Does Red Tattoo Ink Fade? Can You Tattoo Over Red Ink?

Have you experienced or are planning to experience a red ink tattoo? There is a lot you must know other than the red tattoo’s beauty and design. Compared to other tattoos, red tattoos look brighter and gorgeous.

However, for all the good things, there is a price to pay. Red tattoo ink has its cons that you must know. We shall help you understand most details associated with red tattoo ink. Strategies can help you have a red tattoo safely and securely.

The only thing we can’t explain about red tattoos is the reason why people are so fascinated by them. It is because different individuals have different reasons to go for tattoos. Red ink is also a choice they make as per their preference.

Does red tattoo ink fade?

Compared to darker tattoo inks, red ink tends to fade faster. Don’t go by the words of brands that mention that good-quality red tattoo inks will stay longer.

Tattoos will eventually fade and red ink is no special compared to these. Just like any other tattoo ink, red tattoo ink will also stay long as any other.

To share another fact about red tattoo ink, it is easy to remove compared to other tattoo inks. If your tattoo artist is applying the ink correctly and is skilled at it, the ink is likely to stay longer.

Many people have also claimed that the red ink is so bright on healing that it doesn’t fade much.

Does red ink fade faster than black?

If you compare the black tattoo ink with red, black looks brighter than red. Also, as explained above red tends to fade faster than other colors and that includes black.

We agree there are strategies to extend the shelf life of red ink however, these inks fade at a certain point in life and are not permanent. If you wish to keep the red tattoo ink longer similar to black ink, keeping the tattoo moist will help.

Steps to Prevent Red Tattoo Ink Fading

Follow the below steps if you want to prevent your red tattoo from fading sooner:

  1. Clean your red tattoo with an antibacterial soap.
  2. Keep your tattoo dry for 15 minutes after the wash.
  3. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly at least 10 times daily for the first two weeks of the tattoo.
  4. Do not rub but gently apply the petroleum jelly. As soon as you get your tattoo done, the healing process begins and you have to be extra careful with your red ink tattoo due to harmful chemicals present in the red tattoo ink.
  5. Apply sunscreen lotion on your tattoo when you step out in the sun.
  6. You also need to apply a good moisturizer regularly once your tattoo is healed.
  7. You may need to go for retouch sessions for your red ink to look fresh and bright for long.

All the above steps will help your red ink tattoo from fading faster.

Is red tattoo ink hard to remove?

As per most tattoo artists, red inks are the second simplest inks to remove. Tattoo inks like red, brown, orange, and violet absorb green light which makes 532 nm wavelengths.

Thus, these are ideal for red ink removal. The specific time or duration to remove red ink is difficult to comment on. The removal time differs from person to person.

We can say that it takes about 6 to 12 sessions to remove red ink tattoos from the skin. Most tattoo artists would not recommend you to go for a red tattoo due to their major side effects compared to other inks.

It is due to the presence of mercury. Thus, the healing time also takes longer.

While going for the red tattoo or even thinking of removing one, you must know the negative side of red ink:

  1. Red ink is always considered riskier than other tattoo inks.
  2. Red ink is also most commonly known for causing skin allergies.
  3. Other common issues due to red ink are dermatitis, granulomas, photosensitivity, and more. Such health challenges also result in itchiness, swelling, bumps, and rashness on the skin.

To prevent the above issues, some able tattoo artists prefer performing a skin test by making a small red dot on the skin. They usually wait for 24 hours to look for any side effects and then proceed accordingly.

Can you tattoo over red ink?

Yes! Colors like red and orange fall in the warm colors; covering them with a new tattoo is a good choice.

If you can go for the same ink over your old red tattoo, it will blend beautifully with the skin and get mixed up with the old color giving your whole tattoo a new look. The same applies to other tattoo inks too.

Your tattoo artist will use a color correcting palette to balance the color of inks if your red tattoo is too bright.

For instance, green ink is added to red or orange tattoos so that covering gets simpler. You need to remember that covering up the old tattoo or designing over the old tattoo can take time.

Some artists even choose the ‘whiteout technique’ to cover old inks. You must check with your tattoo artist if it is applicable on red ink tattoos too.

Top 3 Red Tattoo Inks Available Online

1. Kuro Sumi’s Red Ink for Perfect Tattoos

Key Features:

  • These tattoo inks are originally from Japan.
  • Tattoo artists from different countries prefer the brand due to its superior quality ink.
  • The ink is of high standards and thus, considered safe for the users.

2. Bright Red Tattoo Ink by Intenze

Key Features:

  • The company guarantees 100% authentic ink.
  • These are high-quality ink made in the USA.
  • The brand manufactures vegan-friendly ink and are sealed and sterilized

3. Candy Apple Red Ink by Bloodline

Key Features:

  • High-quality tattoo ink that works smoothly on your skin.
  • The ink is vegan and skin-friendly.
  • The bottles used are attractive and alluring to tattoo lovers.

Final Words:

You must either wait for your old red tattoo to fade out or pick the right technique to design a new tattoo over the old inks. We have seen how tattoos fade and the ways we can prevent these or cover these up.

Be sure and confident of your decision so that you can enjoy your tattoo for life rather than regretting over it. Seeking an opinion from a professional artist can help too!