TOP 3 Popular Cheyenne Tattoo Machines | Features, Benefits and Drawbacks

Cheyenne is a German company that creates innovative professional tattoo equipment in accordance with the highest medical standards, versatility and flawless quality.

Cheyenne brand has made many historic creations in this segment such as Cheyenne Safety Membrane and single-use/disposable tattoo needles for rotary machines. The brand offers tattoo machines and supplies that are ergonomic, reliable, intuitive, long-lasting.

List of 3 Popular Cheyenne Tattoo Machines

S. NoTattoo Machine Name
1Cheyenne Sol Nova
2Cheyenne hawk Tattoo Pen Machine
3Cheyenne Sol Terra

Top 3 Cheyenne Tattoo Machines : Deep Dive

We present you with a detailed analysis of the best Cheyenne tattoo machines catering to various purposes of tattoo lovers.

1. Cheyenne Sol Nova (Wireless and Standard Version)

The Cheyenne Sol Nova tattoo machines are known for their precision. Available in the upgraded first-ever wireless version, – the Sol Nova can be used across all aspects of tattooing.

Equipped with an easy changeable cartridge system and driven by a Brushless DC motor, the device is slightly thicker (heavier) from its corresponding models. but due to the structured setup, the weight gets distributed evenly and hence becomes easy to operate.

One of the main unique feature of this model by Cheyenne is its ability to deliver the quietest modus operandi. The low noise and minimised vibration while working on all skins, possibly makes it the best among the lot.

The pen-style model with its long operative capabilities can give you a fantastic tattooing session. This is where this model scores over its processor model, the Cheyenne hawk machine.

In addition to the above, not only it Reacts well to different skin types but also the artist will appreciate the gadgets easy plugs in feature and ready to use aspect.

As a professional tattooist, you will experience its performance in solid blacks and fast shades, and punctures and softer shades. Moreover, the two options (21mm and 25mm grip) for adjustable gripping allows smooth adjustment of the stroke.

Please note that there are two Operating modes in the wireless version of Sol Nova Unlimited: steady and Responsive. The latter will be “reactive” depends on the selection of the hit frequency whereas the former Steady mode operates on a constant frequency for shading works. 

Weighing in at only 185g, the Sol Nova wireless device version has an increased weight from its standard non-wireless model that was 150 gm. The increased weight is due to the added battery. and could pose a problem for long tattooing sessions sometimes.

The device is driven on a voltage of 4.7-12.6V DC, though it can be hooked up to an Operating frequency between 25 and 150 Hz. This tattoo machine can work at a low frequency for color realism and on a high frequency for dot work.

You can operate it on maximum frequency for bold, and precise line work. Again the wireless tattoo machine can work non-stop for 5 hours.

Key inclusion in the package

Key specifications of Cheyenne Sol Nova Tattoo Machine

  • Material – aircraft –aluminum
  • Power output- 4.7-12.6 volts
  • Motor – 2.5watts brushless DC 
  • Weight – 150 gm
  • Needle depth- 4mm
  • stroke length- 3.5mm
  • Warranty – one year 
  • Long-lasting 5V, 2A battery (present in wireless version)
  • Running time is around 5 hrs

Things we liked in Cheyenne Sol Nova Tattoo Machine

  • Can be carried anywhere
  • Reduced vibration on the skin and low noise.
  • There are options to adjust the grips.
  • Easy setup. Ready to use after unboxing.
  • Suitable on all skin types.
  • Compatible with all Cheyenne and most other brands cartridges.

Drawbacks we found in Cheyenne Sol Nova Tattoo Machine

  • Artist with small hands may find the machine a little thicker.
  • Difficulty in changing the power setting
  • There is a high cost involved in replacing the cartridge

Our Verdict on Cheyenne Sol Nova Tattoo Machine

The Cheyenne Sol Nova tattoo machines the perfect all-in-one pen tattoo machine. Undoubtedly, the expensive cordless configuration gives you an extra edge and maximum freedom of movement.  

Tip: If you need to save a little then the non-wireless Sol nova model also retains, the above-listed characteristics, which should be your choice.

2. Cheyenne hawk Tattoo Pen Machine 

Being in the limelight for being the first-ever pen-type rotary tattoo machine, Cheyenne Hawk Pen is still popular among artist even after its release in 2014. Shaped like a marker pen, this model is a perfect combination of sleek design and technology.

Used and loved by top professionals for its unperturbed long session performance, along with less vibration compared to other conventional machines.

Cheyenne is an ergonomic pen-like rotary tattoo machine designed to ensure comfort to your wrist when you use it for a long tattoo session and freedom of movement.

The Cheyenne Hawk Pen has a build quality made of anodized aluminium, is actually a lot lighter than other competitive tattoo machines. 

The device can switch to different voltage settings for coloring, lining, and shading, between 5 volts – 13 volts Also, it comes with a 25mm grip that’s very comfortable to handle and can be worked with a 21mm grip size too. But the other grip size has to be purchased separately.

This German-made pen is a fine piece of machinery to get your hands on. The gadget can be used convention all brand cartridges including Cheyenne latest craft cartridges.

Key inclusion in the package

  • One pen-style rotary tattoo machine
  • Pen-tray
  • Connection cable
  • User manual

Key specifications of Cheyenne hawk Tattoo Pen Machine

  • Material – Anodized aluminum
  • Power output- 5-13 volts
  • Motor – 4 watts DC
  • Weight – 130 gm
  • Needle depth adjustment range– 0 – 4.5mm
  • stroke length- 3.5mm
  • Grip Size: 21mm and 25mm (21mm to be purchased separately)
  • Warranty – one year 

Things we liked in Cheyenne hawk Tattoo Pen Machine

  • Easy to wrap and lightweight
  • Good control and accuracy
  • Can be used with disposable grips
  • Minimum vibration
  • The non-slip base of the Pen tray ensures that it does not move off your workspace
  • Can draw straight lines with perfection

Drawbacks we found in Cheyenne hawk Tattoo Pen Machine

  • Weight balance poses difficulty to some beginners
  • Overheats due to persistent usage 

Our Verdict on Cheyenne hawk Tattoo Pen Machine

Highly recommended for beginners and home use. This Cheyenne hawk device is durable, flexible and very easy to design with. One of the best for line work kind of tattoo making.

3. Cheyenne Sol Terra 

Cheyenne Sol Terra is that machine that gives TATTOO artists like Gothe Silva (USA), Jay Freestyle (Netherlands) etc., an unmatched tattooing experience with Sensi Drive.

 Setting a new standard in the industry, this features two settings. The first being the Hard and the second one is –Sensi.

If you want to experience a perfect Sol Terra liner, then you have the “Hard” setting while the “Sensi” setting allows professional tattoo makers to run the Sol Terra as a traditional coil machine that gives a constant hit and stitch frequency in all situations.

What you need to do is to turn the mode switch present on the drive’s jack cage.

If we talk about its technicality, this rotary machine is known to be the most powerful device. weighing roughly 85g and working voltage of5-12.6V, this machine is fitted with a high-grade brushless DC motor and a well-balanced drive mechanism. 

The Sol Terra is Cheyenne’s quietest tattoo machine, with minimal to no vibration. operational at a low-frequency band from 25 Hz, providing a gentle and ideal dot work and pepper shading experience. The highest frequency achievable is 150.

Our listing is for the all-new innovative technology Cheyenne Sol Terra in Black with Large 33mm Matte Black Grip. the brand had made the device compatible with all Cheyenne power supplies with the presence of a 3.5mm jack. 

With its 4 mm stroke, it results in better lining and coloring packing works. So to get balanced, effortless performance, along with power and precision, Sol Terra is an outstanding tattooing tool and is remarkable when it comes to the lining.

Package inclusions

  • One motor machine
  • One GRIP 33mm

Key specifications of Cheyenne Sol Terra Tattoo Machine

  • Material – aircraft –aluminum
  • Power output- 5-12.6 volts
  • Motor – 3 watts BLDC motor technology
  • Weight – 85 gm
  • frequency bandwidth -low 25 Hz to 150 Hz
  • Stroke length- 4.0mm
  • Customised with three Grip size (S-22.4 MM, M-25.4 MM, L-33MM)
  • Jack connection-3.5mm
  • Warranty – one year 
  • Certified medical standard -ISO 13485

Things We Liked in Cheyenne Sol Terra Tattoo Machine

  • Increased stroke length
  • Equipped with an additional 29 needle cartridges
  • Long period of operation
  • Superb color packing and very fast lining art
  • quicker healing process
  • Worth the investment

Drawbacks we found in Cheyenne Sol Terra Tattoo Machine

  • Slightly heavier
  • Non-complaint with RPG click grip

Our Verdict on Cheyenne Sol Terra Tattoo Machine

As a revolutionary and intuitive model, the creative possibilities are unlimited in this gadget. It accelerates the art processes. This tattoo machine will never disappoint any of your artistic vision.

Final Comments:

Mostly all machine brands keep offering innovative products to great artists/client.

Cheyenne Professional Tattoo ltd are the leading innovators of the tattoo industry. From creating the game-changing angled tattoo machines in 2019 to unravelling their two new machines lines – the sol terra and sol nova, the brand is unstoppable.

Whether lining, color packing, filling, shading, or dot work, Cheyenne tattoo devices cater to all tattoo styles and all skin types. The brand’s models have sleek design and performance precision.

At the same time, they work painlessly on both low frequencies for color level and dot work as well as at a higher frequency for bold and precise line work.

The versatile stroke length and its compatibility with a variety of cartridge needles, and grips from other brands make it an obvious choice among professionals. The entire Cheyenne range is compact, easy to work with and maintains due to safety and hygiene.