How Long Should You Wait Between Tattoos? Why Is It Important?

Tattoos last a very long time; hence, you must be sure of your decision. Going for a tattoo could be most exciting if you know the process and that includes the time interval between tattoos too.

We understand it gets difficult to hold the excitement especially when you have thought of the design. However, rushing into the process will only make it difficult in the long run.

This article is all about the concerns, queries, and time gap between two tattoos. We suggest you read it till the end to be more confident on your decision of multiple tattoos and the time you must give to your first tattoo.

All we want is that your journey of tattoos is memorable and exciting than learning.

Is It Bad to Get 2 Tattoos at Once?

Getting an artwork on the body needs a conscious decision. Your skin goes through a lot of changes till the deeper layers while getting inked. Your tattoo needs a good period of time to settle and heal.

Let all the hurdles of your skin take their course to return to normal. Don’t worry; the waiting period between two tattoos is not life-taking.

During the healing process, your tattoo undergoes some discomfort, pain, redness, tighter skin, itchiness, and burning sensation.

In short, you are somewhere under the observation of your tattoo artist to ensure the healing is happening smoothly. Thus, having two tattoos at a time will only add to the discomfort and have higher risks of catching an infection.

Can You Add to A Tattoo the Next Day?

It is possible to do a tattoo the next day or after a fresh tattoo. However, most professional tattoo artists will suggest you wait until the previous tattoo is healed.

Your skin must be free from scabs. In the curiosity of getting another tattoo, do not make the mistake of peeling off the scabs. Allow the tattoo ink and skin to heal naturally.

Having multiple tattoos at a go or with no time gap will only put more stress on your skin. Other than the skin, your immune system also needs some time to return to normal.

Technically, tattoo artists suggest going for smaller tattoos if you have multiple designs in mind and cannot wait longer between tattoos. It is because smaller tattoos heal faster.

It’s similar to a small cut that heals faster than a bigger bruise. Thus, the waiting period will also vary as per the size of your tattoo.

Can You Get Two Tattoos A Week Apart?

A week or two is the ideal time to wait between two tattoos. Your tattoo artist will reschedule the time for another session of the tattoo.

Experienced and professional tattoo parlors will ask you to wait longer than a week as per previous tattoo design and size. The time period between tattoos also helps you to stick to your budget and savings intact.

Your next tattoo session may also vary as per the tattoo artist’s availability. Some bookings take months to confirm.

Expect some delays between two tattoo sessions if your artist’s calendar is full with bookings in advance. It’s advisable to wait rather getting it done by an inexperienced artist.

We also suggest that you do not end up making bad choices for your design just to fill your body with tattoo art. Be wise in selecting the design and wait longer if you have to.

How Long Should You Wait Between Tattoos?

Two to four weeks is the ideal time when your skin and the immune system are totally restored from the tattoo injury.

Yes, having a tattoo is like an injury at first until you see the final tattoo settled on the skin. The poking and piercing of needles disturb the skin cells causing the skin to bleed too.

Permanent tattoos are carved in the deeper layers of the skin. If you have to ask us honestly, your skin needs to breathe before it is ready for another tattoo.

We understand your adrenaline rushes of looking at the tattoo booklet in the parlor with oodles of choices to make from.

However, your tattoo will look flawless only when your mind and body both are in place. Thus, it is important to give a time interval between two tattoos.

Why It Is Important to Wait for Another Tattoo?

One essential factor to consider when going for two tattoos is your profession. If your profession involves working with colleagues, dealing with children, and staying with family or pets, it is likely that tattoo will catch an infection.

During your healing process, you are expected to eat healthy, exercise, and get enough rest to recover your weekend immune system after the previous tattoo.

A good immune system encourages your tattoo to heal faster and improve healing. Drinking plenty of water is great for your skin.

You will be surprised to see how confident and comfortable you will feel for your next tattoo. It would be great if you ask your tattoo artist to hand over the safety precaution checklist for your tattoo.

Final Words:

Make your tattoo journey exciting instead of painful. Learn the precautions and safety methods rather than rushing over the tattoos. It would be best to avoid putting your health at any kind of risk by jumping into quick tattoo sessions.

Even if your tattoo has crossed 3 weeks, get it checked by your tattoo artist to ensure complete healing before you discuss the idea of another tattoo. Happy tattooing!