Best Time of Year to Get a Tattoo & Worst Time to Get a Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a kind of self-expression, especially for the new-age generation—the reason you can find about 40 percent of millennials with at least one tattoo on their body. However, there are other ranges of reasons why people get tattoos.

Nevertheless, the crucial fact is that people should prepare and plan well in advance before getting tattooed.

They should decide on the body part where they need the tattoo, the tattoo’s style, and size, the artist, and most importantly, the best time to get a tattoo.  

While many people do consider all factors to get a tattoo, very few contemplate the best season or time to get a tattoo. 

You must wonder how and why choosing the perfect time to get a tattoo is so important? Don’t worry. In this article, we will answer all your questions.

Is It Better to Get a Tattoo in The Summer or Winter? 

In simple words, the best time to get a tattoo is when you are ready. There is no prohibition on getting inked at any time of the year but having said that.

It should be well kept in mind that the chosen time may not be perfect for various reasons.

Some tattoo needs more time to heal, need multiple sessions to complete, etc. lot of tasking is required by the tattoo expert and lot more patience from the clients.

Most of us are under the false impression that warmer months are the best and popular time to get tattooed as they want to flaunt their tattoos as soon as they get inked.

The reason is that the all-summer activities- lying at the beach or by the pool. But that’s not true. There are many drawbacks to getting inked during summers.

Individuals don’t understand that new tattoos should be protected from direct sun exposure, especially during healing.

In summers limiting your outside activities will be challenging as well as it’s nearly impossible to keep the tattoo covered with full clothing.

Instead, it is far more convenient to do the above during fall and winter—the reason why these are the best time of year to get a tattoo.

Your skin will be less exposed to direct sunlight, you will sweat less, get healed faster, and the artwork will appear more prominent and cleaner.

Let’s understand the benefits in detail:

Best Time of Year to Get A Tattoo 

The cooler weather of fall and winter (September to February) is perfectly suitable to get yourself decorated with the most fashionable trend around the globe- tattoo.

The reason – aftercare is much simpler in winter.

1. Healing process

The fresh tattoo needs time to heal. The inking method can cause redness, burns, and itching. If the tattoo area gets substantial exposure to the sun during the healing period, it may harm the new tattoos.

Additionally, the longer it takes for a tattoo to heal, excessive sweating during summers may irritate the new tattoo bearer.

The more that skin is exposed to outside elements, the more chances are of color loss.

In winter, as people resort to spending much of the season indoors, there is less chance of such mishappening as mentioned above as the body is duly covered and isn’t exposed to as much.

The healing process is far quicker without as much chance for infection.

2. Comfortable 

Getting inked is an experience in itself, and for first-timers, it’s an everlasting memory. Hence you would like your experience to be very comfortable and less painful.

The procedure of getting inked in itself is very aching, and to top it all, the soaring temperatures in summers might make it worse for you and your artist.

Although the studios are air-conditioned, the ecosystem will still not be cool enough. During the winter, it’s easier for the artist to concentrate without wiping their brow.

They also feel so much better doing their artwork wearing gloves in temperate temperatures. The same goes with the bearer, as the tattoo is covered with plastic sheets once the work is completed.

Warm weather will cause inconvenience to both of them.

3. Tattoos are easier to hide

One gets inked to flaunt the artwork, but the new tattoo appears to go through some ugly stages during the first couple of weeks. There is peeling, redness, etc., and you don’t want that look to come out publicly.

Again, it is expected that a new tattoo will peel and scab in the first two weeks. The tattoo artist will advise you to cover and protect the tattoo region with plastic or similar.

Once it gets adequately healed, it will look beautiful. In cooler months, you wear full-sleeved clothing, and fortunately, you don’t have to make extra efforts to try to cover up any gracelessness of your healing artwork. 

4. Less chances of infection

According to experts, dry and cool weather lessens the chances of infection. Elements like the sun, sweat, and dust may aggravate the healing process.

A newly inked tattoo is like an open wound and can get infected quickly, especially in the first two weeks. Issues like bleeding, swell and even drool may be encountered.

Needful protection from water, sunlight, soap is required, and the area should be kept clean till it heals.

Activities like swimming, lying on the beach can be dangerous as both chlorine and sand act as irritants to the newly made tattoo.

5. The Waiting period is less

Summer is usually termed peak season for tattoo artists. Getting appointments and scheduling becomes quite challenging. Getting tattooed by your favorite artist gets tough.

One may need to wait for weeks and months to get through their turn. It is a proven fact that winters are the slower season for the tattoo business compared to summers.

The waiting period is less, and the artist will have more time. They will work on your body more attentively and patiently as they don’t have to attend to many clients.

The Worst Time of Year to Get a Tattoo 

The short answer is Summer. A common perception is that the summer season is the most popular time to get inked, but it is the worst season to get a tattoo. 

The sun is above your head, and soaring temperatures are frying your skin. You are sweating and just want to dive in water every time.

But if you adorn yourself with a new tattoo, you are blocked from undertaking such summer activities.

The recommended healing process prevents you from getting soaked in water in showers, pools & beaches, etc.

Above all, one needs to take extra precautions to keep the tattoo protected and cleaned. Be prepared to ditch the outside parties until your tattoo is fully healed. 

The inconvenience and uncomfortableness of getting inked in sunny weather are far more than its worth. 

The Upside: 

  1. You will get more opportunities to flaunt your tattoos or demonstrate your body art. One gets the chance to display tattoos that are in other scenarios located in typically covered areas.

The Downsides:

  1. Being out in the sun for an extended period will have damaging effects on your newly designed tattoo. The UV rays may lead to discoloration and may kill your skin cells. Elasticity in the skin is lost in the process, and the design gets altered.
  2. Hot weather is always problematic in healing wounds. The body loses excess water, and skin faces issues like dryness and inflammation due to dehydration. One has to carry essentials like moisturizer and sunscreen as a must-have to minimize scabbing and peeling of tattoos. 
  3. Submerging or soaking in water is a big no-no. It can be rather disastrous. If any fluid enters the healing tattoo (technically an open wound), it may lead to severe skin issues. One has to forgo all activities related to bathing, swimming, or jumping in a spa.
  4. Sweating encourages bacteria growth leading to infections.
  5. You may waste a whole summer if the tattoo lasts for multiple sessions.

Final Comments:

Though professionals and experts do recommend that people get tattooed in winter, ultimately, it’s the skill of the tattoo artist that matters.

The more professional and experience one artist is, the better is the work, irrespective of the season. Moreover, correct instructions, a pleasant environment, and knowledgeable clients help take care of the tattoos. 

However, the fact holds that you may get inked any time of the year, but fall and winter are the least complicated seasons in terms of maintenance. The setting is relaxed, and most importantly, the winter deals can help you save a bunch of dollars.