Do Color Tattoos Cost More? Key Factors that Influence the Cost of Color Tattoo

Color tattoos are a major trend in the US and with their increasing demand, more people are fascinated to try it. Some are interested to do it out of passion whereas some only wish to experience how color tattoo looks on them.

Having any type of tattoo is an investment. In many cases, it is a recurring investment considering the re-touches and aftercare. If you have been wondering about the costs involved in the process of color tattoos, we are glad you came on this page.

In this article, we shall discuss everything related to the costs involved with color tattoos. Permanent color tattoos is a lifetime decision and thus anyone who is planning to get one must be aware of the costs that he/she will have to bear with it for long.

A cost calculator for the tattoo also comes in handy to choose a design respectively. We know many questions are floating in your mind related to the cost of colored tattoos and so let’s jump to the main topic.

Do color tattoos cost more?

The technique used in color tattoos is slightly different than the traditional gray and black tattoos. It is because color tattoos need fillers. The more colors you use, the more your tattoo will cost you.

The logic behind this is simple; your tattoo artist may need different needles for different colors and also different tattoo inks. Permanent color tattoo inks are expensive than black inks. If you go for a reputed brand, the ink will be furthermore expensive.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Color Tattoo

The cost of color tattoos is decided based on few factors. Let’s discuss these factors in detail to understand why color tattoos are expensive:

1. Artist

Color tattoos require deep study and professional hands. It is because one deals with different inks and designs. The more experienced artist you choose for your color tattoo, the heavier must be your wallet before reaching the tattoo parlor.

Your artists will charge you based on the hours spent on designing and filling the colors. On average, a tattoo artist charges anywhere from $100 and may go up to $300 per hour.

2. Area for Tattoo

What part of the body do you intend to get a color tattoo on will also decide the cost of the tattoo. The sensitive areas will cost you more money especially on the color tattoos.

Few examples of sensitive areas include the neck, fingers, toes, thighs, buttocks, etc., If you do not wish to spend more on the tattoo, choose a comfortable part of the body that will cost you less.

3. Color and design

 Color and design play another vital role to select the cost of color tattoos. The more detailed and lengthier a design is more filling of colors it may need.

Thus, both are interrelated to decide the cost of color tattoos. Remember, the more colors you add and the larger design you select, the more you will have to pay to your tattoo artist.

4. Location of tattoo parlor

Color tattoo costs may also vary from location to location. Tattoo parlors in peak and busy cities are going to charge you more compared to tattoo parlors in the outskirts.

For instance, tattoo parlors in California begin from $300 whereas if you get your color tattoo done in Arkansas, the cost begins from $150.

5. Size

As we mentioned in other articles, the bigger the design of your color tattoo, the more you will have to pay. Thus, size plays a huge role in calculating the cost of your color tattoo.

If you have a pre-decided budget and if your tattoo artist is reliable, it would be wise to discuss with him the size of the design under the respective budget.

6. Quality

Quality plays an essential role in deciding the cost of a color tattoo. High-quality color tattoos mean more expensive permanent color tattoos inks and thus higher the costs attached.

Color tattoo inks are anyway expensive and if you choose a branded color tattoo ink, you will end up paying more. Also, choose a good tattoo parlor that is registered and licensed to practice.

7. Method

If you compare the advanced methods over traditional methods, color tattoos cost the most for the advanced methods. It is because the color techniques, tools, needles, and equipment are different than the traditional methods of tattooing.

Moreover, there are other options to choose such as painless color tattoo designing, permanent, or non-permanent, etc.,

How much color tattoos cost?

If you consider the average cost of a colored tattoo, a small design like an anchor, flower, or symbol may cost you anywhere between $300 and $700.

Larger tattoo designs may range from $300 to $700. And, choosing a professional and experienced tattoo artist will add to the cost which may vary anywhere between $110 and $180. In short, your tattoo design, tattoo artist, and the time spent to decide the final cost of your color tattoo.

Consider carrying a minimum of $150 to the tattoo parlor before you end up feeling embarrassed for the shortage of cash. Even the smallest design begins at that rate. Going for a detailed tattoo or a large custom tattoo may cost you up to $7000.

A full-body tattoo would cost even more. One of the best things to do is be to list all the tattoo professionals and take quotes from them. Compare the quotes for the same design by various tattoo artists and choose the more feasible for yourself. Do not feel hesitant to ask for discounts and deals from them.

Why do color tattoos cost more?

Whether you choose one plain color or different shades, color tattoos cost more than black ink tattoos. Other than the design and quality of the ink, color tattoos need more patience due to the technique and filling.

These are more time-consuming and since tattoo artists charge on an hourly basis, these cost more. Time spent is one of the major reasons why tattoos cost this high. Moreover, we have also shared the other factors above explaining why these tattoos cost more than the black ink tattoos.

If you notice the differences between the black tattoos and color tattoo designs, you will find color tattoos more detail-oriented. It is because there are several inks used to complete the design.

Moreover, your tattoo artist has to be a pro in blending the colors well so that they stand out beautifully with your skin tone. Another reason is that although the process for performing the art is the same but, the hours invested in color tattoos are more and thus the cost would be higher.

Are color tattoos worth it?

Color tattoos add up to the personality and make you look more appealing. Choosing the right artist and the right design for color tattoos makes the investment worth it!

Color tattoos also help cover-up other tattoo designs on the body. If you maintain these well, they outshine your personality making you look cool and trendy all the time.

Your passion decides whether the tattoo is worth it or not. Passionate tattoo lovers love to perform artwork on the body with different colors and thus, they don’t mind paying whatever be the amount to the tattoo artist.

It is because they respect the art form and want to encourage tattoo artists further. People with a similar thought process and love for tattoos may find color tattoos worth it.

The rest of the people, who wish to just ink themselves for fun or the experience of it, may go for a smaller design that they can afford and find worth spending.

If you know how to care for your tattoo and bear the costs of fixes as well as re-touches, it would be worth considering. Others may refrain if they are careless in maintaining their body art as color re-touches could be expensive.

Final Words:

If you wish for a color tattoo and can’t afford one right now, start saving. Don’t let the love for tattoos kill your spirit. With some savings, you may go for a bigger design or you may begin with a small one at first and see how it goes in the future with other designs. If you have any queries, feel free to share them with us.