What Happens to Tattoos When You Lose Weight? Do Tattoos Look Bad?

The size of your body and your body artwork together. This article has a lot of in-depth discussion about various situations in which your tattoo will react to your body size.

If you have recently got inked and are thinking of how long your tattoo will stay that way, then your body changes will answer the same.

Don’t worry; there are always ways you can fix your tattoo. All you need to know is what happens to the tattoo when you lose weight.

Tattoo quality and size may also vary on various factors such as placement of the tattoo. Different body areas react differently to weight loss.

Certain areas on the body will stretch more and certain will stay intact despite losing weight. Several questions and confusion have been raised by clients who get their tattoos done.

One of the most sought questions online is whether the respective area will affect the tattoo quality on losing weight.

What Happens to Tattoos When You Lose Weight?

Your tattoo will not look the same on weight loss. Quick weight loss may stretch the skin and also cause stretch marks in some areas of the body.

If these areas fall on the tattoo, you can expect some difference in its quality/appearance. However, not every person needs to see the difference in their tattoo after losing weight. As we discussed, it depends on several other factors as well.

Below are some more changes to observe in the tattoo during the weight loss journey. These changes are more evident in losing weight significantly.

1. Wrinkled skin

On consistently losing weight, you can expect some changes in your skin as your skin becomes wrinkled. This happens more with larger tattoos.

It is thus recommended that you go for muscle and body toning workouts or the tattoo looks stretched along with the excess shrunk skin.

2. Loss of clarity

Weight loss can also disrupt the clarity of your tattoo. Regardless of how big or small, your tattoo is you can expect some fadedness or discoloration in the tattoo after losing weight.

Check with your tattoo artists if you have an intricate design in mind for a specific area on the body.

3. Change in position

Before you go for a tattoo, check with your tattoo artist on the right position of your tattoo.  

For instance, a tattoo on the center of your thighs would not be in the same centered position exactly after losing weight. It is because the skin that was tight before weight loss is altered post weight loss.

4. Change in size

Although the size of the tattoo may not have a great impact on fat loss, some people notice the differences compared to its original specific size.

If you are scared of what your tattoo will look like and how small it will get post weight loss, consult your tattoo artist.

5. Change in color

Colored tattoos may look weird on losing weight. It is because the design, shape, and quality change due to fat loss from the body.

You must get all the facts related to colored tattoos and black and white tattoos as per your weight loss journey.

Do Tattoos Warp When You Lose Weight?

It is possible only in extreme cases of weight gain or weight loss. People who have gone for crash diets, immediate weight loss programs, and surgical weight loss treatments will face the tattoo warps.

Another fact to remember is the 100-pound scenario. Tattoos warp only in cases when someone has gained or lost 100 pounds or more.

Drastic weight loss also results in stretch marks which is no good news for the tattoo. Sometimes it is not the tattoo but the stretch marks that make the design on the skin look like it is warped.

People get inked for various reasons; some take it as a part of their personality and to some, tattoos symbolize something related to their life. Thus, they want their tattoo to stay intact for a lifetime.

However, when you go for a tattoo, you must not only ask questions related to tattoos but also check with your tattoo artist on body changes in the future and their warp effects on your tattoo in the long run.

Do Tattoos Look Bad When You Lose Weight?

Losing a few unwanted pounds from the body is healthy. It will not affect the tattoo much. If you think you are in a bad shape and wish to get toned, go for it!

Even your tattoo artist will encourage you to eat healthy, work out well, stay hydrated, and lose weight so that you can flaunt your tattoo well and keep it healthy for long.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about your tattoo’s appearance on losing a few pounds.

Certain people are more likely to face visible changes in their tattoos on body changes. Let’s discuss them in detail:

  • Extremely overweight or obese people who have lost a good amount of fats from their body
  • People who have carved themselves on specific areas such as upper thighs, arms, lower back, abdomen, etc., These areas are most likely to experience stretch marks or loose skin on weight loss.
  • People who have pale skin, lack vitamins, collagen, and proteins in their immune systems. It also includes those who do not drink sufficient water daily.

We have already discussed that changes in tattoos occur and look weird in some cases of drastic weight loss. Remove all the fear and confusion you have about your tattoo journey during your weight loss program.

Don’t let the doubts take away the excitement of your tattoo that you have craved to have for long.

Should You Get a Tattoo Before Losing Weight?

If weight loss is your goal, then we suggest you wait until you reach your target. You must get a tattoo after planned weight loss so that you don’t have to fear any changes in your tattoo.

Most people do the same! No one wishes their tattoo to look stretched or warped. Thus, to get a successful tattoo, you must achieve your weight loss goal at first.

Since you are browsing information on this topic, we presume you are conscious of the weight loss journey and the quality of your tattoo.

You must either plan your tattoo after weight loss or go ahead with it anytime with confidence.

Is It Better to Get A Tattoo When You’re Skinny?

Skinny people have thin skin and thus, most of them complain of sharp pain or stinging pain during the tattoo. The pain is more evident around the wrist and bicep.  

People with skinny bodies have a different approach to tattoos. Some want to make certain areas more considerate in terms of tattoos.

They choose skinner areas like the upper back, shoulders, calves, upper arms, and some more.

Some best spots for tattoos if you plan to do it when you are skinny are forearms, wrists, back, thighs, calves, and triceps.

You need some good fat at least on the body to go for a tattoo. Skinnier people have their own highs and lows. Few even experience bad quality of tattoo on final results.

The best option would be to take guidance from your tattoo artist and check the perfect area for your tattoo. They will check your body measurements and professionals will guide you on the best spot.

Final Words:

Your body should not affect your decision of a tattoo. It depends on how you plan to do it and where you intend to do it. The placement of tattoos plays a vital role in deciding the final results.

Don’t get disheartened or confused about your tattoo decision. Get a professional artist, discuss your vitals, and clear your doubts of getting one at the right place and at the right time.