Temporary Tattoo Precare and Aftercare [Top 5 Temporary Tattoo Inks]

Temporary tattoos are like fashion statements that people love to change with the trend and occasion. We agree to this! Just like we cannot stick to the same clothes, tattoos must also go with the flow of fashion and mood.

Going with different tattoo designs quite often is only possible with temporary tattoos. Thus, temporary tattoo inks are more in demand in the online market.

We accept that these inks don’t last long but, if you look at the bright side, you can try varieties of designs with temporary tattoo inks which are missed in permanent inks.

In short, along with customized tattoo designs, you can actually choose your preferred and accustomed temporary tattoo inks.

Guide to Select the Best Temporary Tattoo Ink

Temporary tattoos are not difficult to buy or choose. Even if you buy cheap quality tattoo inks for temporary designs, it won’t cause much harm to your skin as eventually, the ink will anyway fade sooner than you expect.

If you compare temporary tattoo inks with permanent inks, temporary tattoos cause less harm to skin and health compared to the latter.

Despite a short life, you can still invest in a good quality tattoo ink to prevent any infection or issues with the skin. Don’t worry; we have some factors in making the selection easy for you.

Factors to consider while choosing temporary tattoo inks:

1. Quality

Quality plays a vital role in ink selection for tattoos. You must check the quality and take a second opinion from your tattoo artist.

They will guide you on some good-quality tattoo brands to choose from. For instance, some prominent temporary tattoo ink brands are Paperself, Tattapic, InkBox, Tattly, and more…

2. Reviews

Reviews are important to know as these are expressed by clients who have experienced the ink quality and the brand before you.

These reviews will tell you the positive and negative sides of temporary tattoo ink brands. You can go to the online website of these brands or check the reviews on online eCommerce sites.

3. Waterproof

Check whether the tattoo inks are waterproof. We agree these tattoos have temporary life but, you must flaunt them for a little while without fear.

These shouldn’t fade off with water contact. Find out tattoo inks that are waterproof and don’t blur or peel off easily with water contact.

4. Brand Credibility

A brand that enjoys good credibility in the market enjoys great sales. Find out the credibility report of the brands preferred by you in temporary tattoo inks.

You may also take some recommendations from professional tattoo artists. They will guide you to the best of their experience.

5. Safety

Safety is a priority! You don’t want a tattoo that leaves behind skin infections, scabbing, redness, swelling, and similar nagging issues. Choose an ink that is skin-friendly and safe to use.

Be open to browse through the range of options available online and select what you feel is best based on the factors discussed.

Top 5 Temporary Tattoo Inks

You can buy temporary tattoos and tattoo inks online; we have some recommendations for you:

1. Janolia Temporary Tattoo Ink Set (available in different colors)


  • The ink is not meant for sensitive skin so do a skin test before you put it to use.
  • The set contains 5 pieces and the pack contains 5 different temporary ink colors.
  • Before you use the ink, clean your skin well and start tattooing on dry skin.
  • The colors may take some time to display (about 4 hours especially the blue color).
  • Check the package instructions well before using these inks.

2. Camdoit Temporary Tattoo Ink Set (available in 4 bottles)


  • These inks do not need a professional experience. They are perfect for DIY tattoos.
  • The tattoos are long lasting. The package contains 4 temporary ink bottles.
  • Enjoy 100% money back guarantee on quality issues.
  • Clean the tattoo stencils well to remove impurities.
  • Clean the skin well before applying the tattoo ink.

3. TOFD Temporary Tattoo Ink Set for DIY


  • Enjoy 30 free tattoo stencils with the package.
  • These are gel-based temporary tattoo inks.
  • These are perfect DIY tattoos for all occasions.
  • The package contains 4 temporary ink bottles.
  • The ink is waterproof and lasts 3 to 5 days despite contact with water.

4. FUUNTATO Temporary Tattoo Inks for DIY


  • Content contains 80 pieces cool free stencils.
  • These are safe skin-friendly DIY tattoo inks.
  • The package contains 4 ink bottles.
  • The inks are waterproof and last 7 to 10 days.
  • Freehand bottle for easy tattoo designing and drawing.

5. DIY Temporary Tattoo Inks by Beefly


  • The package comes with 2 temporary tattoo ink bottles.
  • Although the inks are temporary, these are strictly for adults.
  • The stencil consists of 63 cute adhesive tattoo designs.
  • You can create your own designs as well with these smooth tattoo inks.
  • Skin-friendly tattoo inks made from 100% natural plants and materials.   

Temporary Tattoo Precare and Aftercare

Follow these precautions before and after a temporary tattoo:

  1. Clean the area properly. Avoid any makeup lotions or cosmetics on the skin when you go for a temporary tattoo. Dry skin helps in extending the lifespan of your tattoo and supports it to stay a little longer.
  2. Exfoliate your skin with a pumice stone. Your upper layer of the skin must be scrubbed off to take off any dirt and dead cells. Exfoliation results in a smooth skin where the temporary art can be performed flawlessly.
  3. Shave the area before the temporary tattoo and avoid it post the tattoo. Shaving will remove the tattoo ink and thus, you may avoid it.
  4. Choose a correct tattoo spot. Hands and feet are constantly in action and so it is highly likely that your temporary tattoo on these areas will fade sooner. Also, avoid areas that are more prone to sweat.
  5. Avoid rubbing the temporary tattoo or scratching it as soon as it is applied. By doing so, you will chip off some parts or inks of the tattoo making it look dull or incomplete.
  6. Avoid using hot water until you want the tattoo to stay with you. Hot water will make your temporary tattoo fade sooner than you expected.
  7. Avoid using any sunscreen, sanitizer, oil, or moisturizer on your temporary tattoo. These are anyway not going to stay for long with you and so you don’t have to protect these from the UV rays. To be honest, temporary tattoos are the best to flaunt under the sun or in summers.
  8. Not all inks are suitable for kids as their skin is more sensitive than yours. Even if these are temporary, remember those are inks! It would be wise to use good quality tattoo inks on kids. People with sensitive skin may also follow the same rule.
  9. Do not cover your temporary tattoo with tight-fitting clothes as you will be prone to sweating which is not good for your tattoo.
  10. Avoid swimming and sauna as temporary tattoo inks do not go deep in the layers of the skin. Thus, these are highly likely to peel off as soon as you expose them in warm temperatures or underwater.

Final Comments:

Hope you are all set to enter the world of creative tattoos! Find your poison, sit with a creative design, and start the tattoo work with confidence.

Although temporary tattoos won’t last for long, these make an amazing start before you switch to permanent tattoos. Seek support from friends who tried temporary tattoo artwork before to get more confidence.