Tapout Tattoo Session [What is It? When is it Done? How to Prepare?]

Are you new to this term, Tapout Tattoo? If you have landed on this page seeking information related to tapout tattoo sessions, then we have a lot to share and discuss with you.

In this article, we shall discuss what tapout tattoo sessions mean. Many tattoo salons and tattoo artists will give you this as one of the options to choose from.

Before we begin explaining the meaning of the term, remember that the process is lengthy and may take more time than the usual tattoos. Thus, you need to be prepared beforehand and have your mind fixed on it.

What is a tapout tattoo session?

A tap-out session is something where you have to pay a fixed rate to the tattoo artist. Once you pay for the tapout session, it doesn’t matter how long your tattoo session takes, you don’t have to pay anything extra.

Another benefit of this option is that it doesn’t matter how large is your tattoo; everything will be covered in the same fixed amount.

These sessions are worth it when you are thinking of a bigger or a larger design. For instance, you pay only 500 regardless of how many hours your tattoo artist spends to complete the design.

In certain places, the number of hours is also mentioned by the tattoo artist. For instance, you pay $700 for 8 hours.

When are tapout sessions done?

Tapout sessions are chosen by those having a bigger or larger design in mind. Large tattoos take a long time especially full-body tattoos and thus, one cannot afford to pay hourly to the artist.

In such scenarios, tapout sessions work the best. If you are thinking of a similar bigger tattoo artwork on you, check out if your tattoo artist offers you a tapout option.

Tattoo can be of various types and if you are looking for some ideas under tapout session, we have some suggestions for you. Check the below options that are most preferred by people in love for tattoos.

For which type of tattoos tapout tattoo sessions are done?

  • Harley Quinn Design
  • Crystal Ball with a quote
  • Wonder Woman Festo Tattoo Art
  • Gorilla tattoos to show affection for warriors of the jungle
  • Snake designs to express hidden desires
  • Full arm tattoo
  • Full leg tattoo
  • Full back tattoo
  • Full body tattoo

All the above and many more similar designs take a lot of patience from the client’s end too. If you think you can sit idle for 8 hours or more for these types of tattoos, go for it!

Also, you need to know that you cannot split the number of hours paid for in a tapout session. You need to complete the tattoo in one sitting.

How to prepare for a tapout tattoo session?

As we now know that Tapout sessions take 5 to 8 hours to complete; you need to prepare yourself so that the process completes smoothly.

Below are some essential tips that will help you have a successful tapout session. Keep these handy with you and refer to them when you decide to go for one.

Preparation tips for Tapout tattoo session

  • Think of a good design beforehand. If you have few designs in mind your tattoo artist gets the flexibility to choose to keep other factors in mind.
  • Bring your snack as you will are going to feel hungry in between and it would be bad to starve. Starving would only make it worse to sit and cause issues like acid reflux.
  • Bring some light snacks but, ensure you ask your tattoo artist for a short break to finish it soon. Avoid eating during the tattoo work as the crisps may make a mess around and may also land on your fresh tattoo ink.
  • Take a small 5-minute break to stretch your legs but, avoid falling too lazy or you will lose the excitement of your tattoo.
  • Confirm the rules and refund policy before you make the payment or book an appointment with your tattoo artist for a tapout session.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and carry an extra water bottle with you. Remember, it will be a long session.
  • Check with your tattoo artist if you can moisturize yourself before to prevent dry skin.
  • Shave in advance as you won’t be able to shave post tattoo and it is anyway embarrassing to sit hairy with the tattoo artist.
  • Take enough rest beforehand as sitting for 8 to 12 hours and sometimes, even more, can be stressful.
  • Eat healthy and heavy meals so that you feel full during the tapout tattoo session.

Final Comments:

Check if you have a sufficient balance in your account to go for a bigger tattoo. If you have a planned financial budget, then tapout sessions are the best option. Find out which tattoo parlor offers you the option.

Now, that you know the process and care related to tapout tattoo sessions, it will be fun to experience it with confidence. In case you are confused about something, clarify everything with your tattoo artist before you book an appointment and pay in advance.