How Long to Keep the Tattoo out of Sun? [Tips While Going Out in the Sun]

Tattoo healing is a critical process that involves safety from the sun as well. Keeping the fresh tattoo safe from the sun is an essential aftercare tip.

It doesn’t matter what design, script, text, symbol, size, and place of tattoo you go for, you must not step out under the sun until your tattoo artist finds it safe.

We know it is hard to control flaunting your gorgeous tattoo. It is difficult to hide it and show the artwork to the world, but one must follow the saying, prevention is better than cure.Sun exposure can ruin your most awaited tattoo.

You don’t have to wait endlessly to flaunt your tattoo; after the healing and certain aftercare tips, you will be good to go. This article contains information on the right time when you can step out in the sun with your new tattoo.

Can you go out in the sun with a new tattoo?

It would be best to avoid stepping out until the healing process is completed. If you have to travel out during the healing process for some reason, you must at least avoid exposing your new tattoo to direct sunlight.

Sun exposure or direct sunlight can damage your tattoo by burning the skin or causing scars.

Tattoos are like fresh wounds as these are done with needles deep in the layers of skin. It takes time to heal the wound until you can enjoy your design.

Thus, it is not advisable to stay in the sun for too long or exposing the tattooed skin in sunlight.

What will happen if you go out in the sun with a new tattoo?

New or fresh tattoos have higher risks of sun damages. New tattoos are more prone to damages from the sun. As discussed above, tattoos have fresh wounds that are not protected.

A raw wound in the tattoo exposed to the sun causes more burns and damages, also it may slow down the healing of your new tattoo.

In addition to the above, your skin may crack, bleed, and peel off too. Exposed tattoos also have chances of fading faster, causing blisters, and scabs more.

This sounds like a complete disaster package! You must follow the instructions strictly given by your tattoo artist.

How long to the keep tattoo out of the sun?

It is advisable to keep a new tattoo out of the sun for about a month 1 month to avoid any possible skin burns, also to avoid fading of your tattoo.

Technically, your tattoo artist will ask you to wait for 14 days strongly and keep the tattoo out of the sun.

But, for best results, we advise longer. It is because some skin types are more sensitive or delicate which won’t be a good thing for your tattoo is exposed to the sun.

Check with any tattoo artist and they will tell you every word as we did. The healing process is considered critical by them too as until your skin heals, you are not advised to apply sun protection creams, sunblock, chapsticks, body lotion, etc.,

Allow your skin to breathe and heal. Don’t worry; you have a lifetime to flaunt your tattoo after the waiting period is over.

5 Tips to care your new tattoo when you need to go out in the Sun

If you have to go out in the sun and there is no way of denying it, we have some tips that may help. But, you need to assure yourself that you will follow these strictly and sincerely.

Check the below precautions and you will be able to step out of the house with peace of mind:

1. Apply a good sunscreen

Although we advised you not to apply anything in the healing process, it is undeniable to stay away from the sun, sunscreen is a must.

Sunblock or sunscreen acts as a protection shield and does not allow direct sunlight to touch your tattoo. Damages caused to the tattoo and skin from UV rays are sometimes irreparable.

Recommended Sunblock Products:

2. Go covered all the time

After applying the sunblock, get the area covered nicely. The best tip is to wear full sleeves. Wearing covered cloth on the tattoo area doesn’t mean that you switch to tight clothing.

Let your clothes be loose and comfortable. Loose clothing is essential so that your skin doesn’t sweat and cause scars.

3. Choose the right time for tattoo

This point may not fit as post-tattoo care but, you need to know if you wish to prevent sun damages to your tattooed skin.

Choose winters if you ever think of a tattoo in the future. It is one of the simplest ways to prevent tattoo and skin damages from the sun.

4. Say YES to Moisturizer

Don’t let your skin sweat and become dry at the same time. Choose a balanced moisturizer that hydrates your skin and keeps it protected from external damages.

When you have reached your destination, apply moisturizer to your tattoo. Also, avoid hot shower baths as that will lead to dry skin.

Recommended Moisturizers:

5. Do not itch or scratch your tattoo

Now that you have stepped out in the sun, your tattoo may cause itching and it would be difficult to avoid scratching.

The best way to avoid itching is by applying the moisturizer the moment you feel the sensation. You also get special tattoo lotions to avoid itching when you step out. Taking an opinion from your tattoo artist would be wise.

Final Comments:

We have shared most information related to tattoos and the sun. We hope you now know the precautions as well as the consequences of exposing your tattoo in the sun.

Although, we have shared the tips to keep your skin protected we would still advise you to stay indoors until the healing process is over.