, a tattoo with excessive skin stretches changes its position.

Similarly, excessive weight loss may also make your tattoo look contracted or slighter smaller than its actual size.

Gaining muscle is a positive sign in most cases for tattoos. It is because the skin becomes tightened, glowing, and fresh making the tattoo look better.

Practically, it wouldn’t show any drastic changes in an appearance on the negative side.

Muscle growth means who are taking good care of yourself and your appearance. A ripped body means it is well-built for a perfect tattoo Showtime.

Do Tattoos Look Bad If You Gain Muscle?

Tattoos do not show significant changes in muscle gain. Some may not even notice any change in gaining mass.

As we discussed, sudden or drastic muscle gain may sometimes develop stretch marks and this can ruin some tattoo ink or its appearance on your muscle area.

Tattoos look good on a well-built body. In fact, most tattoo artists suggest their clients eat healthy and work out regularly. In short, getting fit is awesome and having a fit tattoo is more awesome!

You just need to be smart enough to go with the flow and with patience with your workouts. As we stated, drastic changes in anything can destroy the ink.

Do Tattoos Stretch from Working Out?

No, they don’t! Skin stretches and the shape of your body post-workout may indeed affect the look of your tattoo, however; it shouldn’t refrain you from hitting the gym or stop you from a tattoo.

We already discussed the various parts of the body that are more prone to tattoo stretching with muscle growth or muscle contraction.

If you are concerned about your tattoo appearance post-workout, you must plan the right time in advance then. Go for a workout plan and plan your tattoo at the time when you feel you have achieved the desired muscle gain.

You must continue the same workout as heavier weight lifting or slimming down may shrink the muscle where the tattoo is placed.  

How Much Does A Tattoo Stretch On Muscle Gain?

To consider the chances of tattoo stretch on muscle gain, one must know the capacity of body stretch at first. The good news is that the stretching of tattoos is not as drastic as people fear.

In fact, if you have hired an experienced and professional tattoo artist, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Based on your body stats, your tattoo artist will think of a design and place for the tattoo.

You must have guessed by now that it is not the muscles, but the misplacement of tattoo that is responsible for stretching. Casual weightlifters must not worry about anything for tattoos.

Other than the body parts discussed above, few are commonly stretched. For instance, stomach, shoulder, and neck are the safest to look for tattoo placement.

Final Words:

Tattoos are amazing body art and thus, one must not kill the passion to go for one. The wise thing to do is discuss with your tattoo artist your diet plan, workout plan, and any recent weight gain or weight loss before you go for a tattoo. They will guide you the best due to their experience and skills.

In case your tattoo has already stretched, there is always a re-touch session that you can plan with your tattoo artist.