Top 5 Popular Hawink Tattoo Machines | Features, Benefits & Drawbacks

Hawink creates durable tattoo machines and kits with great materials and craftsmanship. Compared with other brands one may find the tattoo devices and supplies from Hawink a little expensive but still, the brand is very popular among highly-enthusiast tattoo artists.

Hawink CNC was established in 2008. From that time the company is into the production of the most advanced tattoo machines, tattoo needles, ink, power supply, and permanent makeup, worldwide.

Their designs, performance efficiency and technicalities are undoubtedly the best among all. Pioneering in creating the first set of wireless tattoo devices and tattoo power supply they have brought a revolution into the tattoo industry. 

Some unique aspects of Hawink’s products can be summarized as:

  • Custom collections for every kind of tattooist. 
  • Provides superb after-sales service.
  • Advanced technology, premium built materials, and safety used 
  • Absolutely classy and exclusive machines, 
  • The products are heat resistant and can runs smoothly for a long duration. 
  • Other distinguishing features are low noise, high stability, and freedom of movement.

Now let’s figure out the best tattoo machines from Hawink, catering to various purposes of tattoo lovers. 

Top 5 Popular Hawink Tattoo Machines

S. NoTattoo Machine Name
1Hawink rotary short pen tattoo machine
2HAWINK Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners
3Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine
4Hawink Tattoo Machine Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine
5HAWINK Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen RCA Cord Japanese Coreless Motor

1. Hawink rotary short pen tattoo machine with German Faulhaber motor

This Hawink tattoo pen device is just like a real pen and working with it will give you a feeling of drawing on paper seamlessly. 

Powered with a German Faulhaber motor, the machine promises a super-smooth and ultra-quiet inking and keeps steady rotation on the areas are marked to lines by the machined pen. The 35mm aluminum-alloy sleeve of the unit offers drawing movement easy.

The pen-style gadget is lightweight (128gm) yet sturdy. it’s powerful and runs for a long time without making noise and overheating. Hence you can work in a quiet environment and can focus on the artwork completely. It has an anti-fatigue feature.

Another unique feature is its adjustable stroke length that is 4.0mm. the power output voltage is between 5v-10volts. There is an included 4 V RCA cord connection to dispenses power.

Easy to hold, grip and use. The TATTOO machine is safe on the skin and does not cause any irritation. Moreover, it hurts lesser than traditional tattoo devices. Again the device is compatible with all sizes and types of needle cartridges. 

Experience the best tattoo machines for beginners with excellent 24*7 customer service from the famous brand Hawink.

Package Inclusions:

Key specifications of Hawink rotary short pen tattoo machine

  • Motor: German Faulhaber
  • Frame: aircraft aluminium alloy 
  • Stroke length: 4.0mm
  • RCA cord connection 
  • Weight: 128g ( 0.28lbs).
  • Start voltage: 4 v (max 10v)
  • Stitch frequency: 25 -160 Hz,

Pros & Cons of Hawink rotary short pen tattoo machine


  • The aluminum alloy construction.
  • Perfect for all skin types
  • Stable power supply
  • Ideal healing results.
  • High puncturing power and frequency
  • Small and lightweight.


  • The wired construction could be better.

Our take on Hawink rotary short pen tattoo machine

An excellently carved product by Hawink. This Exquisitely designed hybrid pen device is super stable and quite easy to master, hence best buy even for beginners. 

2. HAWINK Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners

HAWINKS ‘s most popular classic coils tattoo machines for liner and shader come in this complete kit. The liner tattoo machine has 8 wrap coils and the shader comes with 10 wrap coils that run faster to create precise and fine line work.

The machine has higher power to penetrate deep into the skin, creating lively and long-lasting color. Again more coil wraps give you more flexibility.

 Further, the coil machine has a good 47uf capacitor that can handle more power and long working hours.

Coming around with such wrap coils, the devices have 24-gauge enamel coated magnet wire that allows you to work with high-end magnum needles.

The carbon steel-made framed coil tattoo machines hit hard and offer you the bonus to work with higher voltage. And at the same time, the build allows you to take in the shocks to keep the unit stable. 

This model by Hawink has the ability to perform at 50V of liner capacitor spring. With a strong 0.5mm thick spring you can get enough recoil.

The front spring in both Hawink liner and shader machines can give you greater power, stroke, and speed than others. In the intervening time, the rear spring takes in the vibration to provide more exactness over the inking.

with the included Hawink premium needles, one can manage to cover large areas for shading with fewer stops for taking inks. The adjustable needle depth feature can handle needles up to 18 RL.

The units offer high durability and ultimate performance. The professional tattoo kit includes every necessary item for tattoo training.

The user manual is not very detailed but there are options for a free Online-Guide for how to set up the tattoo kit and tattoo teaching video.

Package Inclusions:

  • Two wrap coils tattoo machine 
  • One Hawink power supply
  • A clip cord and foot pedal, 
  • 7 colors of tattoo ink
  • 50 pcs tattoo needles (size:3rl 5rl 7rl 9rl 3rs 5rs 7rs 9rs 5m1 5m2)
  • 50 pcs disposable tips (sizes: 3rt 5rt 7rt 9rt 11rt 5ft 7ft 9ft 11ft 13ft)
  • Ink cups, grips, grommets, o-rings, rubber bands
  • A pair of gloves, practice skin and transfer paper 
  • Toolkit and instruction manual
  • A hard carrying case

Key specifications of HAWINK Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners

  • Front: made of pure brass
  • Frame: carbon steel frame powder coated
  • wrap coils:  8 + 10
  • Type: liner and shader coil machine
  • Heavy armature bar
  • Voltage 50 volts 
  • Stroke length: 3.5mm

Pros & Cons of HAWINK Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners


  • Pretty solid case
  • Works faster for lining work
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy replacement options
  • High load capacity 
  • Superior front spring gives excellent speed, power, and stroke and vibration-absorbing rear spring


  • Cleaning material is not included like green soap and cream
  • Some accessories are of average quality.

Our take on HAWINK Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners

Hawink coil machine kit is very robust and durable. These coil machines are lightweight and suitable for traditional work. Apart from the above features, the manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to buyers.

3. Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine Short Cartridges Pen

Use this Hawink Rotary pen tattoo Machine for hours without worrying about it getting heated up. The ability of the coreless motor machine, to run up to 14 volts and still being pretty soundless is its outstanding feature.

The pen-style device creates fantastic power output and is built with even weight distribution all around. That’s the main reason for its stable performance at high power.

This hybrid gadget comes with a jack RC accord that makes it suitable for most of the wall mount power outlets. The aluminum alloy frame construction lends sturdiness.

This tattoo pen offers a stroke of 3.2 mm with a maximum of 4.0 mm of needle protrusion. The small grip may be a good choice for people with small hands but the machine is capable of being used for large-size tattoos. 

The imitation of being like a standard pen allows the artist comfortability and ease of working. The grip sleeves are quite decent and a fit for any starter. The maintenance process is simple. The product is a good balance of quality, performance, and price.

Package Inclusions:

  • One rotary pen tattoo machine 
  • One Hawink RCA cord
  • Some o-rings

Key specifications of Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine Short Cartridges Pen

  • Drive Motor: Chinese coreless motor
  • Frame: aircraft aluminium alloy 
  • Stroke length: 3.2mm
  • Needle protrusion: 0-4.0mm
  • Cord connection: 3.5 jack RCA 
  • Weight: 162gm
  • Operational voltage: 5V-14 v 
  • Stitch Speed: 6930-8600 rpm 
  • Grip sleeve: 28-32mm

Pros & Cons of Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine Short Cartridges Pen


  • Compact grip
  • Compatible with all cartridge needles types. 
  • High and adjustable power output
  • Quiet and low vibrations output


  • The power source, foot pedal and cartridges have to be purchased separately.
  • A bit heavier 

Our take on Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine Short Cartridges Pen

Hawink CNC-M-P5-2 model is one of the top-notch devices suitable for beginners as well as a professional tattooists. The smooth and gently operative machine is perfect to be used on all skin types.

4. Hawink Tattoo Machine Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine

Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kit has an easy setup as compared to others. Just plug in the wireless battery component and you are ready to go.

Furthermore, you will experience low noise, continuous operation, long-lasting stability, smooth, and operation. 

Equipped with a tough motor that possesses a strong torque and smooth shaft rotation, the machine is tremendously quiet and just works flawlessly.

It’s a lightweight pen-style machine. The cartridge Needles in the kit are also seamless.

The kit contains 20 Pcs of tattoo cartridges needles of mixed sizes that are individually packaged after proper sterilization. These tattoo supplies are engineered for better tattooing, and ink flow. 

The wireless lightweight rechargeable battery (50gm) can work for 2.5-4 hours continuously depending on voltage usage.

The 5 level indicator lights help you to use the voltage accurately. The starting voltage is 8 volts at level three. 

Package Inclusions:

  • One rotary pen tattoo machine 
  • One Hawink 3.5 RCA cable
  • one lithium portable rechargeable battery 
  • 20 pcs tattoo needles (sizes – 3RL,5RL,7RM, 9M1 )
  • Two tattoo grips bandage

Key specifications of Hawink Tattoo Machine Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine

  • Drive Motor: CORELESS motor
  • Frame: aircraft aluminium alloy 
  • Stroke length: 3.0mm
  • Needle protrusion: 4.0mm
  • Cord connection: RCA
  • Battery: DC lithium 1500Mah 
  • Weight: 4.96 Ounces
  • Operational voltage: 7-11 v 

Pros & Cons of Hawink Tattoo Machine Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine


  • Fits pretty well in hands
  • Quite sturdy and quiet device
  • Wireless Portable battery
  • 5 level indicator lights on the battery
  • No need for a foot pedal


  • Some important accessories are missing in the kit such as practice skin, inks etc. 
  • No travel case 

Our take on Hawink Tattoo Machine Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine

As a pocket-friendly tattoo machine, this kit exceeds our expectations. Can be used as a liner as well as a shader.

5. HAWINK Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen RCA Cord Japanese Coreless Motor

With this unibody pen machine, you’ll be able to make startling tattoos. The Hawink CNC PFARRER P2 works fine for creating lines, shading, coloring, and makeup.

This device comes with a Japanese high-quality motor with an inbuilt FK core driver system. Again superior and sturdy design that comprises aircraft-grade aluminum, works flawlessly. Hence experience no vibration, low noise, no fatigue and smooth running.

Moreover, the tattoo pen is lightweight and easy to grip/hold for long hours. the machine can be disassembled into three parts- motor, eccentric drive wheel and the grip. There is also a power channel puncture mode.

The unit can work with different inks and can be easily cleaned. Suitable for all skins, the device won’t cause any side effects.

The tattoo machine also consumes minimal energy and is heat resistant.

The stroke length is adjustable that ranges from 0 to 3.6mm. the start power voltage is 4volts and maximum can run up to 12 volts, depending upon the switch between lining and shading work.

This pen-style tattoo machine is compatible with all types of needle cartridges.

Package Inclusions:

  • 1 Rotary tattoo machine
  • 1 RCA Cord

Key specifications of HAWINK Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen

  • Motor: Japan Coreless motor
  • Frame: Aircraft aluminium alloy CNC machined
  • FK core driver system
  • Stroke length: 3.5mm
  • Needle protrusion: 0-3.7mm
  • Cord connection: RCA 
  • Weight: 141.5gm ( 0.31lbs)
  • Operational voltage: DC 5.0-12V
  • 26mm grip
  • Type: rotary (both lining and shading)
  • Speed: 5V:4500RPM 7V:5700RPM 9V:7800RPM 11V:9600RPM

Pros & Cons of HAWINK Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen


  • One turn Give Knob dial for hard to soft hit
  • Interchangeable strokes to suit different styles of tattooing
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Full controls on all factors
  • Replaceable eccentric wheels


  • Doesn’t come with a user manual.

Our take on HAWINK Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen

Inspired by the FK Irons Spektra XION, this Hawink CNC P2 is quite a good option to purchase given the difference with the FK model. Further, it has an exquisite appearance processing technology making its usage versatile.

Final Words:

Hawink is another powerful tattoo machine company that is known for its reliability. The brand products feature th*e highest quality aircraft aluminum alloy casing for durability.

The models by Hawinks are simple yet strong, powerful and, stable that can be bought at any time. All their motor parts run quietly with no vibrations and fit for easy and precise tattooing.