How Small Can a Tattoo Be? Should Your First Tattoo be Small?

Have you come here looking for details related to small tattoos? Welcome to the club! Most people are now shifting to small tattoos. That is the trend now. Small tattoos are not a new subject in the world of tattoos.

These exist for many years and the demand for these has increased with time. One of the major reasons why people prefer small tattoos is that these take less time to complete.

Another benefit to enjoy in small tattoos is that they are easy to hide and can be treated as a skin test before you plan a bigger one.

Small tattoos are not only known for their small designs; they have a unique method of design, execution, and placement. We shall check everything about these in this article.

What size tattoos are considered small tattoos?

The smallest most preferred tattoo size is 6 square inches or 6 inches tattoo. In simple terms, this means that a tattoo could be anywhere between 2*3 inches to 6*1 inches.

The design of the tattoo also plays a vital role in deciding the size. A tattoo could be as small as 2 inches.

The prize and design may vary too. For instance, a 2-inch tattoo may cost you between $30 to $100. The size of a tattoo is decided as per the height and width of the design.

Small tattoos are also known as mini tattoos. Despite the tattoo is small, it is still there and the process is a detailed one.  

Should your first tattoo be small?

To be honest, it is not the size that should matter for your first tattoo. It is the design that needs a close focus. The simpler your tattoo design, the better it will be for beginners.

Small tattoos are detailed tattoos and thus, these need a closer focus than the larger tattoos.

You must also remember where you would do your small tattoo especially when it is for the first time.

Forearm, under-chest, behind the ears, upper back, shoulder, ankle, wrist, collarbone, and fingers are some areas to go for micro or small tattoos.

These places on the body allow you to play hide and show with your tattoo. The recommended areas also help to accessorize when you don’t need to show your mini tattoo.

Will small tattoos blur?

Small tattoos blur or fade sooner than the bigger ones. Bigger tattoos are also generally detailed as you can add as many details as you can in bigger designs.

It is not always the case with smaller or micro tattoos. If you have some tattoo design in your mind, it may be difficult to design the same in a smaller size. Also, the spaces in smaller tattoos are less to fill or add any more details.

In short, tattoos are tattoos no matter what size. They are bound to fade with time and age. Various factors decide the life of your tattoo.

A good tattoo artist and a good design can last up to 12 years. So you need to be careful of what you choose before going for a tattoo.

Let us help you understand the factors to consider while going for a small tattoo.

3 Important things you should know before getting a small tattoo

1. The part of the body

When thinking of a small tattoo, placement plays a critical role in deciding. Small tattoos work great when you know the right place for them on your body. Certain areas are to be best avoided.

While most people prefer the idea of a small tattoo on hands or feet, these areas move the most. Thus, there are chances of quality getting affected.

Certain areas as discussed above are a good choice however, areas like the lower pelvis, inner biceps, under the chest, lower legs, ankles, and collarbones are the most recommended areas for small tattoos.

It is because the quality of the skin doesn’t let it fade soon compared to other sensitive areas.

2. Size of the tattoo

The tattoo size is another area that plays an important role for smaller tattoos. Most tattoo artists often recommend going for a simpler design for smaller tattoos. It is because simple designs look neat and clear even in small sizes.

In case you have a complex design in mind, you may have to work on its size which will likely be bigger. Complex tattoo designs need good space to fill the details. Check with your tattoo artist for a second opinion.

3. The design chosen for the small tattoo

Don’t be confused looking at oodles of tattoos designs. The web is full of alluring tattoo designs and so is the book at our tattoo salon.

It is ok to be fascinated by these designs but, you must choose a design most relevant and feasible in small tattoos.

Don’t pick a big design and ask your artist to make it small on you. If your tattoo artist isn’t skilled enough, they will most likely mess it up.

The major challenge in small tattoos is hiding the errors or flaws due to lack of space. Text or symbol designs work the best for small tattoos.

Is getting a small tattoo bad?

That’s something you will decide for yourself. If you have a fascination with tattoos, don’t look back or sound confused.

Just go for it like many other thousands who have done it and experienced it. Tattoo is an art that is recognized globally.  

Other than the good side of tattoos, you must also remember that tattoo is a permanent ink and regardless of whether you go for a big or small tattoo, it will remain with you till the end.  

It’s like a permanent mark added by you on your body. Talking of the small tattoos specifically, we wouldn’t call it bad but, if you compare these with bigger tattoos, these look cramped due to lack of details.

How long does it take to get a small tattoo?

A simple small design, text, or symbol takes about an hour to complete.

You need to know that the longer time is taken for a tattoo, the most it will cost you. That’s how it is and that is why most people are switching their interest in small tattoos.

A professional tattoo artist will always ask you to go for a less complicated design if you have made up your mind for a small tattoo.

Even we will suggest you go for a simple, elegant, and decent design that solves the purpose of a perfect tattoo.

Some more suggestions other than text and symbols could be tribal, scripts, simple or plain patterns, and simple linework tattoos.

5 Surprising Facts About Small Tattoos

Here are some interesting and unknown facts about small tattoos that you must know. These will also guide you in taking the right decision before going for a small tattoo.

1. Some tattoos artists deny to do small tattoos

Tattoos are brilliant art that artists are passionate about. They love to showcase their skills where there is the visibility of their work. Tiny tattoos make little impact in displaying tattoo artists’ artwork.

Thus, not many are happy to do it on their clients. Some don’t even put micro tattoos as an option in their album unless the client insists.

2. Mistakes are more common in small tattoos

Due to less scope and space in small designs, mistakes are a common thing in micro or small tattoos.

If you know the saying, “there is only one masterpiece”. Thus, in the case of handmade tattoos, you cannot expect the same design as a photocopy.

There will be minor differences. Even the same design in small tattoos may differ as per the skin type and complexion.

3. Tiny tattoos fade faster than others

Regardless of how cute these small symbols, texts, scripts, or designs fascinate you, the fine lines fade faster compared to bigger tattoos.

If your tattoo artist has chosen a single needle tattoo, most artists will lessen the ink value as they cannot use just black ink or it will bleed out.

4. Small tattoos are easy to retouch

Everything has its merits and demerits. Small tattoos have their good side too. One essential fact to know about these is they are easy to retouch.

Larger tattoos are difficult to retouch but, smaller tattoos require less effort and time for rework or retouch.

5. Small tattoos need little aftercare

Small tattoos are easy to care about. They don’t have a long list of precautions or aftercare instructions.

You can simply maintain it by applying a thin coat of colorless or odorless lotion few times a day. Also, avoid scratching the scabs and you will be fine.

Final Comments:

No matter what design you choose, tattoos remain for life and so you must be careful of what tattoo you go for.

Small tattoos have their own set of pros and cons. You must check with your tattoo artist for your desired design and they will be able to guide you the best.