Cross Tattoo Cost [Simple Cross Tattoo, Small Cross Tattoo & Celtic Cross Tattoo]

Cross tattoos are divine and religious representations of faith. Having a cross tattoo also means you are representing selfless love and sacrifice. Cross tattoos are some of the most common tattoos in the US. Not just Christians, but people from different religions also go for cross tattoos as their divinity attracts them.

Various factors decide the cost of cross tattoos. You may check in your nearby location list of tattoo parlors and compare the rates; almost all charge the same fee despite stiff competition.

It is because tattoo art is no piece of cake; even a cross tattoo needs patience and effort by the tattoo artist. Based on the cross size and area of the tattoo on the body, your tattoo artist will spend time on the same. Most of us know that tattoo designers charge based on hours spent on the artwork.

How much does a cross tattoo cost?

The cost of cross tattoos varies from location to quality and ink chosen. Typically, even a small tattoo costs $100. The maximum cost that you would pay for a cross tattoo is $4000 as per the size, placement, and tattoo parlor chose by you.

Here is a quick list to refer to for some of the common costs for tattoos, similar to cross tattoo designs. The list is in context with the tattoo artist and the quality of the tattoo. These are almost the same for cross tattoos too:

  • Poor Quality Tattoo: $100
  • Average Quality Tattoo: $200
  • Better than Average Quality Tattoo: $150
  • Great/Superb Quality Tattoo: $250

The above rates are purely based on the quality of the tattoo. Other factors such as size and location for the cross tattoo matters too.

It would be wise to clear the cost of your cross tattoo with your tattoo artist before you begin inking. Many parlors do not mention the hidden costs.

Confirm if that would be the only amount you have to pay to the artist post getting tattooed. Some people also pay a tip to tattoo artists out of the excitement and happiness that they experience in getting their tattoo.

How much would a simple cross tattoo cost?

A tiny simple and neat cross tattoo would cost you anywhere from $50.

Simple cross tattoos are the most loved designs in the world of tattoos. They not only look striking but also add more value to humanity.

One who goes for a cross tattoo doesn’t have to explain the symbolism. It is the purest holy symbol for Christians. Regardless of whether you go for a plain cross tattoo, a Gothic cross, or a Celtic design, a cross represents your faith over good.

It would be unfair to share the costs as tattoo artists may charge as per their experience. Don’t worry; a simple tattoo in cross design won’t cost you a bomb as even your tattoo artist would love to design it on you with love.

Some most common simple yet classy cross designs include rose and cross tattoo, Jesus cross tattoo, cross and wings tattoo, small cross, cross and flowers tattoo, simple black ink cross, heart cross tattoo, tribal cross design, Maltese cross tattoo design, three cross tattoos, and few more…

How much does a small cross tattoo cost?

A plain small cross tattoo with no color or black ink filling will cost you about $100 to $150. Let’s consider the size of the design; most tattoo parlors will charge you about $250 for a tattoo of about 5″ x 5″.

The below list may come in handy to refer to the cost:

  • Small cross tattoo or similar sized tattoos: $50 to $250
  • Medium-sized such as tribal or portrait cross tattoo or similar designs: $150 to $450
  • Large cross tattoo designs and large tattoos: $120 to $150 per hour

Even if you go for a small cross tattoo, the design and filling determine the cost. For instance, a small tribal cross tattoo is inspired by the ancient tattoo designs; it is done with either solid black ink or colored ink as per the client’s choice.

Thus, the rates may vary as per the method, color, and design chosen. However, we already discussed the average cost with you. Your tattoo artist will be the best to share the charges based on your desired cross tattoo design.

How much does a Celtic cross tattoo cost?

Celtic tattoos can get you some amazing designs by professional tattoo artists; however, some Celtic cross tattoos may take up to 12 hours to complete the design.

These may range from $40 to $250 per hour considering the average cost of tattoos. Celtic cross designs for 5X7 inch tattoos would cost up to $150 to $200.

You may choose from modern to antique Celtic designs for your cross tattoo. Celtic designs take more time than simple cross tattoos and thus the cost may also vary as per the time spent by your tattoo artists.

There are oodles of designs to choose from in Celtic tattoo designs. Thus, your charges also depend on the design selected by you. If you wish to go for a Celtic cross tattoo, do not think about the cost.

Many people tailor the design and end up compromising on the quality. Leave the creative part on your tattoo artist for him/her to bring out the best in you.

Final Words:

Cross tattoos are the best thing you would think of. The permanent mark on the body keeps reminding the selfless love and human values that people are intending to spread until they live.

If you have decided to go for one, check with your tattoo artist everything related to cross tattoos and go for it! The Christian cross is a very divine symbol so you may also browse the web to choose some amazing designs in the same.

We are as eager to see you getting inked thus, do share with us which cross tattoo design did you go for? Do not hesitate to ask any queries you may have with your tattoo artist so that you are confident to go ahead with your cross tattoo.