Top 3 Popular Yuelong Tattoo Machines | Features, Benefits, and Drawbacks

Yuelong Tattoo Supply is among the top manufacturers of tattoo machines and tattoo equipment in China. The brand provides professional tattoo supplies like Tattoo guns/pen Machines, Needles, Kits, Grips, tips, other accessories, and Studio Supplies, Permanent Makeup.

Being a leading online worldwide supplier, the brands tend to offer decent quality products at budget-friendly prices. Their tattoo kits are beneficial for beginners as well as professionals and are the most sort after product lines. 

The products by Yuelong Tattoo Supply have several prominent features present in all its models’ such as:

  • Works on adjustable power through voltage settings 
  • Produce minimum heat.
  • The machines have low vibration output. 
  • The machines feature a powerful motor 
  • An advanced gear system.

List of 3 Popular Yuelong Tattoo Machines

S. NoTattoo Machine Name
1Yuelong Tattoo Machine Pen Kit
2Yuelong Pro- Liner Shader Tattoo Machine Gun Kit
3Yuelong Complete Tattoo Kits

1. Tattoo Pen Kit – Yuelong Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen

The ongoing craze for pen-styled tattoo machines is also catered by the brand Yuelong. This pen-style device in the above kit is ergonomically designed to provide comfortability to the artist. 

Let’s talk about the kit in detail. Equipped with a powerful motor and five levels advanced gear system, the pen machine makes very low vibration and doesn’t heat up quickly.

The exterior is built from premium aluminum alloy. The pen gadget is devised so that it has high puncturing power and frequency and easy to grip. 

The cartridge needle in the kit comes in mixed sizes is made up of steel. A Membrane mechanism prevents ink spit back. one doesn’t need to worry about hygiene as sterilized. 

The power can be supplied through an RCA cord or 1200mAh battery. There is over-charging protection provided. The device is small-sized and lightweight and can be carried anywhere, anytime.

This Yuelong tattoo pen is flexible as it is meant for lining, shading, and permanent makeup.

Package Inclusions:

  • 1pc Tattoo Machine Pen with RCA Cord
  • 1pc Wireless Power Supply RCA
  • 20pcs Tattoo Cartridge Needles
  • 1pc Tattoo Practice Skin
  • 1pc Tattoo Grip Tape
  • 2pc Disposable Gloves
  • 20pc Tattoo Ink Caps
  • 1pc Tattoo Kit Case

Key Specifications of Yuelong Tattoo Machine Pen Kit

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Speed range:8V-8000rpm,
  • Operating voltage: 5-13V
  • Stroke: 3.5MM
  • Connector: RCA
  • Needle: Cartridges Needles
  • Needle protrusion: 0-3.5 mm
  • Dual input charging

Positives in Yuelong Tattoo Machine Pen Kit

  • Powerful motor
  • Ideally heat resistant
  • Shallow sound 
  • Easy to disassemble, operate and use
  • High hardness and fast coloring
  • Adjustable voltage
  • It runs continuously without getting hot

Drawbacks we noticed in Yuelong Tattoo Machine Pen Kit

  • No setup manual

Our take on Yuelong Tattoo Machine Pen Kit 

The strong, super quiet, ergonomic, lightweight designed machine kit is easy to carry. With better accuracy and control mechanism, this certainly is one of the top-selling models from Yuelong. 

2. Yuelong Pro- Liner Shader Tattoo Machine Gun Kit

The Yuelong pro liner and shader tattoo kit is a superb kit on its own. The most crucial aspect of a tattoo kit is the tattoo machine.

Only a high-quality tattoo machine, along with the quality of other items, will help you achieve great results. This Yuelong kit comes with a beautifully designed rotary tattoo gun that is excellent for lining and shading.

The exterior of the machine has been given a special surface treatment. It has a stroke length of 3.5mm that defines a sharp line work and shading in grey and black.

The technology used in it makes the job smoother and stable. You have the advantage of adjustable voltage to determine the intensity and speed. The machine’s featherweight aspect with easy to use process is another brilliant feature of the device.

Equipped with an in-built powerful motor, the operation gives low vibrations and less noise. the quality of needles, grips, and other included components are good.

The machine can be power supplied with a hook line as well as through an RCA port. The brand also offers the customers a satisfaction guarantee that if one is not fully satisfied with the tattoo machine grips kits, then one is eligible for a refund or replacement. 

Package Inclusions:

Key Specifications of Yuelong Pro- Liner Shader Tattoo Machine Gun Kit

  • Material: high quality zinc alloy
  • Dual power mode 
  • Stroke length: 0 – 2mm
  • Operating voltage: 6 – 8v
  • Speed/rpm : 0-8000 r / m
  • Input voltage: Dc 0-14v 
  • Gun type: rotary tattoo machine 
  • Suitability: for liner and shader
  • Color: black

Positives in Yuelong Pro- Liner Shader Tattoo Machine Gun Kit

  • Negligible heat production.
  • Uniform speed
  • Adjustable power settings
  • steady circular needle motion 
  • No need to use rubber bands

Drawbacks we noticed in Yuelong Pro- Liner Shader Tattoo Machine Gun Kit

  • No user manual for setup
  • No inks 

Our take on Yuelong Pro- Liner Shader Tattoo Machine Gun Kit 

The kit is an excellent choice for beginners. The versatile gun and its easy-to-use features allow the new user to learn the art with much ease. 

3. Yuelong Complete Tattoo Kits

It is a puzzling job to select suitable tattoo supplies, as it will be pocket-pinching to purchase all those items individually. That’s where a complete tattoo kit like the one from Yuelong can be the ultimate choice for a beginner, apprentice, and starters.

Yuelong is a professional tattoo brand that focuses on highly efficient tattoo machines, tattoo needles, tattoo power supply, and other high-standard tattoo supplies.

This set comes with two coil machines that are fit for full-time body tattooing. They create a smoother line. The length of the spring is decent.

The frame is made from high-quality iron, having excellent electrical conductivity. As an artist, you get a precise line that ensures accuracy.

However, the machine is a little heavy compared to rotary counterparts but produces significantly fewer vibrations during working sessions. The grip provided with the kit is handy and comfortable to run for more prolonged usage.

The kit includes a led power supply that displays voltage adjustments. The fantastic quality of the power supply improves machine reliability and efficiency. The device is fit to use with any grip and needles available on the market.

The attractive feature of this kit is the inclusion of positive and pure color inks. These are stable and durable supplies. As these inks are easily absorbed in the skin, their consumption is low—a complete kit.

Package inclusions:

  • Two rotary tattoo machine gun
  • Ten wraps coil
  • 1pcs LED Digital Tattoo Power Supply
  • 1pcs Tattoo foot pedal/Switch
  • 1pcs Tattoo clip cord
  • 7 Colors tattoo ink, 5ml/bottle
  • 20pcs sterile tattoo needles (size: 1003RL ,1005RL).
  • 20pcs Disposable tattoo tips
  • 2 pcs Black/Red Aluminium Alloy tattoo grips(22MM)
  • 2 Disposable Tattoo grips mixed size (5RT )
  • Tattoo ink caps, rubber bands, grommets & o-rings
  • 1pcs Dual-sided tattoo practice skin
  • 2pcs Disposable tattoo gloves
  • toolsets

Key Specifications of Yuelong Complete Tattoo Kits

  • Material: CAST IRON
  • Digital tattoo power supply
  • Clip cord 
  • Operating voltage-7- 12 volts
  • Foot pedal- stainless steel
  • Gun type: coil tattoo machine 
  • Suitability: for liner and shader

Positives in Yuelong Complete Tattoo Kits

  • Ergonomic, lightweight design.
  • Quiet operation without any vibration
  • Relatively cheap for a kit
  • Completely refundable

Drawbacks we noticed in Yuelong Complete Tattoo Kits

  • Complaints of receiving some accessories in terrible shape are received. 
  • Little noisy 

Our take on Yuelong Complete Tattoo Kits

 The kit is a good start-up kit for practicing. The devices are beautifully designed, and both can be used for lining and shading.

Final Words:

The Yuelong tattoo machine kits are quite famous among global tattoo artists. The devices and various other tattoo supplies kits are of premium quality and suitable for beginners as well as expert tattooists.

With a best combination of price and quality, these listed tattoo kits will fully satisfy your need and value for money irrespective you being a beginner or a professional tattoo artist.

All the above tattoo kits come with either coil machine or rotary machines. Furthermore, they are good for providing lining (outlines and black works) and shader (shading and coloring) facilities.

Hope this article will be helpful to you while choosing the right tattoo kits from brand Yuelong.