How to Make Tattoo Ink Darker? Process to Make Red & Black Tattoo Ink Darker

People love the idea of darker ink and most tattoo lovers opt for that in the due course of time.  Tattoos inks are mixed to form new colors or make the existing color or tattoo darker. Inks are made darker or lighter by diluting, blending, or mixing. You need to know the right method for making your tattoo ink darker.

If we focus on black tattoos, these have a lot of mixed compounds. We will talk about this in some parts later in the article. As of now, we shall focus mainly on how to make tattoo ink darker. Before you begin to read here is a quick tip for you;

Always use sterilized stirring tools or there are higher chances of contamination to your tattoo colors. Also, choose a good tattoo ink mixer.

Why to make tattoo ink darker?

You may have found many people switching to darker tattoos or making their tattoo ink darker. It is because the final results of the tattoos depend on the skin tone. Although most people prefer black tattoos being the most common, a normal black tattoo ink doesn’t always go that well on all skin types.

Thus, there is a way to make the tattoo ink dark. Most methods in the process of making tattoo ink darker use safe ink; so you don’t have to stress much about the same. Your skin and health will not have any side-effects as mentioned by many tattoo artists.

As we know people choose the option of making ink darker if the colors do not show up well or as expected on their skin. For instance, people with dark skin tones avoid light tattoo inks as these are not beautifully visible on the skin.

How to make tattoo ink darker?

Tattoos can be made lighter or darker by mixing two colors. One must know the proper proportion of mixing different shades if they wish to see the darker version of the same.

You may even take support from tattoo artists on the proportion for different tattoo inks. Other than the expert shades, you can experiment to get basic colors such as;

  • Red and Yellow = Darker Orange color

More red gives darker reddish tone and more yellow gives darker yellow tint. The same process applies for other mixture of colors too as explained ahead.

  • Red and Blue = Purple
  • Blue and Yellow = Green
  • Yellow and Red = Orange
  • Red and Green = Brown
  • Blue and Green = Darker shade of blue-green

Other than the above combinations, the more shade of black you add to the ink, the darker grey you get.

Then we have a list of color combinations to go on the lighter side. However, that will be covered in other articles. We are focusing mainly on the darker tattoo inks in this discussion.

How to make black tattoo ink darker?

There are two methods to make black tattoo ink darker. To share a fact, black ink is made up of many compounds such as;

  • Synthetic black tattoo ink contains iron oxide and carbon
  • Natural black tattoo ink consists of logwood, wustite, and magnetite crystals.

 If you know the correct balance, you can easily get a darker black ink for your tattoo.


  • The main objects to get darker black tattoo inks are the needle and the ink pigments. Both of these tools have to be compatible with each other. For dark black color, most tattoo artists prefer a medium cone needle. Under this scenario, you must go for a black ink with two large particle pigments.
  • When you are using two large pigments don’t forget that you need to keep the position of the needle at the smallest angle. Only then the desired darker will be visible.  
  • We strongly advise you not to try the tattoo design on your own as you would need a helping hand or an expert’s advice to do so. If you have little experience in the same, you will need to find an experienced tattoo artist to do this for you. We recommend that you make the ink at home but call for a professional to get inked. It is because darker and lighter tones are also a part of the needle game.
  • Certain angles of needles give you a darker surface and certain angles give you lighter results. Only a person from an experienced background would understand the technique of this artwork.

You may also watch certain videos that explain step by step process on how to make use of a needle, its position, and choosing the right pigments for black tattoo ink.

How to make red tattoo ink darker?

For a darker red shade of tattoo, you will need to add some portion of black to get the right blood-red ink. It is mainly done by people who have darker skin tone.

Method 1:

Add a drop of black ink to blend the first time. Avoid overdoing it. Mix properly and test the color before you add another drop of black. Remember the tip we shared while beginning the article and follow it strictly.

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Method 2:

You may also try adding a drop of green to get a darker ink in red instead of black. To make the color look vibrant, some people add a drop of starbrite yellow. It turns amazing as per the reviews shared on some known forums.

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There are other ways you can make your tattoo look darker. But, these methods are after the final result of your tattoo. This article comes in handy when you intend to make the tattoo inks darker.


We hope you found the article informative. Share it with those who equally possess a similar craze for tattoos. They may also be looking at various ways to get a deeper knowledge of tattoo inks and darker shades. Always seek the advice of a tattoo expert before you pick any product and begin your experimentation. Bringing years of experience with them, you will be able to get the darker shade in tattoo inks with the best and safest combinations through them.