What To Wear When Getting a Thigh Tattoo? Can You Wear Leggings or Jeans?

Your dream of a thigh tattoo can successfully come true when you make yourself aware of all the factors associated with it.

Other than booking an appointment, eating healthy, staying hydrated, and choosing the design, there are other essential things you need to know while going for a thigh tattoo. For instance, the type of clothes you must wear.

Just like the other areas of the body, your tattoo design selection for thigh matters too. Another commonly raised doubt amongst tattoo lovers is whether the selected design is worth flaunting on the thigh and will it be comfortable to sit for long.

If you are looking for answers, then let us tell you that you don’t have to worry a thing. Wearing the right type of clothing for a thigh tattoo will take you away from your discomfort and worries.

Let’s discuss all the possible queries and doubts while going for a thigh tattoo.

How Do You Prepare for A Thigh Tattoo?

Some steps may look similar to the general steps of preparation for any tattoo.

However, it is always wise to brush up on the general precautions for tattoos and the specific care you need for the respective area of the body.

You must prepare and follow all instructions for a thigh tattoo sincerely as the body art is a costly affair and you cannot undergo tattoo pain repeatedly.

Here is what you need to do for a thigh tattoo:

1. Choose the right design

Just the pictures in the book won’t satisfy your demand for a good tattoo. You must select the right and precise design. The thigh is one area that is prone to stretch marks on most people.

Thus, a random design will affect the results of the tattoo as it will blend with stretch marks.

This change won’t be as expected and in most cases, even disappoint you. Ask your tattoo artist to suggest designs that go easy on the thigh.

2. Use a moisturizer

Applying a moisturizer on the thigh area where you intend to get tattooed is a wise decision.

In fact, we suggest you apply the moisturizer a day before too of your tattoo. It makes the skin on the thigh smooth and comfortable to go for a tattoo.

Recommended Moisturizers:

3. Shave your thighs

Some people have hairy skin on the thigh area. Not many even shave off the thigh hairs that often.

However, you can gently shave your thigh hair as the tattoo healing process will take a long time and you won’t be advised to shave until the tattoo is completely healed.

Be careful while shaving as even a little cut on the thigh will cancel your appointment and result in tattoo delays.

4. Prepare mentally

Thigh tattoos can be painful similar to other sensitive areas on your body. Thus, you must be prepared mentally for the same.

If you are new to tattoo pain, we suggest you get used to the tattoo on a bearable area on your body before you decide on a thigh tattoo.

The level of pain for thigh tattoos is comparatively more and so you must check with your tattoo artist if it is the right time for you to go for it.

5. Comfortable clothing

Here we are focusing majorly on the clothing part for thigh tattoos. It would be wise to wear comfortable clothes when you plan to get inked on your thighs.

Sometimes, the cloth can touch the pigment and not only spoil your cloth but also disrupt the tattoo design. We shall discuss more on the same ahead.

What To Wear When Getting a Thigh Tattoo?

Avoid anything that is too loose or long when getting a thigh tattoo. Women must avoid tight outfits and men must chuck the idea of wearing pants or trousers.

Even loose shorts may require frequent adjustments to avoid touching the skin.

Some tattoo artists may suggest you wear loose outfits such as maxi dresses as those are easy for them to pull and wrap up till the area needed for the tattoo. Even harem pants are best if you have to opt for them.

The best advice would be to check and confirm with your tattoo artist as well. If you have already shared the design with them for your thigh tattoo, then he/she will have an idea of recommended clothes for you.

Some women love the idea of bikini or beachwear as it is comfortable for them to carry while getting inked. In short, wear anything that is not too tight and doesn’t put pressure on the skin while carving the design.

Our Recommendations:

How Long After a Thigh Tattoo Can You Wear Jeans?

The first two weeks are the ideal time to wait before you enjoy your favorite jeans on you. Avoid wearing jeans immediately or until your thigh tattoo is completely healed.

Most professional tattoo artists will recommend you to wear soft cotton pants or shorts to avoid sweat. Tight clothing also has higher chances of skin rubbing against your tattoo.

If you have to consider the technicalities, then tighter clothes must be avoided until scabbing stops.

Any breathable fabric is fine and even if you wear loose clothes, do not allow it to touch your fresh wound for the first few days. Perhaps, shorts are the best option than jeans.

Can I Wear Leggings After a Thigh Tattoo?

No, you must not wear leggings after a thigh tattoo. Most leggings are made of synthetic material that will hamper your tattoo design.

Legging falls into the tight clothing category which is to be avoided. That means, for some days you may have to avoid your workout sessions too. The tight gym outfits will be bad for the fresh wound that needs healing naturally.

Wearing something that helps you breathe as well as cover the tattoo area at the same time. If you still have to wear leggings, check with your tattoo artist if you can wrap a bandage of some kind to avoid tinting.

Final Words:

Now that you know the pros and cons of thigh tattoos, wear your confidence and believe in the best! Body art needs patience and confidence before you are all set to flaunt the same.

Thigh tattoos look really cute, especially when you hit the beach in that gorgeous swimsuit. In short, you must go for it!