Why Do People Get Tattoos? 17 Reasons for People to Get a Tattoo that will Surprise You!

The topic is a hot topic of discussion and one can go on conversing about tattoos. There is a story attached to every skin and that every design chosen by the person. Not every tattoo is done for fashion; some have deep mysteries behind them.

In this article, we will discuss with you all the possible reasons why people get tattoos. Believe us, some reasons are so relatable and some will surprise you!

Every 3 out of 10 people in America have tattooed skin. Out of the ratio, about 15% to 38% have long or full-body tattoos. Tattoos are not a recent art; it has been there for decades.

Over the years, its demand has made a global rise in tattoo art. According to the sources, the pieces of evidences of tattoos were verified roughly from 3100 BCE. Initially, tattoos were one of the cultural practices and part of rituals in some countries.

From an ancient ritual to a fashion statement, tattoos have come a long way. To learn the art of tattoo on a professional level, there are various centers and institutes today. They deal with beginners to the advanced study of this magnificent art.

Before we proceed to the main context of the article, here are some facts related to tattoo that will amaze you:

  1. It is believed that adults who have tattooed skin are more active in lovemaking compared to those who haven’t gone for a tattoo.
  2. There is another fact that women who do tattoos are more likely to remove them compared to the numbers in men.
  3. Tattooed people are adventurous and thrill takers by nature. It also means that these people are sportier.
  4. It is also stated that people who get inked regain their confidence, get over with anxiety, and can accept and appreciate themselves.
  5. People with tattooed skin are likely to be more risk-takers/bearers.

Let’s get back quickly on the hot discussion of the reasons why people get a tattoo.

Why Do People Get Tattoos – 17 Reasons

1. Passion for art

Some people are prone to get addicted to any form of art and they consider tattoos as one too. It is a passion for them to try the art of tattoo on their skin and flaunt the knowledge behind it.

They learn everything about the inks, needles, tools, and tattoo design before they get one. Sometimes, they even nag the tattoo artists by asking endless questions but, that’s how passion is, isn’t it?

2. Express unique identity

One of the reasons why some people go for a tattoo is to separate them from the crowd. As we mentioned the ratio of 3 out of 10 people in America go for a tattoo, they wish to be amongst the 3 and not in 10.

Tattoo helps them to portray their unique identity wherever they go. Such people are very particular about the tattoo design they choose. You may have noticed those people choosing unique designs that are not too common on other tattooed people too.

3. To express feelings

We all love that one person deeply and there is nothing as beautiful as expressing our love for them. A tattoo is one way of expressing it.

Many people get their partner’s name inked on their body; some even ink the name of their child, father, mother, bestie, pet, etc.,

They keep the name inked for the rest of their life to cherish the memories with the person they love the most. To keep it simple, they do it to honor their closed ones.

4. Social message

You may have seen some people choosing specific designs or messages that they deliberately want people to see. It is because they wish to express their thoughts through the art of tattoo.

Some messages may be highly motivational too. Few that we remember are:

  • Live by faith, not by sight
  • Too wild to live, too rare to die
  • We accept the love, we think we deserve
  • Hope
  • Believe
  • Inhale the future, exhale the past
  • Never a failure, always a lesson
  • Where words fail, music speaks
  • Born to rise
  • You are unique
  • With pain comes strength and more…

5. Addiction

Believe it or not, some people get strength from pain. They follow the rule, ‘No pain, no gain…’  Every time they take it, they swear it would be the last until they see a tattoo parlor in four weeks again!

They are just addicted to love to get tattoos on various parts of the body. Some even get the whole body tattooed with various designs and messages. Keep reading as we have more interesting reasons to know about tattoos.

6. Creativity

We began by sharing that every tattoo has a story and mystery behind it. Your tattoo design speaks a lot about your life and the past. Tattoos are a creative way of expressing your hobbies, talent, life, accomplishments, failures, etc.,

For instance, if you find someone with a creative guitar tattoo or beautiful musical note on the wrist, it reflects his interest in music. Now, that gives another topic to begin the conversation!

7. Acceptance

There is a saying that you need to accept yourself and believe in self-love before someone else loves you. Tattoos are a way of cherishing your skin, taking its care, and being comfortable in your skin.

In short, some people ink their body parts to feel accepted completely and feel a complete being. We don’t deny this reason as there is no harm in expressing self-love the way you wish.

8. Cover-up

Tattoos are not always done by those who love to perform art on their body; some even do it to hide imperfections on their skin.

The scars, moles, stretch marks, and other spots could be mentally disturbing to some and so they go for tattoos to cover-up those and feel more confident about their appearance.

Certain tattoo designs and colors help them hide their blemishes bang on the right spot making them happier.

9. Influence

Regardless of whether it is a band, an individual artist, a role model, or your favorite character from a cartoon; it is easy to get influenced by them, isn’t it? We all have a favorite character that we love the most.

We often get their name or picture tattooed to show how much they influence and motivate us. It is mainly to celebrate fandom.

The other reason for getting inked is under the influence of a social circle where it is easy to fall for someone’s tattoo and get influenced to do the same on self.

10. Style statement

Do you remember how we began? From rituals to fashion statements, tattoos have come a long way. Today, tattoos are more of a style statement to express body art.

Just like a piece of extravagant jewelry or an exclusive dress on the body, tattoos carry your style too. People get inked to express their personality uniquely.

11. Dark side

Tattoos indeed have a dark side too. To associate self with a negative character or group of people who perform criminal activities, a tattoo is a common art in their world as well.

To share a fact with you, the trend of black and grey portrait tattoos is commonly experienced on the streets of Los Angeles. There is also a place called Tattooland.

12. Ritual/Religious

Tattoos are not only prominent in the urban side of the world, its emergence and existence were researched mainly from the rural areas. In many villages, tattoos are considered to be a part of rituals and religious practices.

Thus, many people get tattooed from the point of religious views as well. Egypt has a vast history of tattoos with many stories attached to it.

Their designs have symbols with a deeper meaning of the universe. You may find oodles of figurines from Egypt with tattoos on them.

13. Way to Release Frustration

Not many can take life on a positive note. There are people with a rebellious attitude and we don’t blame them solely. They may have had bad experiences in the past and so they find tattoos a way of releasing their frustration and pain.

We are satisfied with this reason as at least they are not stabbing someone out of revenge. Tattoos help them vent out their aggression and feelings of negativity.

The pain that they have borne in the past feels less than the pain of being inked. Thus, these are one of the reasons for tattoos too.  

14. Divinity

God-fearing people love the art of tattoos to express their beliefs in god. You may find tattoo designs like a cross, a picture of Christ, Mother Mary, and other symbols.

Tattoos designs in divinity are not just restricted to the USA, people from all over the world love to ink their god’s picture or name on the body. Some even ink divine messages to spread peace by showcasing their tattoos.

15. Characteristic Traits

Tattoos are also treated as one of the ways to express one’s characteristic traits. Some people get tattooed to represent different traits such as; fearless, pain-taker, courageous, adventurous, and sexual.

It is believed that tattooed men are known to be more sexual and attractive which has been proven in many cases as well.

16. Interest/Experience

There are people who have interest to try out new things and they include the art of tattoos as one of the fascinating things to try too. They do not have a specific purpose or reason to go for a tattoo but just the experience of it.

Do not be judgemental of their design as they have not chosen it on purpose; they leave the artwork on the decision of the tattoo designer. Their tattoo is an experience just to understand why people do it. Now, that’s a satisfactory combination of interest and experience.

17. Remembrance/Sentiments

In this scenario, the person they hold close to has either died or is distant from them. The sentiments attached to that person are often expressed through tattoos by some people. It is to feel connected and close to them.

Such people are highly sentimental and emotional for that one person with whom they connected well. In their tattoo designs, you may often find pictures or names of their pet, partner, or a family member who had died or left them on good terms.


It would be difficult to comment whether it is good or bad to get tattooed. Every individual has his own decision and reason for tattoo and we would not intervene in the same. Whatever you do, we are sure you have a unique story to share that we would love to hear. So, drop your comments and share your tattoo experience with us! You never know your tattoo could be an inspiration to someone else!