Tattoo Meaning [EXPLAINED The Meaning of 75 Popular Tattoos with Images]

In today’s world, everyone is obsessed with getting tattoos on their body and we all know that choosing a design for the tattoo can be a real nightmare.

It is always tough to select a tattoo design that will look perfect on you. But what is more important than that is knowing the real meaning behind your tattoo.

Since tattoos leave a permanent mark on your skin, they should look beautiful as well as inspirational so that they feel meaningful in future.

Today there is a wide variety of tattoo designs to choose from. However, whichever tattoo design you decide to get, you should always know the true meaning behind the design so that you know what you are portraying through your tattoo.

Your tattoo says a lot about who you are as a person. Hence it is essential to know the actual meaning behind your tattoos.

Therefore, we have come up with a list of 75 popular tattoo designs along with their meanings so that you can choose what feels closest to you and then get it made.

Let’s start to learn the Meaning of 75 Popular Tattoos:

1. X Tattoo Meaning

X Tattoo Meaning

When you get an “x” tattoo, it often indicates a negative feeling.

The “x” stands for something wrong; it can also signify a barrier in your path or something that is not up to the mark.

Yet, it is much more than just a symbol. The “x” represents something that is bold and inflaming.

It is related to bravery and encourages eroticism, just like the alphabet “x” suggests.

These simple crossed lines also represent the symbol of people, the entire human being community, especially their identity.

It can also mean whatever the person decides it to be. Therefore, the “x” is a wonderfully unique tattoo design whose meaning is validated only by the person who gets it.

2. One Dot Tattoo Meaning

One Dot Tattoo Meaning

One dot has the same meaning as the full stop when you read it in a sentence.

It depends on your personal life experience for how profound you may consider it.

Some people get it after they have finished high school symbolizing that a necessary period of their life is over.

Others get it when they have battled any significant problems in their lives.

You can also use it to mean an end to anything that has caused you harm or pain, like the end of a complicated and toxic relationship.

It strongly implies that everything ends someday and that we are tiny beings in this giant universe.

3. Star Tattoo On Elbow Meaning

Star Tattoo On Elbow Meaning

The meaning behind Star tattoos is very personal, but there are some general meanings connected with them.

Usually, Star tattoos symbolize success towards a specific goal.

We can associate them with hope, religious faith, transformation as well as aspirations.

It can also mean searching for the way home, or any victory or accomplishments that you might have achieved in your life.

Hence, one need to understand more about the person’s situation to exactly know the meaning of it for each person.

4. Lip Tattoos Meaning

Lip Tattoos Meaning

Lip tattoos, particularly of a feminine kind, are frequently used to represent sexual excitement and intimate action, especially when made with colors or patterns linked with passion.

Red lips are often meant to portray sexual pleasure and kissing, especially when drawn in private areas like on the hips, neck, belly, etc.

Lip tattoos are very personal tattoos, so you might want to keep them hidden, or they might end up being open about what they represent. 

5. Spider Web Tattoo Meaning

Spider Web Tattoo Meaning

People like to represent fear with the spider web tattoo.

They choose this design because it is the image of fear and danger in many cultures worldwide.

Sometimes it can also be associated with the violent kind of fear.

You can get one of these tattoos to try to be intimidating, or you can also get them to prove to people that you are trying to get over a certain kind of fear.

Some people even get this tattoo to show that they are afraid of spiders, and they use it as a reminder to face that fear. 

6. Spade Tattoo Meaning

Spade Tattoo Meaning

The spade tattoo symbolizes many things beginning from the military and war to divination and sin.

Each tattoo reveals its significance in the details associated with it, including any numbers that may be involved.

One might get the Queen of spades if they want a more feminine design and keep only the “Q” along with the symbol of the spade to represent the queen card.

Whereas you may get the King of Spades tattoo to give it a masculine look showing the king card with the “K.”

A same-sex couple may both get a King of spades or a Queen of spades tattoo to signify their relationship. To indicate the ace card, which is a symbol of one and eleven, you may create an “A” instead to symbolize the ace card.

The spade tattoo designs are always done in black since they almost always represent something dark. Still, the individual can include any color or pattern to represent himself better.

7. John Wick Tattoo Meaning

John Wick Tattoo Meaning

John Wick Tattoo tells us that a man should depend on his own skills and strength to fulfill the goals he has chalked out for himself instead of relying on luck, fate, or divinity.

It is often misinterpreted as having a connection with Christianity or the military, but it isn’t because John Wick was believed to be a person who never had any religious connections in reality. 

You can get this tattoo to mean whatever you want it to mean.

You might find some signs associating it to Christianity but after taking a closer look; you will definitely find the differences and the real meaning behind it. 

8. Wave Tattoo Meaning

Wave Tattoo Meaning

The wave tattoo usually symbolizes passion and drive.

So, if you are passionate about your job, your family, or even life, the wave tattoo is perfect for you.

The wave tattoo is again very personal since most people at first glance would not be able to understand the meaning behind it. 

The wave tattoos also come in some variations to fit the context of the person’s situation that led to the tattoo.

So, you may need to look closely to understand the complete meaning of the wave tattoo of each person.

9. Sugar Skull Tattoo Meaning

Sugar Skull Tattoo Meaning

Sugar skull tattoo designs represent an essential part of the Mexican and Latin American celebration of Dia de Muertos, the Day of the Dead, which happens on the day before Halloween.

The skull symbolizes the dead ancestors who have come back to earth from the land of the dead to be honored.

So, when people get this tattoo they are usually honoring their dead ancestors.

Hence, sugar tattoo is a mix of emotions and memories.

10. Black Sun Tattoo Meaning

The sun being an icon and a deity makes the sun tattoos very popular.

Listed below are some of the meanings of different sun tattoos:

  • Rising sun tattoos represent a new life or beginning 
  • Sun devil tattoos represent your devilish but fun side.
  • Sunfish tattoos symbolize your liking towards a very peculiar ocean fish named Mola
  • Tribal sun tattoos are associated with strength and new life
  • Cloud and sun tattoos are a sign of respect towards Pearl Jam
  • Three stars and sun tattoos represent a sacred occasion.
Black Sun Tattoo Meaning

11. Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Dragon tattoos represent bravery, strength, protection, sapience, and independence.

These creatures are some of the most famous beings in folklore and mythology. 

Dragons are found in the cultures of China, Vietnam, Japan, and many other countries.

While most Eastern civilizations consider dragons as gentle creatures, most European societies believe dragons bring out darkness and evil.

Hence the meaning of this tattoo can be predicted differently by people of different cultures.

12. Tiger Tattoo Meaning

Tiger Tattoo Meaning

Tiger designs are very famous in art and tattoos.

A few meanings associated with tiger tattoos are that they are dangerous and rare, deadly, ferocious, and brave.

They can also suggest motherly and protective love for someone, beauty, passion for nature, endangered, dedication, trustworthiness, and leadership.

In other words, the tiger tattoo is not limited to only the individual who got it, rather, it may also be linked with the people around and situation.

13. Gaara Tattoo Meaning

Gaara Tattoo Meaning

A tattoo of Gaara is an epic way of paying tribute to your favorite character in the Naruto series.

The meaning behind it is very straightforward and fans of the anime Naruto will immediately recognize this tattoo.

Gaara’s symbol is fixed on his forehead above his eye. This tattoo design is infamous amongst fans.

It gives an actual anime feeling to the tattoo.

Naruto fans will recognize it without a doubt and will definitely compliment you.

To add to the design of this tattoo, the eye of Gaara can either be black or red, implying the effect that he is starting to transform into his One-Tailed beast form. This tattoo looks great on the upper arm and also on the chest. 

14. Pentagram Tattoo Meaning

Pentagram Tattoo Meaning

The pentagram is used to represent anything evil, or even horror movies and thrillers.

It is also used as a symbol of black magic, neo-paganism, and the occult.

Besides, it has also been a provocative sign for a long time; this is primarily why people are so interested in getting this tattoo.

Therefore when someone gets a pentagram tattoo, it represents that they are someone who is fascinated with black magic or other activities associated with it.

15. Barcode Tattoo Meaning

Barcode Tattoo Meaning

One can use the barcode tattoo to mean a lot of things, each particular to the individual who receives it.

The barcode tattoo can represent the name, address, birthplace, or just anything that you want.

The barcode is the symbol printed on a commodity, something that has been made and is to be sold.

Similarly, the barcode tattoo symbolizes slavery, forced labor, or a painful experience where one might have lost one’s individuality.

People who get the barcode tattoo want to represent that they are against slavery and they want to show their support to  anyone who has been treated violently and inhumanely. On the same line, they might also get it if they feel that they are treated in the same way. 

16. Fairy Tail Tattoo Meaning

Fairy Tail Tattoo Meaning

If you look closely, the Fairy Tail symbol is simply a fairy with a tail.

Guild master Makarov tells Lucy at the beginning of the series that fairies are mysterious.

When people get a fairy tail tattoo, it usually represents their love for mysteries and the constant taste for adventure.

You can often link the fairy tail tattoo with the profession of the person who got it, it’s not a very common tattoo.

17. 777 Tattoo Meaning

777 Tattoo Meaning

Most people often misunderstand occult symbolism.

Therefore, the meaning behind the 777 tattoo would differ from person to person.

It is mainly used as a tribute to when a soldier dies and is given a burial with military honors, receiving a 21-gun salute.

It is done by seven guns firing three times, representing 777, meaning that God is now taking over the three major roles.

In simpler words, the soldiers now rest peacefully in Heaven.

Thus people get the 777 tattoos as a tribute to a fallen glorious soldier.

18. Solid Black Armband Tattoo Meaning

Solid Black Armband Tattoo Meaning

Solid black armband tattoos are often worn to represent mourning.

People get this tattoo to show the loss and pain when they have lost a loved one.

They use it to show that they want to keep the loved ones close to them forever.

Believe it or not, some people get multiple black armband tattoos as a count of the number of people that they have lost.

Hence, Solid black armband tattoo is deeply connected with emotions.

19. Bow Tattoo Meaning

Bow Tattoo Meaning

The bow is a symbol of someone interested in specifically feminine-centered ideas and choices.

Some women might get the bow tattoo even if they are not the typical “girly girl” since they want to show that they are proud of their feminine gender.

The bow can also mean protection and security as it implies to tie or hold something together.

Women who get this tattoo use it to motivate themselves to get out of their comfort zones and do things they are usually scared of doing. 

20. Mountain Range Tattoo Meaning

Mountain Range Tattoo Meaning

Mountains represent a terrific amount of courage and spirit.

Mountain range tattoo symbolizes the eternal journey of life.

This journey’s good and bad times are indicated by the high and low tops of the mountains.

You can also get an arrow included in the tattoo to show the past, present, and future of your life.

You can do this by joining the arrow to the mountains through the bottom.

The sun (rising or setting) can be associated with either the beginning or the ending of your life. 

21. Jack Sparrow Tattoo Meaning

Jack Sparrow Tattoo Meaning

The Jack Sparrow tattoo represents the pirate life and, precisely, his own character traits.

If you get this tattoo, it might signify that you love the character and want to imitate the pirate, Jack Sparrow.

In simple terms, pirates symbolize freedom, courage, unity, and loyalty.

Others might get it to inherit Jack’s fun spirit and his great fortune and ability to out-wit people who are chasing him. 

22. Cross Tattoo Meaning

Cross Tattoo Meaning

There are no other religious symbols for a good tattoo design recognized more commonly than the Christian Cross signs.

Among them, the most famous and recommended are the crosses of Celts and Iron.

Humankind has been fascinated by the zodiac symbols for ages.

Therefore, they have grouped the stars together and formed constellations.

These symbols of constellations are associated with the Greek, Roman, and Chinese zodiacs as well.

23. Black Line (or) Black Stripe Tattoo Meaning

Black Line (or) Black Stripe Tattoo Meaning

They are of the linear kind, small in size, and simple in appearance.

These tattoos are perfect for people of any gender who wish to get a tattoo for the first time and would like to be safe and comfortable. 

One important thing to note here is, sometimes, people go with dark black line tattoo as a symbol of protest and sadness also.

So, you may want to see the tattoo a little more closely to make out the meaning.

24. Skull With Wings Tattoo Meaning

Skull With Wings Tattoo Meaning

The skull is often used to suggest a hint of foreboding, danger, or the occult, so it is a prevalent tattoo image.

People who are looking for dark tattoo ideas will find this one very intriguing because the meaning is self-explanatory at the first glimpse of it.

They usually represent death, but the added images bring out more meaning to the individual.

Most people get the skull tattoo to show how they lead a dangerous life even when they are not a part of a gang or something.

Thus, the skull tattoo represents the desire to live an adventurous life and the determination not to let anyone come in their way. 

25. Ship Wheel Tattoo Meaning

Ship Wheel Tattoo Meaning

The ship wheel tattoo is used to indicate direction and navigation.

We know that without the wheel, the ship cannot sail in the sea.

The wheel directs the vessel and the primary purpose of a ship wheel tattoo is to give you directions.

This tattoo is a representation and a reminder of keeping focus and steering boldly through tough times to reach the desired destination. 

26. Polynesian Manta Ray Tattoo Meaning

Polynesian Manta Ray Tattoo Meaning

When you get the manta ray tattoo, it becomes symbolic of directing our energies into the required directions to achieve the things we want in life.

Like the manta ray, it uses its large body to take up planktons and navigate them to swim.

This tattoo is associated with using our energy correctly and for the proper purpose.

This tattoo can also remind us to stay calm and not let our emotions control us.

It embodies such tranquility in its image that we will instantly remind ourselves to keep calm and move ahead when we observe it on our body. 

27. Crescent Tattoo Meaning

Crescent Tattoo Meaning

People love the night, and they want to show that.

It is for this primary reason that they get their crescent moon tattoos.

This tattoo is like a reminder for people who work at night and those who enjoy staying up late. 

As legends have it, the half-moon symbolizes feminine energy and has been worshiped highly since ancient times.

It symbolizes freedom from guilt or evil and represents Artemis in Greek and Diana in Roman mythology.

The crescent moon is also used to represent one’s strength.

Often accompanied by clouds or stars, a tiny and straightforward crescent moon brings out the moon’s extraordinary power in the great night. 

The crescent moon tattoo is often attached to the realm of darkness.

Some people will get this tattoo to appear as someone very dark, while others will bring it to remind themselves that they have mighty darkness within. 

28. Anchor and Wheel Tattoo Meaning

Anchor and Wheel Tattoo Meaning

The anchor has been around for a long time, and it is usually associated with seamen and sailors.

It has been used for a plethora of reasons.

Some people get the anchor tattoo because they have their loved ones on the sea, while others get it simply because they enjoy the anchor’s symbolism and the wheel.

The anchor represents the feminine and masculine energies; the bottom part represents the female half.

The rod represents the male half. This tattoo is perfect for those who want to get a tattoo that represents the equality of genders. 

It has also been used to symbolize strength and steadiness since an anchor fastens a ship to the sea bed.

The Anchor and wheel tattoo is also a perfect tattoo for those who take pride in being good family members.

This tattoo also symbolize loyalty, dignity, faith, protection, redemption, and enlightenment.

29. Owl Tattoo Meaning

The owl is representative of knowledge and wisdom.

Most people get the owl tattoo to symbolize these two meanings.

However, what they actually want to portray from their tattoo varies from person to person.

Other people will see the owl tattoo and assume that you are either a lover of knowledge or reject it regardless of what you thought the tattoo initially means.

You must keep this in mind if you are considering getting one of these tattoos. 

30. Owl with Lock and Key Tattoo Meaning

Owl with Lock and Key Tattoo Meaning

Just like the primary owl tattoo, all its variations also represent more or less the same meaning.

An owl with a key grasped in its claws usually means unlocking new knowledge.

This variant of the owl tattoo has a dual purpose: you can unlock the new knowledge, but the owl is guarding the wisdom, keeping its secrets locked.

Owl with a lock an interesting puzzle kind of tattoo.

31. Musical Note Tattoo Meaning

Musical Note Tattoo Meaning

It is said that Music is the best medicine.

A lively song can instantly lift your spirits and charge you up with positive vibes.

Most music lovers get this tattoo to cherish their love for music.

In the tattoo, musical notes float around the treble symbol to represent the note being played.

And the best thing about them is that the tattoos of music are not gender-specific.

Anyone having a passion for music can get this tattoo. 

32. Black Heart Tattoo Meaning

Black Heart Tattoo Meaning

The black heart tattoo symbolizes pain.

It is painted black to impose the idea of death.

They represent loss or sadness or can be used in memoriam of loved ones.

They are often designed with wings. It strongly symbolizes the pain of loss.

We all lose loved ones in our lives, and we cannot compare that pain with anything.

The black heart tattoo is a way of letting people know that you are healing from a certain kind of pain.

When the pain is gone, this tattoo will continuously remind you of them, and you will never forget them. 

33. Paper Plane Tattoos Meaning

Paper Plane Tattoos Meaning

Most people will get the paper plane tattoo to showcase their love for traveling. Everyone has different tastes.

For some people, traveling is the best thing ever, and they want to show their passion for moving and seeing the world.

Similarly, other people will get this tattoo to show that they are adventurous and carefree.

Some people will get this tattoo to remind themselves of their childhood when making countless paper planes.

The paper plane tattoo is also used to remind ourselves to move on in life.

People who dream of being pilots can also get this tattoo. 

Paper plane is the most famous kind of origami in Japan as well as in other parts of the world.

It is symbolic of starting fresh or “plunging yourself” into the future of your life.

34. Blue Heart Tattoo Meaning

We can use a blue heart tattoo to mean two things.

  • It can tell you are stone-hearted; you are numb towards any kind of feeling, which might be due to your battle with depression or your personal crisis.
  • It can mean that your passion is on fire since blue is the color of the hottest part of a star.

Mostly people use Blue heart tattoo for first meaning,i.e. to indicate they have become numb towards any kind of feeling.

This happens when a person goes through major heart breaks in the life.

Blue Heart Tattoo Meaning

35. Triangle with Circle Tattoo Meaning

Triangle with Circle Tattoo Meaning

This tattoo calls for all those who love witchcraft.

For such people, the deathly hallows tattoo is a simple design with deep meaning!

Inspired by the Harry Potter series, the Deathly Hallows symbol is depicted as a triangle surrounding a straight line made through the center with a circle made within it.

The symbol represents the items one must have in order to defeat death. 

The Deathly Hallows mark can be used as a symbol of rebirth and reincarnation and pay homage to the widely loved Harry Potter series.

36. Two Triangles Tattoo Meaning

Two Triangles Tattoo Meaning

The double triangle tattoo is a fascinating one.

Being a part of the Christian faith, some people believe that each side has a different kind of trinity. 

A trinity is the Christian faith where one God exists in three forms.

Most people get this tattoo to show their belief in religion.

But on a different note, a double triangle tattoo does not necessarily have to be religion-centric.

We can use the three sides of the triangle pointing in different directions to signify spirituality and strength.

These three sides can also represent the past, present, and future.

To some people who feel a special connection with the moon, each side of the triangle can symbolize the various stages the moon undergoes. 

You may decide to recognize this tattoo in any way you want. Still, it will always have a spiritual connection to the owner.

37. Upside-down Umbrella Tattoo Meaning

Upside-down Umbrella Tattoo Meaning

Umbrellas can be used to signify a lot of things.

While there is no exact meaning for this tattoo design, most people have decided to recognize it as a symbol of the saying “when it rains, it pours,” especially when drawn with raindrops.

In that case, you can use the upside-down umbrella to symbolize compassion, as it is holding the tears. 

This tattoo represents personal protection from the wrong side of life and defeating the hardships that you have faced.

The upside-down umbrella tattoo is also known to be representing magic, wealth, and travel.

Encompassing so many different meanings, you can easily personalize the upside-down umbrella tattoo to suit your needs. 

38. Jon Jones’ Tattoo Meaning

Jon Jones' Tattoo Meaning

Jon Jones has a foot-length tattoo on his chest that reads “Philippians 4:13.”

His sister loves the Bible verse that says that one can do anything since Jesus Christ empowers them.

This lesson helped Jones when he was caught up in an incident on his way to fight Rua for the light-heavyweight title. 

Hence, this specifically shaped tattoo has become popular with the name of “Jon Jones Tattoo”.

39. Fish Bones Tattoo Meaning

Fish Bones Tattoo Meaning

A fish bones tattoo is more personal than a traditional fish tattoo, which holds symbols of freedom and luck or aspirations in some cultures.

In a fish skeleton tattoo, we can see a simple design with head and tail undamaged.

It is often of a playful nature but with a darker, rougher edge.

A fish skeleton tattoo also has a slightly spiritual aspect.

It can infer the biblical fable of the loaves and fish and represent enthusiasm as well as an infallible faith in being provided for.

Also, a fish skeleton tattoo acts as a reminder not to let people take you for granted.

40. Ribbon Tattoo Meaning

The ribbon or bow tattoos are beautiful and are fun to design.

They usually hold deep meanings, and the color represents awareness or support towards any kind of health condition.

According to the different colored ribbons, the tattoos would mean:

  • The yellow ribbon tattoos became famous as people wore them during the American Civil War. Women all around America wore them to show love for their close ones fighting on the battlefield. Still, today, they wear them as a tribute to the military force abroad. 
Ribbon Tattoo Meaning
  • In modern times, the red ribbon tattoo is more popular; it is supportive of HIV/AIDS as it raises awareness for it. 
  • The blue ribbon tattoos stand against any type of violence or abuse.
  • The pink tattoo is famous for supporting women’s health, especially the ones who are  battling breast cancer. 
  • The green tattoo stands against depression and such mental illness.
  • The black ribbon tattoo, of course, is a global symbol for death and mourning.

41. The Rock’s Bull Tattoo Meaning

The Rock's Bull Tattoo Meaning

The Rock’s logo was the bull tattoo.

His nickname, “The Brahma Bull,” was for his pro wrestling strategy in the WWE, which is basically horns projecting upward from a bull’s head with deep red eyes inked on his right arm.

Besides representing his wrestling nickname, the tattoo also symbolizes Taurus, which is Johnson’s zodiac sign. 

This tattoo is also popular as “Rock’ Johnson’s tattoo.

42. Triangle with A Line Through It Tattoo Meaning

Triangle with A Line Through It Tattoo Meaning

A triangle turned upside down with a line through the peak is symbolic of earthly elements.

These triangle tattoos with line through them symbolize femininity, passion, innovation, motherly attitudes, and virility.

They also represent Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn’s horoscope signs, all of which fall under the earth’s elementals.

A Triangle tattoo with line through it is closely related to feminine emotions and elements associated with earth.

43. Three Dot Triangle Tattoo Meaning

Three Dot Triangle Tattoo Meaning

Prisoners usually get the tattoo of 3 dots.

It symbolizes leading a crazy or dangerous life.

It doesn’t represent any specific gang; it is more connected to the gangster lifestyle.

This tattoo is most likely to be found on the hands or by the eye side of a person. 

Sometimes, it can also carry some spiritual or religious meaning, such as symbolizing the Holy Trinity.

The three-dot tattoo has a fundamental mechanism, usually made through the method of hand poking. 

44. Sirius Black Tattoos Meaning

Sirius Black Tattoos Meaning

Sirius Black, the legendary character from the Harry Potter series, used to have a big tattoo on his sternum.

It is the representation of amalgamation in sorcery that tells us that it is connected with his ability to turn into a dog. 

While the tattoo on his lower right pectoral is the same as the symbol for steel, it is just rotated 90 degrees; the starburst on his right forearm refers to Sal Ammoniac, related to Jupiter.

Others look like transformed Futhark runes, while some of his tattoos might represent Hebrews or Kabbalistic, some might even be Enochian.

45. Yadier Molina Tattoos Meaning

Yadier Molina Tattoos Meaning

This tattoo looks like the Tiger Woods symbol, but the Y on the left side of the M means Yadier Molina.

On the right, there are musical notations.

From left to right, the notes seem to be in order: D5, D5, D4, E4, F4.

The ones on the extreme left are hard to read because they are very minute.

It can also be related to Reggaeton. 

46. Cross with Birds Tattoo Meaning

Cross with Birds Tattoo Meaning

Cross with bird tattoos is symbolic of freedom from the cage of societal expectations.

Anyone who gets this tattoo represents how they are free or how they don’t care about what anyone else thinks of them.

The cross with birds tattoo is closely associated with person’s personality and attitude.

There may be a strong background story for the person for getting the cross with birds tattoo.

47. Two Lightning Bolts Tattoo Meaning

Two Lightning Bolts Tattoo Meaning

The tattoo of a double lightning bolt on a prisoner often signifies loyalty to the Aryan Brotherhood or any white leader group.

They represent the twin lightning bolt sign of the SS, the powerful Nazi soldiers of Germany, as well as the ones who used to enforce racial policies. 

This two lightning bolts tattoo is also known for representing loyalty to Adolf Hitler, hence, people consider it as associated with the Nazi army.

48. Queen Chess Piece Tattoo Meaning

Queen Chess Piece Tattoo Meaning

Since the Queen is the commander on the battlefield, the chess piece of the Queen signifies power.

And this is what exactly the Queen chess piece tattoo symbolizes.

Being the most potent attacker in the game of chess, she can move to any place she wants.

She is also entitled to the responsibility of frequently attacking because of her power in the game.

But when the Queen dies, the remaining members do not give up.

As the saying goes, behind every successful man, there is the hand of a woman. 

49. Three-Line Tattoo Meaning

Three-Line Tattoo Meaning

Three thick, dark, black lines that wind around the arm or leg, or any other part of the body, are often used to express symmetry and natural uniformity.

The three lines represent any of the three critical people, time periods, events, or any suitable place or idea in other areas.

Without any additional imagery, the lines are a unique symbol of what matters most to the person who receives it. 

50. Peacock Tattoo Meaning

Peacock Tattoo Meaning

The brilliant, bold colors of the peacock feathers symbolize a mind that is fresh and a delicate heart.

It is a perfect tattoo for those who believe they have a peaceful soul.

This tattoo represents positivity and is often associated with hope, faith, and optimism.

Some associate it with nobility, directions, and protection.

Moreover, the peacock is an important symbol of royalty, grace, and glory. 

The beautiful bird is known to have many other meanings, such as; luxury, cravings, life, sexuality, longevity, mercy, gratitude, generosity, and passion. 

51. King and Queen Chess Piece Tattoo Meaning

King and Queen Chess Piece Tattoo Meaning

Unlike the chess pieces, the couple of the king and queen tattoo might represent something completely different.

Some couples get one of each. The King and Queen Tattoo signify that they themselves are the rulers of their own territory, and no one has the right to interfere.

The king and Queen knock out the distractions in their path and move ahead, which is what the tattoo signifies.

Since it is such a fierce and robust relationship, many couples decide to get this tattoo to look confident while standing the test of time.

Similarly, one may look at this tattoo and make their own assumptions.

52. Jimin’s Nevermind Tattoo Meaning

Jimin's Nevermind Tattoo Meaning

Jimin is one of the sensational stars of the Korean pop group BTS.

The most significant of Jimin’s tattoos are the “NEVERMIND” tattoo inked across his right side ribs.

The tattoo pays homage to the band’s song of the same title.

Many people thought it was a temporary tattoo, later it became a symbol of that band’s sensational song of “Nevermind”.

People feel that particular song has a deep connection to Jimin’s heart, hence, he made it as a tattoo.

53. Rook Tattoo Meaning

Rook Tattoo Meaning

The rook protects the more essential pieces in the game of Chess.

So the tattoo of the rook can symbolize someone who is determined to observe and protect others.

They watch and notice the happenings of the inner world.

On the board, it moves straight left and right or back and hind.

They can move a long way, very fast. In societal terms, they might be known as a bodyguard, soldier, or a right-hand man.

They are very loyal and trustworthy.

54. Fire Dancer Tattoo Meaning

Fire Dancer Tattoo Meaning

Dave Matthews got the fire dancer tattoo a long time ago.

It is actually related to one of his band’s songs.

She might even be the most iconic symbol for the band and is found at several places, including the most famous, the usual DMB tattoo.

She represents people as the feeling of freedom, love, sensation, and hungry desire, which is part of the DMB ride.

55. Three Cross Tattoo Meaning

A three-cross tattoo has a couple of meanings.

  • Firstly, it can represent the three roles of God in Christianity.
  • On the other hand, it can symbolize Christ and the two other people crucified at Golgotha.

For many devout Christians, the latter meaning is a way of remembering how Jesus perceived Humanity.

Three Cross Tattoo Meaning

56. Knight Chess Piece Tattoo Meaning

Knight Chess Piece Tattoo Meaning

The knight in the chessboard has a set of unique skills.

It may not be the quickest member in the game, but it has a powerful strategy.

Those who get the knight chess piece tattoo know that their ambitions are linear and often beat others who prove versatile.

The knight can also represent the Divine Law, which means that we must be careful of our actions.

57. Cobweb/Spider Web Tattoo Meaning

Cobweb/Spider Web Tattoo Meaning

Cobwebs typically symbolize a long term in prison.

The meaning behind the tattoo is associated with spiders trapping innocent prey or criminals trapped behind jail bars.

This tattoo is usually found on the elbow.

It signifies sitting idle for so long that a spider has made a cobweb on the elbow out of boredom.

However, you can also get it made on the neck.

58. Freemason/Mason Tattoo Meaning

Freemason/Mason Tattoo Meaning

Freemasonry is an ancient tradition practiced by a secret group of highly qualified people of colossal reputation and fame.

It is essentially based on the laws of welfare towards humankind and the evolution of science and knowledge.

Despite its hand in the good thinking of Humanity, Free Masonry has been a cause of intense scrutiny and mystery because of the mysterious nature of the organization.

Since it is the careful case of art reviewing life, Free Masonry has also been a significant influence and inspiration for tattoo art.

Masonry tattoos are known for the use of distinct geometrical patterns to showcase art. This tattoo has more of an aesthetic feel to it rather than having a profound or intense meaning.

59. Q Tattoo Meaning

Q Tattoo Meaning

The alphabet Q tattoo might be tiny, but it is known as one of the best and most recommended tattoo designs.

These simple tattoos help you manifest your emotions as well as build up your personal style.

You can also have the letter Q design as a reminder for your closed ones or some important event.

The Q tattoo isn’t gender-specific. Men prefer more masculinity in their tattoo designs, like having crowns or wings.

In contrast, women prefer to have more fancy designs like maximizing the elements of flowers, butterflies, and pretty little hearts. 

60. Toucan Tattoo Meaning

Toucan Tattoo Meaning

In some cultures, animals are used as distinctive signs to mark specific phases in our lives.

Similarly, Toucans are often used to signify moments of boldness and maturity.

Usually, people get tattoos of birds to symbolize freedom.

Many people get toucans as their tattoo to represent their pride, just like a toucan pleads to be visible. 

61. Hammer and Sickle Tattoo Meaning

Hammer and Sickle Tattoo Meaning

The hammer and sickle is a political symbol representing communism.

Some people very often confuse it with a religious symbol, but it is not.

A couple of items represent industrial and pastoral workers, and the crossing off symbolizes the harmony between the social classes.

This tattoo design can also mean that the person is a real communist or a supporter of communism or just wants to insult the other members of society.

62. Kiss Tattoo on Neck Meaning

Kiss Tattoo on Neck Meaning

As Name suggests, the Kiss tattoo indicates the romantic mood of the person.

Since the neck is a part of the easily visible body, a tattoo on the neck needs to be bold and something in which you are comfortable.

You can also get this tattoo to show the part of the neck where you like to be kissed.

A pair of kissing lips inked on your neck can be used to show your love and affection towards your partner. 

63. Woody Woodpecker Tattoo Meaning

Woody Woodpecker Tattoo Meaning

People get Woody Woodpecker tattoo for mainly two reasons:

  • They might really love the woodpecker bird, or
  • They might have spent some time in prison or joined a supreme power gang.

Hence, depending on the context, the meaning of Woody Woodkpecher Tattoo varies.

64. Katy Perry Arm Tattoo Meaning

Katy Perry Arm Tattoo Meaning

Katy Perry and her former fiance, Russell Brand, got matching couple tattoos on their right-hand biceps’ interior side in June 2010.

The tattoo reads as “Anuugacchati Pravaha,” which translates to “go with the flow”.

This might signify the time when they got married spontaneously on one of their trips to India.

Since above episode, the tattoo the couple got became popular as Katy Perry arm tattoo.

65. Double Infinity Tattoo Meaning

Double Infinity Tattoo Meaning

Double infinity marks two long-term commitments enjoined.

A double infinity tattoo is the symbol of two people who have chosen separate ways in their lives, but their paths have crossed through the joining of their fates.

The infinity doubled sign is one of the most romantic tattoos you will ever come across!

Double infinity tattoo is always associated with 2 people, and there is an exciting story behind it more often than not.

66. Woman’s Face Tattoo Meaning

Woman's Face Tattoo Meaning

The tattoo of the woman’s face is an epic image in tattoo artistry.

It can have a plethora of meanings like beauty, embracing the feminine energy, romance, a muse, heroin, craving, freedom, or even simple luck.

The woman’s face or head has been the epicenter of numerous traditional bearings in the world of tattoos. 

67. Avicii’s Tattoo Meaning

Avicii's Tattoo Meaning

Avicii Tattoo became popular due to the famous musical artist named Avicii.

Avicii’s tattoo encloses two triangles which are associated with the first two letters of Avicii’s name (A and V).

It is prominent when you observe how he used to present his name by distinguishing the A, and V.

Everyone at his show in the Wake Me Up music video with the ‘twin triangle’ tattoo was clearly a big fan of Avicii.

68. Power Button Tattoo Meaning

Power Button Tattoo Meaning

The power button tattoo is considered a tattoo primarily for geeks and preferred mainly by software engineers.

It can have a lot of interpretations in the tattoo realm; one out of them is the power with which you control yourself.

It might also mean the ability to activate and deactivate the thing that triggers you emotionally, even physically, at the same time.

Moreover, it insists that the power of self-restraint within you is brilliant.

69. 3-Star Tattoo Meaning

3-Star Tattoo Meaning

3-Star Tattoos are very popular among successful people who have gone through struggles in life to achieve success.

3-Star tattoo simply mean the journey of life.

The tattoo of the 3 stars represents a journey that has been undertaken since it forms the imagery of stars aligned in a way that each star appears more prominent than the other.

Actors or actresses will get this tattoo to continually remind themselves of the journey that they had taken from being a little-town actor to rising as a big movie star. 

70. Laugh Now, Cry Later Tattoo Meaning

The meaning behind the “cry later, laugh now” tattoos are very common.

It tells us to live fully in the present and think later about the results.

The most famous tattoo styles include skulls, bells, or masks with the words “cry later, laugh now” inked in cursive written below the image. 

Laugh and Cry is a very popular tattoo among youth as it conveys the meaning of living the life now.

71. Tattoo 13 Meaning

Tattoo 13 Meaning

The number 13 tattoo symbolizes the unlucky number, which is treated as a cure to traditional lousy luck.

This tattoo is related to superstitious seamen, prison gangsters and outcasts, and orthodox ideas of alienation and being a foreigner.

Hence, this tattoo is more popular in the dark world. People will notice if anyone has Tattoo 13 visibly.

72. Tyler Joseph Tattoos Meaning

Tyler Joseph has a lot of tattoos on his body. 

  • He has a tattoo of four rectangles on his left chest and one rectangle on his right chest with a cross in between. This tattoo represents the source of guidance in his life and the cross in the rectangle represents the hourglass which symbolizes how short life is.
  • His next tattoo is on his right bicep which consists of letters C and X. It symbolizes his love for his fans in his hometown Columbus, Ohio.
  • The third tattoo is on his right forearm which means “let me know when you have had enough”.
Tyler Joseph Tattoos Meaning
  • The tattoo on his right bicep when translated to numerals, means 43:16:33. It is a verse from the Bible which reflects Tyler’s own personality.
  • The tattoo on Tyler’s right arm consists of various shapes which means “Seize The Night”.
  • The tattoo on his left arm are two dot-like figures which are followed by bars below them, so as to make two exclamation marks. The other tattoo is of three bands around his wrist which usually represent someone who has a habit of self harming themselves.
  • Tyler also has the name of his drummer Josh on his leg.

73. Ice Cube’s 3 Dots Tattoo Meaning

Ice Cube’s 3 Dots Tattoo Meaning

Ice Cube was an all rounder – he was a rapper, actor, producer, and director also.

He had a tattoo a 3 dot tattoo next to his right eye, which became popular as “Ice Cube’s 3 Dot Tattoo”.

Three dots tattoo symbolizes “Me Vida Loca” which in English means “my crazy life”.

The three dots can also be associated with the Holy Trinity which means that God is one.

74. Helm Tattoo Meaning

Helm tattoos usually depict the life of Sailors.

Sailors lives are full of trials and burdens.

This tattoo of a steering wheel helps them in choosing the correct path so that they can return back home safely from their dangerous sea life.

Hence, Helm Tattoo is very popular among sailors and other people who is associated with sea and ocean.

75. 333 Tattoo Meaning

333 Tattoo Meaning

Brann Dailor has 333 tattooed on his wrist.

The number 333 most likely is a Thelemic symbol that is used to signify Choronzon.

Choronzon is a devil or a demon which originated in the writings in the 16th century by the Oculists John Dee and Edward Kelley.

It suggests something that is evil.

333 Tattoo gained its popularity due to Brann Dailor.

Final Comments:

We really hope that these beautiful tattoo ideas and their detailed meanings have motivated you to get one for yourself. You must be surprised with the intense symbolism related to even the simplest of designs.

We believe that there is no idea that you can not implement into a tattoo. With a little innovation, you can express your emotions and principles through this artistic means.

There are no boundaries to what you want to symbolize. It can be tiny and minimalistic at the same time. No matter your intention, you can use a simple symbol or an intricate ink design to showcase your thought process.

Sometimes the accurate measure of an artist’s potential is proven by their capability to express complex ideas by presenting the imagery through either a single dot or a complicated design for the most part.