What Tattoo Ink Colors are Easiest & Hardest to Remove | Natural Ways to Remove Tattoo

Adding colors to tattoos could be exciting but at the time of removal, some colors may be challenging in the removal process. We know going the natural way for tattoo removal is the best thing, however not all colors are easy to remove. Thus, before going for a tattoo you must decide what colors you are opting for.

Choices may seem vast and the tattoo designers may confuse you further with their amazing designs. If you are feeling somewhere confused between these, then you have landed on the right page.

In this article, we have focused closely on the tattoo ink colors that are easiest and hardest to remove so that you can make your choice accordingly.

We have also mentioned some natural ways and techniques that can help you to remove these colors in the future.

Tattoo colors that are easiest to remove

You may have found most people recommending you to go for a laser tattoo removal when you can remove some colors at home itself. It is because these colors can be easily faded and removed by following certain home techniques.

Let’s check about these in more details:

1. Black and Grey Ink

In other topics, we have also spoken about these colors in generic, and in this article too we are including black and grey as these are colors too. Black and grey colored tattoos are known to be the easiest to remove from the skin.

No matter how deep the tattoo is, with the right technique and treatment, you can get these removed.

Black is also known to be the most common tattoo color. Since it’s the darkest on the color palette; it also fades pretty easily during the tattoo removal process.

2. Blue Ink

Although blue ink power depends on the shade chosen, it still falls on the darker side. Thus, blue tattoo ink is also considered to be pretty easy to remove.

Consider the shade in blue chosen by you as a light shade of blue may cause some challenges during the removal process.

3. Green Ink

Again, light green will be difficult to remove but, darker shades of green can be easily removed in the tattoo removal process. Thus, you can sense that the darker the shade, the easier it is to remove.

Considering the tattoo colors that are easy to remove if you intend to go for a change or wish to remove it, we have some recommendations for you

Tattoo colors that are hardest to remove

1. Red Tattoo Ink

Red is considered to be the most notorious as you can never figure out whether it will fade or stay hard. Depending on the red shade chosen by you, the removal process may either take fewer or more sessions.

2. Yellow Tattoo Ink

If you are too excited to see this bright color on your skin with amazing artwork, you will soon regret it as it is one of the hardest colors in the world of tattoo. Yellow tattoo ink is difficult to take off in the removal.

3. Orange Tattoo Ink

Orange will give you another stubbornness challenge! These are also some of the most difficult to remove. Coming from a bright background, orange doesn’t leave you that easily.

4. Pink Tattoo Ink

Pink is another challenge poser. As per your skin tone, pink shade may react differently but even the luckiest go through various challenges in the removal process. If you are lucky enough, your designer may know the right tricks and techniques.

5. White Tattoo Ink

Last, but not least White find peace in your skin, and believe us, they do! Once settled, they are too hard to move. Yet with some secret techniques and tricks, you can give it a try.

Some more to name in the list of hardest tattoo inks are purple, fluorescent or neon, and turquoise.

Once you like a design and have a dream art in your mind, you cannot sacrifice it. Thus, colors in tattoo ink as a part of the design and you cannot ignore them. Once you know the methods of removing these, things seem peaceful.

Let’s check some of the safest and tested home remedies to remove the easy and tough tattoo inks. Before you begin, we still advise you to consider your tattoo expert at once as your designer is familiar with your skin tone and tattoo inks used…

Safe home techniques to remove permanent tattoo inks

Before we begin with the home tattoo removal techniques, we have a secret to share… Did you know that the tattoos are chosen on areas like a knuckle, hand, ankle, feet, as the most difficult to fade? Areas like the chest, stomach, and back are the easiest places for tattoo removals.

It is because of this some people say that you must keep your tattoo close to your heart. Too much detailing shared already. Let’s quickly get into the main essence of tattoo removal ideas.

1. Tattoo removal with Lemon and Salt


  • Salt = 100g
  • Lemon Juice = 3 to 4 tbsp.
  • Cotton Pad = 1 to 2 nos.


Mix salt and lemon juice to get a thick paste-like mixture. Dip a cotton ball or pad in the mixture and apply it to your tattoo area. Leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a cotton pad.

2. Tattoo Removal with Table Salt


  • Table Salt
  • Antibiotic Ointment


Sprinkle a good amount of table salt on a sponge and keep your tattooed skin down on it for about 30 to 40 minutes. Keep dabbing it with a sponge until the tattoo area turns red.

On the same area, apply an antibiotic ointment cream and keep the area covered for at least 3 days. Remove the wrap and leave it as it is. Post one week, you can remove the top layer of the chipped skin.

Follow the same process several times but ensure you keep a gap of at least 6 to 8 weeks between each method.

3. Tattoo removal with lemon


  • Lemon = Sliced into two


Lemon is known to have antioxidant properties and thus it rejuvenates the injured skin faster. At the same time, any foreign stain such as tattoo ink gets disturbed by the lemon juice and starts fading out.

Being a natural bleaching agent all you need to do is rub the lemon peel on your skin for few minutes daily. The natural detergent present in the lemon helps to fade tough tattoo inks and slowly wipe them off.

Final Words:

We are sure you now know what colors to choose for being inked. In case you have any difficulties during the removal process, you may always reach a tattoo expert or dermatologist to seek further assistance. We hope you choose your tattoo ink wisely and go ahead confidently with the removal process.