Why Do Tattoos Turn Green? [Tips To Avoid Tattoos from Turning Green]

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by tattoo lovers. Tattoos do turn green and there are various explanations as to why they turn that way. If you are here to look for the same information, then we have some well-researched content for you.

In most cases, tattoos turn green as they turn old. Over time, you will find them turning green however, it doesn’t mean that the tattoo is fading. Many factors are responsible for the tattoos to turn green.

Quality of ink, tattoo artist’s skill and experience, exposure to UV rays, skin damage, and few more factors are reasons why tattoos turn green.

Why Do Tattoos Turn Green?

Let’s discuss the reasons behind tattoos turning green in detail. You wouldn’t find your tattoos green so soon. It takes few years for the tattoo to get older when you will find the color difference. Some tattoos even turn blue instead of green on aging.

Tattoos turn green because the ink is absorbed by the body over time and the densely deposited ink loses its original color on fading.

However, the ink quality has improved and so have the tattoo techniques with time. The poor quality pigments used earlier are now replaced with better versions by most tattoo artists.

Which Color Tattoos Turn Green?

Black is the most common color that is known to turn green. Blue is also considered to be another tattoo color that has the chance of turning green with time.

India ink is usually known to turn green with time. It is essential to understand the various quality standards in tattoo pigments and the location where you intend to do the tattoo.

You may be wondering why black tattoo pigments turn green. Many tattoo experts have an explanation for this. The black tattoo pigment gets absorbed into the skin.

As time passes, the ink becomes less visible and is no more densely packed. Most times, the hue result looks green or bluish.

Do All Black Tattoos Turn Green?

Don’t worry, not all black tattoos turn green. Some fade or lose their shine with time but, those certainly don’t turn green on tattoo aging.

Newer black tattoo inks don’t need the same care as India ink because these are made of high quality.

Moreover, these contain better quality ingredients to prevent tattoos from fading on skin damage, sun exposure, and negligence on aftercare.

India ink uses ingredients such as a mixture of soot and gelatin, which acts as a binding agent. These ingredients were also used in calligraphy during the old times.

Newer inks are much better in terms of quality and color. However, do not make an excuse for newer inks and refrain self from following the aftercare instructions well. By doing it, you will enjoy a better version of your tattoo always.

How Long It Takes Tattoos to Turn Green?

Tattoos turn green as they get older. It takes a few years to turn green. We do not have a specific number in years as the quality, skin tone, place of the tattoo, and a few other factors decide the reasons for tattoo time to turn green.

In some people, the skin ages and sheds sooner whereas in other cases, people tend to look younger for longer. Thus, it all depends on how and when your tattoo will turn green.

The number of times your skin is exposed to the sun’s rays also decides the discoloration of tattoo pigment. Choosing good quality black inks will prevent you from making the tattoo worse on fading.

Important Tips To Avoid Tattoos from Turning Green

You can certainly prevent your tattoo from turning green. Gladly, the advanced black tattoo inks do not turn green with time. However, there is no harm in taking the right steps to prevent them from discoloring.

1. Discuss with your tattoo artist

Ask your tattoo artist beforehand to confirm if the ink they are using has risks of turning greenish. You must also discuss which part of the body is more prone for a tattoo to discolor or fade sooner.

We bet you may wish to avoid that. It would be wise to discuss everything related to black tattoos and pigment with your tattoo artist before the process.

2. Protecting the tattoo from sunlight

Protecting the tattoo from sunlight also works in preventing it from turning green.

Sun exposure is one major reason why your tattoo will fade or get absorbed under the skin sooner. Perhaps, applying a goof sun-blocking lotion will help.

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3. Following the instructions sincerely

Never neglect any instructions on aftercare as provided by your tattoo artist. Follow every step sincerely if you wish to enjoy the tattoo quality for long.

Keeping self-fit and eating healthy is one most common instructions that your tattoo artist will suggest to you.

A regular workout keeps your skin tightened that allows the tattoo ink to stay intact. Eating healthy also means that your skin tone and tattoo pigment will work hand in hand to look beautiful for longer.

4. Choose the right ink

Choose the right tattoo ink. Avoid India ink as we discussed above. India ink has a higher chance of turning green over time.

Use modern tattoo inks in black that don’t fade or lose their color that easily. Some online research and personal consultation with tattoo artists will help you with more knowledge on the various types of tattoo inks.

Final Words:

Black ink has more chances of turning green on aging. Choosing a higher quality ink would be a better option. You cannot avoid the process if the damage is done but, you can certainly take certain precautions to prevent it from happening.

Perhaps, a tattoo touch-up or re-touch is the only thought we can see on the tattoo that has turned green with time. For more details, you can always take guidance from an expert tattoo artist too.