Most Popular Tattoo Machine Brands [11 Brands & 49 Tattoo Machines]

The craze and popularity of tattooing are increasing every day. The present generation has adopted this art to express themselves. It becomes crucial for a tattoo artist to enhance his skill level for a fantastic output.

For this, he/she needs some great gear to work with. Hence Having the right kind of tattoo machine to express his art becomes of utmost importance.

Whether you are a beginner or someone new to tattooing, or a professional tattoo artist who had been inking for years and are looking for an innovative machine for your studio, possessing the best tattoo machines/models can significantly improve your style, quality, and productivity.

This raze for tattooing had forced more and more companies to enter the market and make a mark in making some of the best models of tattoo machines and their aided equipment. 

Before discussing the best tattoo machine brands, we need to remember two types of tattoo machines, rotary machines and coil tattoo machines. These two are wired tattoo machines. The new innovative kid on the block being the wireless tattoo machines. 

After doing a lot of research and going into different types of machines each brand excels in, we’ve picked out the 11 Popular tattoo machine brands recommended by renowned artists worldwide.

Top 11 Tattoo Machine Brands

  1. Dragonhawk
  2. Cheyenne
  3. Bishop
  4. Fk iron
  5. Solong
  6. Stigma
  7. Vladblad
  8. Ambition
  9. Yeulong
  10. Hawink 
  11. Wormhole

49 Popular Tattoo Machines from Top 11 Brands

S. NoTattoo Machine BrandTattoo Machine Name
1DragonhawkDragon hawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine
2DragonhawkDragonhawk Raven Rotary Tattoo Machine
3DragonhawkDragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit
4DragonhawkDragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine
5DragonhawkDragonhawk Complete Tattoo Pen Kit Rotary Atom M1
6DragonhawkDragonhawk Falcon Rotary Tattoo Machine
7DragonhawkDragonhawk Brass Coils Tattoo Machine
8CheyenneCheyenne Sol Nova
9CheyenneCheyenne hawk Tattoo Pen Machine
10CheyenneCheyenne Sol Terra
11BishopBishop Fantom  
12BishopBishop Microangelo Rotary Tattoo Machine
13BishopMAGI Black Edition – Nikko Hurtado
14BishopBishop Authentic Rotary Tattoo Machine  
15BishopBishop Wand Pen Tattoo Machine  
16FK IronFK Irons Spektra Halo 2 Crossover Tattoo Machine
17FK IronFK Irons Spectra Direkt2 Tattoo Machine
18FK IronFK Irons Spektra Xion Rotary Pen Machine
19FK IronFK Irons Apollo SMP Tattoo Machine
20FK IronFK Irons Spektra Edge X Tattoo Machine
21SolongSolong Tattoo Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Gun Machine
22SolongSolong Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Japanese coreless motor
23SolongSolong Tattoo Kit Rotary Machine Pen
24SolongSolong Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit 4 Pro Machine Guns
25SolongSolong New Generation Cartridge Rotary Tattoo Pen
26StigmaStigma Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine
27StigmaSTIGMA Complete Tattoo Gun Kit Pro Tattoo Machine Kit
28StigmaStigma Tattoo Machine Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen
29StigmaSTIGMA Professional Rotary Slider Tattoo Machine Gun
30StigmaSTIGMA Complete Tattoo Kit Pro Tattoo Machine Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen
31HawinkHawink rotary short pen tattoo machine
32HawinkHAWINK Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners
33HawinkHawink Rotary Tattoo Machine
34HawinkHawink Tattoo Machine Pen Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine
35HawinkHAWINK Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen RCA Cord Japanese Coreless Motor
36Vlad BladVlad Blad Pro Liner Tattoo Machine
37Vlad BladVlad Blad Delicate Liner Tattoo Machine
38Vlad BladVlad Blad Seawolf Rotary Tattoo Machine
39AmbitionAmbition Rotary Tattoo Battery Pen
40AmbitionAmbition Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kit
41AmbitionAmbition Rotary Tattoo- CNC Carved Pen Machine  
42YuelongYuelong Tattoo Machine Pen Kit
43YuelongYuelong Pro- Liner Shader Tattoo Machine Gun Kit
44YuelongYuelong Complete Tattoo Kits
45WormholeWormhole Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners
46WormholeWormhole Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit for Beginners
47WormholeWormhole Tattoo Kit Complete with Case and 2 Pro Tattoo Machine Guns
48WormholeWormhole Tattoo Pen Professional Complete Tattoo Kit
49 WormholeTattoo Pen Kit Wormhole Cartridge Tattoo Kit

Let’s explore each of the popular tattoo machine brands in detail.


Started in Hong Kong in 2001 by two skilled tattoo artists, the establishment got registered in 2004. That’s when the brand started selling its tattoo supplies (tattoo needles, tattoo machines, and tattoo parts like tips, grips, tubes), piercing supplies globally.

Being one of the most trusted brands in the tattoo industry, Dragon hawk is well known for its durable construction quality and back-end support. The company’s vision statement focuses on buyer satisfaction.

Dragonhawk always makes customer-centric products while not compromising on innovative technology. The brand provides low-cost tattoo products.

The company is always stocked and ensures that every order is processed and delivered accurately and on–time—Dragonhawk manufactures all types of tattoo machines – Coil, Rotary, and Wireless.

DRAGONHAWK’s Tattoo Machines Specialty

Dragonhawk tattoo machines are meticulously designed to deliver smooth and deliver quieter operations. All its products, whether tattoo machines, pens, or wireless, work on low voltage.

Suitable for all skin types, these machines are compatible with all standard cartridges. The product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and is devoted to providing ideal customer services.

The brand claims to never run out of stock, and all models are updated with new technology to offer the latest and most extraordinary deliveries to their valued customers.

The machines are effortless to operate and cover, with efficient cartridge replacement and change. The brand offers excellent value for money and versatility. These powerful artwork machines line well, pack color and shades pieces effectively.

Furthermore, the brands have generated a good amount of tutorial videos to teach a beginner about these guns and accessories’ functionality. Indeed, it is one of the best tattoo machine brands currently available. 

With Dragonhawk, solve your defined purpose of body art smoothly and efficiently

Most Popular Dragonhawk Tattoo Machines


Established in 2006, Cheyenne is a German company that collaborated with expert tattoo artists to create professional tattoo equipment in accordance with the highest medical standards. This makes sense as they place a lot of value on safety and hygiene.

The company is well-known for its innovative tattoo machines (rotary and coil) and equipment such as tattoo needles in abundant configurations, ergonomic and robust tattoo grips, and other tattoo accessories.

They have pioneered themselves by developing some fantastic tattoo supplies.

For example, the company invented single-use/disposable tattoo needles for rotary machines and Cheyenne Safety Membrane that keeps fluids away from the tattoo machine.

CHEYENNE’s Tattoo Machines Specialty

Cheyenne tattoo machines cater to tattoo styles, whether lining, filling, color packing, shading, pepper shading, or dot work. The artist can realize all these aspects with the gadget’s sleek design and performance precision.

At the same time, they are maintaining due safety and hygiene. The machine works painlessly to cover and protect low frequency for color level and dot work and can run at a higher frequency for bold and precise line work.

The machines have a versatile stroke length and are compatible with a variety of sleeves, cartridge needles, and grips.

A revolutionary and intuitive brand is offering tattoo-making products that accelerate the art processes. This machine won’t disappoint any artists.

Most Popular Cheyenne Tattoo Machines


Bishop was created in 2008 by an experienced tattoo artist Franco Vescovi in the USA. Brand Bishop is a reputed name in the development of premium tattoo machines.

Within a decade, the brand achieved goodwill and growth along with maintaining the trust of its customers.

All Bishop tattoo machines consist of Swiss motors, German bearings, Japanese medical-grade polymer plastics, and aircraft aluminum frames. The company offers a 1-year warranty for all their products.

Their in-house repairs are a plus in case of any breakdown of your gun. Bishop Tattoo Machine is sophisticatedly crafted to make the tattooing experience pleasant for professionals and their customers.

BISHOP’s Tattoo Machines Specialty

It is primarily known for constructing some fascinating rotary tattoo machines, some excellent features embedded in bishop’s tattooing equipment are versatility, efficiency, direct drive, and an overall likable design.

Most models don’t need lubrication and are compatible with all cartridge grips. An artist can enhance both the lining and shading with these rotary machines and work for hours with these compact and lightweight devices without tiring.

Whether it’s the traditional gun style or a piece of pen-style equipment, the brand allows you to experiment with the soul of your inking style. No matter what Bishop gun you choose, what you get is affordability. 

The unique Bishop Tattoo Machines allows elevating an artist’s tattoo game to transform one’s tattooing experience.

Most Popular Bishop Tattoo Machines

4. FK Iron

Founded in the USA (Placed in Miami, Florida) in 2007 by tattoo artist Gaston Siciliano, FK irons (Fallen king irons) is yet another top-notch brand tattoo industry.

This highly reputed company is mainly known for its sturdiness as they are created out of strong quality metal.

The team, under the leadership of its founder, works relentlessly to incorporate advanced technology into their machines to make the work of a tattoo artist effortless.

The brand had produced some most delicate devices in this segment, like Direckt 2 and Halo model, to the EXO modular machine in 2020.

FK Irons manufactures all types of tattoo machines and is used by famous artists like Nick Baster, Tatu baby, Guy Aitchison, etc.

FK Iron’s Tattoo Machines Specialty

The very first machine built by its founder was designed to vibrate less and make less noise than the classic coil machine. The devices that use low voltage (5-9 volts) are more comfortable to hold.

The machine’s key features include its mirror-polished exteriors and anodized for extended durability.

The products are made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and high-quality Swiss Maxon motor for most exemplary performance. All products come with a year warranty covering manufacturing defects.

If you don’t want to compromise with the quality against a tattoo machine’s price, then pick FK iron products. It will always take higher positions in terms of durability. 

Most Popular FK Iron Tattoo Machines

5. Solong

Established in 2008, Solong is the most famous tattoo machines manufacturing brand from 

China. Known for their complete tattoo kits both for beginners and experts, the brand offers everything needed for tattooing- from machines and kits to necessary supplies and accessories.

The brand is dedicated to creating and sale, high-quality tattoo machines in three categories- rotary coil and pen, tattoo needles, tattoo pigments/inks, tattoo tips, tattoo handle/handles, tattoo kits, tattoo permanent makeup tools, tattoo power supplies, laser tattoo removal machines, etc.

Solong strives to help artists in every possible way. The company considers details like comfortability and ease of use so that the artist can make a positive impression on their customers. 

Solong’s Tattoo Machines Specialty

The company had kept the prices low for all its variants without compromising any technical or technological aspects. Solong offers buyer’s protection by giving a 14-day replacement policy and a 6-month warranty on their products.

One can find the other attractive features in these machines are the USA-made colors, high–quality materials, practiced on all skin types, and safety.

Customer satisfaction is what the company believes in. they continuously strive to improve their quality. All of their tattoo kits and accessories are incredible.

Solong tattoo kits are not only cheap but also easy to operate which lets every beginner sharpen their skills by practicing over and over. 

Most Popular Solong Tattoo Machines

6. Stigma

Since 2005, German brand Stigma has revolutionized the tattoo industry by bringing into foray some lightweight and quiet rotary tattoo machines.

Invented, designed, and built by rotary veteran artist Artemis Rosakis, every Stigma® model have astounded the tattoo industry and convinced artists of coil machines to start using rotaries.

The company’s primary motto is to focus on tattooists’ demands, and that’s why professional tattooists develop all products with precision and professional tattooists to attain excellence.

The brand also endorses heavily in promoting the artistry of tattoos. Their legal sponsorship form has made them popular among many star artists.

Stigma’s Tattoo Machines Specialty

Stigma rotary machines are built with excellent precision and constructed cool ergonomic design to provide perfect performance.

The devices are reliable for everyday use. The tattoo machines have Swiss motors, and all other parts are made in Europe and Germany.

The stigma core team comprises well-known expert tattooists, engineers, and artisans who ensure that the user invests in high-quality gadgets for their work.

Another outstanding aspect about this brand is that all their machines are hand-assembled and tested before final delivery.

Being a German brand, one can be assured about these engineering art machines. The tattoo machine kits are user-friendly and can be used at any skill level comfortably.

Most Popular Stigma Tattoo Machines

7. Hawink 

Founded in 2008 by Hawnik CNC, HAWINK manufacturer some of the most advanced tattoo machines and accessories (tattoo needles, ink, power supply, and permanent makeup) globally.

The brand constantly had shown improvement in bringing out new designs and technicalities in their products every year. Their performance efficiency is undoubtedly the best among all.

The company takes pride in designing and creating the first unit of wireless tattoo machines and wireless tattoo power supply internationally.

Their innovative ideas brought the revolution of the global tattoo industry towards wireless work. Hawink offers some custom collections for every artist, profession, hobby, etc. The brand provides superb after-sales service.

Hawink’s Tattoo Machines Specialty

Made especially for highly-enthusiast tattoo artists, Hawink devices are expensive if compared with other regular brand models.

But the kind of technology, materials, and safety used by the company makes it worth every penny. Those who can afford it are the winners.

Apart from using the latest technology to manufacture these absolutely classy and exclusive machines, the brand develops its premium built using aircraft-grade aluminum alloy material.

The products are heat resistant and can runs smoothly for a long duration. Other distinguishing features are low noise, high stability, and freedom of movement.

Hawink create excellent machines by making them with great materials and craftsmanship if you are looking for durability and custom-made product go it without considering the price tag.

Most Popular Hawink Tattoo Machines

8. Vlad blad

In a brief period, this brand has made its mark in the tattoo industry. Russian manufacturer Mr. VLAD Blad, the founder, has 15 years of experience in this segment.

Around 2009, he started actively producing tattoo machines, and now his brand creates all kinds of high-quality tattoo equipment and tattoo accessories. 

Their devices come in all configurations to meet the needs of international tattooists. All products by Vlad blad serve a versatile performance and have an iconic design.

The machines can accomplish artwork like lining, color packing, and shading. Models like Seawolf Rotary Tattoo Machine can be used for traditional realism, blackwork, dotwork, letterings, and beyond.

Vlad Blad machines have a look that is will surely impress the user, and the output created by them leaves a lasting impact on the holder.

Vlad blad’s Tattoo Machines Specialty

Known in the industry by the word “disciplinarian,” for its most satisfactory performance,

Vlad Blad models come with a lifetime warranty that covers any repairs (for the first owner). The structured devices have the most eclectic design on the market.

The gadgets can execute expert lines and are loved by seasoned artists. Incredibly lightweight, the aluminum-crafted machines have a rustic look.

What you get is a stable and smooth performance even in low voltage. Moreover, the machines are compatible with all cartridge tattoo needles.

Highly recommended for people who need customized machines. What you need is what you get from Vlad blad.

Most Popular Vlad blad Tattoo Machines

9. Ambition 

Established in 2012, this Japanese company has the sole purpose of providing artists the best machine they use for their art.

Keeping performance as their top priority, the brand tries to offer cost-effective and quality devices to their clients along with good after-sale services.

The company produces all kinds of tattoo machines –from the traditional coil to rotary and now wireless pen tattooing devices.

The company caters to claims to satisfy individual artistic demands by ensuring that customized products are customized according to different requirements. 

Ambition’s Tattoo Machines Specialty

Ambition models have aircraft aluminum bodies and thus are easy to clean. Mostly all machines are detachable as a whole. This easy assembling & disassembling facilitates maintenance and sterilization.

The devices are compatible with all brands’ cartridge needles and can utilize a direct ​drive system, and the artist gets better lines and color packing.

Additionally, the gadgets feature a long-lasting lithium battery that supports long-term tattoo work giving stable outputs.

Ambition machines are robust, claim low skin loss, heat resistance, and fast coloring. From carrying cases to fast delivery to comfortability, all you get is an excellent device.

If you want to work without any worries about POWER, then this is your brand. It lets professionals work flawlessly in any environment.

Most Popular Ambition Tattoo Machines

10. Yuelong 

Yuelong Tattoo Supply was founded in 2002. The company is among the top manufacturers of tattoo equipment.

Living by the vision of “MAKE TATTOO SAFE”, The company is dedicatedto providing high-quality products like Tattoo -Machines, Needles, Kits, Grips, tips, Disposable Grips/Tubes, Disposable Tips, Power Supply, Medical, Piercing and Studio Supplies, Permanent Makeup.

Brand Yuelong is a leading online supplier worldwide for professional tattoo supplies.

Yuelong’s Tattoo Machines Specialty

Yuelong is commonly known for its inexpensive prices and decent quality. They create suitable quality tattoo kits. These kits are especially beneficial for starters who don’t know much about components and other stuff.

The products by Yuelong Tattoo Supply works on adjustable power through voltage settings and produce minimum heat.

The machine has low vibration output. Finely carved CNC by aluminum alloy, the machine features a powerful motor and an advanced gear system.

This professional tattoo machine brand understands what tattoo artists and amateurs need in a long-lasting, stable device.

Most Popular Yuelong Tattoo Machines

11. Wormhole

Established in 2016 by a professional tattoo product designer Wu Jian in the United States.

With more than 10 years of experience, Wu Jian tattoo pens are very common in Southeast Asia. The brand has always regarded safety as the first doctrine, and should be a top priority for tattoo lovers.

Wormhole Tattoo brand is committed to creating, designing and manufacturing safe, convenient, innovative, and reliable tattoo equipment.

From starter kits for beginners to professional supply kit, tattoo guns, needles and all kinds of accessories, wormhole always thrives to provide amazing products.

The company offers varieties of tattoo products to meet everyone’s’ different demands, especially for the middle-income group people.

Wormhole’s Tattoo Machines Specialty

Wormhole tattoo products come with ergonomic, comfortable, and lightweight designs with optimal tactics. 

Compatible with all cartridge needles, these machines are used for outline and shading, and other tattooing procedures that will make your work easy.

The wormhole brand tattoo kits are the best option for any tattoos lovers. These tattoo guns/pens can operate continuously without any disturbance for a decent time.

Enjoy the long-lasting service of these devices, and make different tattoos without any noise and vibration. 

The next thing these tattoo machines are finely carved CNC by aluminum alloy and heat resistant. Owning one wormhole product will provide a good customer experience.  

If you are a tattoo lover and want a safe, convenient, and reliable tattoo product, go for Wormhole.

Most Popular Wormhole Tattoo Machines

Final Words:

All the above-listed brands are the major players in the global tattoo industry. We had tried our best to guide you about the best brands and their respective top models with our thorough research.

There are countless products with unlimited features and various price tags on the market today. What one needs is to choose their brands according to their specific requirements and skills.

Again purchase a model which comes with easy set-up and warranty by the manufacturer. High-quality and branded machines ensure precision and fewer chances of errors. 

We have already done the homework for you, and now all you need is to make up your mind. Remember, each brand has its USP (Unique selling points), so choose prudently.