Gold Tattoo Ink – A Complete Guide [What is it? Is it Permanent?]

Gold tattoos are the best thing that one can imagine. These seem like a perfect look on the skin due to their shine. With a gold tattoo on you, you don’t need any accessories to carry yourself.

Who wouldn’t want a bright, shiny, and lustrous tattoo in gold? If you have been dreaming of getting one, welcome to the page!

We have well-researched content in gold tattoo and we hope to solve most of your concerns related to the subject. Refer to this article and check if you got the information you were looking for. Let’s begin with few most research topics by tattoo lovers.

Does gold tattoo ink exist? [Is it really Gold?]

No! If you have been desperate to know the answer will disappoint you. You need to know one most important fact about gold tattoos that there is no ink in gold or silver for tattoo designs.

We bet it leaves you in wonder to think how a gold tattoo is possible when there is no gold ink. Let’s help you with a detailed explanation of the same.

Gold is one color that fascinates the human eye for some reason. You can go for a gold tattoo in temporary or permanent options.

Flash tattoos or temporary tattoos are a good way to start and check if gold is the right option in tattoos for you.

However, if you wish to opt for a gold tattoo, you need to inject actual gold flakes in the tattoo ink. You get mixed ink online too that we shall read about ahead.

What is Gold Tattoo Ink actually?

Gold tattoo ink is made up of gold flakes in the tattoo ink. It is similar to silver too. In short, a gold tattoo is possible only if your tattoo artist has mixed real gold flakes in it.

Thus, there is nothing called gold ink. Before you go for a gold tattoo, you also need to accept its pros and cons.

One major drawback of a gold tattoo is that the metal mixed in tattoo pigment can be highly toxic and harmful to the skin.

It is one of the above reasons why most people choose gold tattoo stickers or temporary tattoos over permanent ones. Thus, most tattoo artists follow a printing method for designing a gold tattoo.

The stickers are usually pressed onto the skin until the foil transfers completely. The stickers are also covered with sparkles to add a glittering effect. Some people also recognize gold and silver tattoos as metallic tattoos.

Is a gold tattoo permanent?

Temporary gold tattoos last between 5 to 10 days. If you take extra care of your metallic tattoo, it may stay up to 2 weeks and then start fading.

The duration of your gold tattoo also depends on the quality of the foil used by your tattoo artist. We cannot comment on the permanence of gold tattoos as the process of making these is entirely different than other tattoo pigments.

Gold tattoos are applied on the skin’s surface only. The only way you can make it last for weeks is by choosing quality material.

The area where you have placed your tattoo also makes a big difference in deciding the duration. For instance, a tattoo done on a hair-free, friction-free, and smooth surface will stay longer than other places on the body.

Can you remove Gold Tattoo Easily?

The process of removing gold tattoos is simpler than any other permanent tattoo. Unlike other tattoos, a gold tattoo does not need laser technology or repeated sessions for tattoo removal.

The two things that you need, for removing a gold tattoo are a clean cloth and alcohol.


  • You need to dip a clean washcloth in alcohol and simply rub the tattoo area to wipe off the gold tattoo.
  • Allow the alcohol to settle on the skin for a minute or two before you start wiping off. Repeat the process if needed.

Pros & Cons of Gold Tattoo Ink

As long as your gold tattoo is temporary and of good quality material, you have to worry less about its pros and cons.

The only time you must avoid going for it is when you have a skin condition like skin irritation, skin dryness, redness, rashes, etc., Temporary tattoos are still considered safe if you go for good quality.

On the other side, metal-based inks are not recommended especially when you have sensitive skin. Adding metals in the tattoo ink can cause serious issues to your skin.

It is as good as inserting a foreign object into your skin. Thus, most tattoo experts may advise you not to go for such risks.

The only reason why people insist on gold tattoos is for their glittering looks and beautiful designs. If you think you have a risk-taking attitude, go ahead and try it!

Why is a gold tattoo so unique?

One of the major reasons why gold tattoos are so unique is their demand. Now you may wonder what makes it so prominent and in demand by tattoo lovers.

One unique fact about gold tattoos is the making of the ink. Gold tattoo ink is not any ink; it is made up of a high-quality thin layer of a metallic foil.

The foil is pasted or transferred to your skin with the support of water. The method may sound similar to temporary sticker tattoos.

When transferred, these metallic tattoos shine bright even in dark and are visible on the skin for few weeks. The shine, looks, designs, and glitter are some more factors that make gold tattoos so attractive and alluring to the eyes.

Are gold tattoos waterproof?

Generally, the gold tattoos won’t come off that easily until their lifespan is over. Also, just the water contact is not enough to fade or peel them off.

Thus, gold tattoos can be considered waterproof. These are more prominent amongst beach lovers and swimmers.

Gold tattoos are considered the best accessories for beach and pool parties. However, if you are going for temporary gold tattoos or any temporary tattoos, you may have to keep them safe from water contact.

Also, check on the package as most tattoo manufacturers mention the precautions on their packaging.

Are gold tattoos safe on the skin?

Safety is the most searched content on the web related to gold tattoos. The good news is, temporary gold tattoos are considered safe on the skin.

However, those already suffering from skin allergies or any kind of skin issues must not experiment their skin with any type of tattoo.

One good fact about gold tattoos is that they are biodegradable and thus safe for the environment too.

You can compare gold tattoos stickers to Indian henna. Even a Henna design stays for weeks and doesn’t come off so easily. Henna tattoos have no harm on the skin and can come in water contact too.

Top 3 Gold Tattoo Inks

1. Gold Tattoo Ink by the Viking

The gold tattoo pigment is available in different-sized bottles. The product is made in the USA and the company also deals with a wide range of colors in tattoo inks.

Viking is a reputed brand for tattoo inks in the USA. They are known to make tattoo inks that stay for long and are resistant to fading for the long term.

Viking-Inks are manufactured and developed by known artists. The best part about the brand is that the tattoo inks are available in different sizes.

2. Boreal Gold Tattoo Ink by Galaxy

The tattoo ink is known to be long-lasting. It is tested and used by many tattoo artists and is available at most tattoo stores in the USA.

The industry is credible with 15 years of experience in the tattoo industry. These tattoo inks are suitable for all or any type of tattoo.

The company possesses 15 years of experience in the tattoo industry and thus, earns great credibility in the tattoo industry.

Their products are professionally tested before reaching out to the end customer.

3. Japanese Tattoo Ink in Suna Gold Color

The tattoo ink is originally from Japan. It is vegan-friendly and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, unlike other tattoo pigments. Kuro Sumi is a known company in Japan specializing in tattoo inks.

Their high-quality tattoo inks are best known in the tattoo industry. Most tattoo artists prefer their inks, especially for gold tattoos.

Check out the various other tattoo ink colors that the company offers. You can even play with different inks along with gold tattoos.

One best part about the company is that most of its products are animal cruelty-free.

Final Comments:

We hope you are now confident of the secret and the story behind Golden tattoos. If this article was informative you know what to do next.

If you are still confused, book an appointment with your tattoo artist and seek their opinion if you can go for a golden tattoo. In case you wish to see how it looks on you, you may try some temporary golden tattoo stickers.