What is A Visible Tattoo? Is Getting A Visible Tattoo A Bad Idea? [Pros & Cons]

Visible tattoos are tattoos that are easily visible on your skin; easy to understand, isn’t it? The meaning is simple to understand but, the debates about visible tattoos are endless.

Not many are comfortable digesting and accept visible tattoos on others. However, those who don’t care about what others think unless they have unavoidable restrictions to hide the same.

Tattoos are a hidden passion that people crave to fulfill, however; many times the visible tattoos become a drawback in the career for many. Thus, you may have to think twice to go for a visible tattoo.

What is a visible tattoo?

Visible tattoos are tattoos that people notice immediately. These could be on the skin that is most exposed while you step out. Tattoos done on the intimate areas cannot be considered visible tattoos.

Any tattoo on your body that doesn’t get covered by your attire is considered visible to the public. The tattoo done on that area is known as a visible tattoo.

These tattoos become the talk of the town wherever you go, especially when you have a symbol or message carved.

Many people will often break the ice of conversation by beginning with questions like the meaning of your tattoo and the reason why you did it. To some it would be exciting to discuss however, to others it could be annoying at times.

Is getting a visible tattoo a bad idea?

Most times, your career and your tattoo play together. Certain professions dislike the idea of visible tattoos on their professionals. Those willing to make a career in these fields usually refrain from getting one.

Below is a list of such professions where visible tattoos are either not appreciated or intentionally not done by the employees to take their jobs seriously.

  • Healthcare
  • Front office executives
  • Financial bankers
  • Teachers & professors
  • Aircrew
  • Law enforcement directors and officers

However, these reasons are no longer a mandate or a company rule any longer. It depends from organization to organization.

The current trend of visible tattoo in the US

Regardless of the above reasons and beliefs, those who are passionate and have a desire for tattoos will always find a way out to flaunt one on them. Don’t worry; many organizations have considered the above beliefs outdated.

Thus, the rule is no longer a mandate. Many people have appreciated and accepted the visible tattoos on their employees. Some don’t bother to even check as long as you are delivering quality and efficient work.

Visible tattoos no longer taboo as most people have stopped being judgmental about tattoo lovers. Many people accept it as a form of body art and love to converse over the subject even if they don’t have one.

Thus, having a visible tattoo or not having a visible tattoo is up to you and we can’t decide its acceptance or rejection. It also depends on your social circle and the loved ones you live with. To share our hearts out with you, do what your heart says!

Where are visible tattoos?

Visible tattoos are the ones that are done on various parts like the face, fingers, neck, feet, and hands. One has to be careful that even when they are planning to get a visible tattoo, it shouldn’t obscene or have any offensive message.

Some countries even have restrictions on obscene tattoo messages and images. Although these are restricted in various professions, the government has waived off some restrictions in some places with certain rules on tattoos.

Many have debated the restrictions relating tattoos with a sign of bravery, confidence, and passion.

Some even won in convincing the government to allow them with certain tattoos on their body at work. However, it would be wise to confirm the same with your employer before deciding on a visible tattoo.  

Good and Bad About Visible Tattoos

Pros of visible tattoos:

  • Tattoos reflect passion and love for the art. Thus, people love to do it on visible areas of the body so that they can display affection for the art.
  • Visible tattoos with good social messages are a sign that the persons trying to spread love and kindness in the world. Some people take banners and some display posters to explain their point of view, however; it takes pain and effort to ink yourself to express what you feel. Thus, visible tattoos are a way to express self.
  • Visible tattoos help to create conversations and make new friends. Your prominent tattoos are the first thing a person notices and would be eager to ask you the reason or meaning behind it.  

Cons of visible tattoos:

  • Tattoos can create major obstacles to your dream career. The profession that you have worked hard and the interview you have longed to give can end there the moment your tattoo is visible to the firm.
  • Visible tattoos may also invite unexpected or uninvited strangers who may approach you for unwanted conversations. It is because some people often fall into wrong assumptions about tattooed people.
  • Visible tattoos may sometimes become nagging and irritating after a certain point in life. As we age, the same ink makes us guilty of the reason for doing it. Thus, not many people go for visible tattoos.

Final words:

We leave the decision of visible tattoos on you. If you have the heart and confidence to break all barriers of visible tattoos, go for it! If there are confusions regarding the environment around you, you may think of options like temporary tattoos or tattoos on the not-so-visible areas of the body.

Regardless of what decision you take, stick to it and be happy with it. We wish you all the best.