Why Do People Hate Tattoos – 15 Reasons that will Surprise You!

Tattooed skin may not be a fascination to all. Not everyone likes to be on the trend and they are happy in their skin. On one side when the world is joining hands with the art of tattoos, some people do not prefer it for some reason.

No offense to anyone who loves the art of tattoo work. But, it is always good to look at the other side of the coin. The haters may have some genuine reasons as well. In this article, we shall discuss more on the tattoo haters and the reasons for their hatred.

Some reasons are logical and some may surprise you for good. Not all haters are antagonists; some will not get tattooed for life but will never force you not to go ahead with tattoos either.

We strongly agree that tattooed people get more attention but, other traits may be more attractive in non-tattooed people too.

Let’s check out the various surprising and not-so-surprising reasons for tattoo faultfinders. We bet, you could relate to so many in your personal life.

Why do people hate tattoos – 15 Reasons that will Surprise You!

1. Dislike pain

Their personality cannot bear the pain of tattoo; it is as simple as that. They do not like to cause any pain to themselves and dislike the idea of getting inked. We understand as the tattoo process could be painful at times.

Some people hate the idea of getting injected for a medical reason as the thought of blood and needles creep them big time! So, here you go with the first logical reason why we have tattoo pessimists around us too.

2. Jealousy

As they say, ‘The grapes are sour when you can’t have them.’ Similarly, the art that they can’t afford to get makes them feel envious. It is a fact that tattooed people get attention faster and thus, this makes the non-tattooed jealous of them.

These are some of the reasons why they hate to see tattoos and tattooed people around them. Some may even go to the extent of bullying tattooed people for their tattoo design and looks.

3. Personal commitments

Some people are committed to relationships and they do not go against the will of their loved ones. They will not get tattoos but, someone in their life or family hates it.

It could be their partner or there may be restrictions in the family. We won’t call this hatred but, it shows the person gives priority to commitments with his loved ones.

That doesn’t mean tattooed people are commitment-phobic; they maybe self-decision makers or their partner would be as sporty as they are in their adventure.

4. Job restrictions

Some job premises do not allow tattooed skin to work under their roof. They follow certain protocols and restricting tattooed employees is one of those.

They do not like the idea of employees showing off their tattoos and wearing revealing clothes at work. Thus, skin inks are not welcomed due to certain job restrictions. Think wise, before you apply for the role and clarify everything beforehand.

5. Professional role

People pick up professional roles that do not allow any sort of artwork on the body, especially tattoos. Professions like law enforcement, the healthcare industry, education, etc. do not go too well with tattooed skin professionals.

Thus, people passionate to join careers in these fields refrain from the idea of tattoos. They are highly focused on their careers and do not mind sacrificing the idea of tattoos. As a result, they dislike going to tattoo parlors or even talk about it.

6. Responsibility: Parenthood / wrong influence

Parents who consider responsibility too seriously assume that tattoos on them will lead to a wrong influence on their kids. They don’t wish to portray a wrong message to their children by doing the artwork on their skin.

Thus, they keep programming their mind that tattoos are bad and one must not do it. They expect their children to do the same until the kids are in the legal age to do the same.

7. Misconceptions about tattoos

Some people have misconceptions that tattoos are for the bad and a thing for the punk. Thus, they hate the idea of a tattoo on their skin. Not all tattooed people are punks nor are all bad either.

They must understand that it is an individual decision for someone to go for a tattoo. Moreover, there are many other misconceptions related to tattoos and a few are mentioned hereunder:

  • Tattooed people are seen as weirdoes
  • It is difficult to get a job if you have a tattoo
  • Tattoo people are attention seekers
  • Tattoos are too painful
  • Tattoos are a very costly art
  • People who are negative or wild only get tattoos and more…
  • People with tattoos leave a negative impression on others

Assuming the above misconceptions, people hate the idea of a tattoo on them.

8. Fear and confusion

Fear is bound to happen about tattoos if you have half the knowledge. Some of the below confusions are too common for any fear to arise in the mind and refrain self from tattoos:

  • Unsure about the ink that will be used
  • Cannot trust the tattoo artist
  • Too scared of any after-effects of the tattoos
  • What if my skin is sensitive to go for one?
  • What if the design doesn’t look good in the final result?
  • Will it be too painful for me to get a tattoo?
  • Will my girlfriend accept and appreciate the tattoo on me?
  • What if my partner breaks up with me to see a permanent tattoo on me?

All the above fears and confusions in mind make people hate the idea of a tattoo.

9. Lack of knowledge

As we mentioned in the previous point that people who have half-knowledge of tattoo art refrain from the thought of getting one. It is because they are unaware of the process, technique, colors, inks, and designs.

Some are even worried that falling for the wrong tattoo designer may let them live with a faulty design for life. They do not have the interest and time to spend on the tattoo research. Thus, lack of knowledge makes them not think about a tattoo and so they hate the idea of it.

10. Unexposed to the art

Although tattoos have gained huge prominence over the years in various countries, some are unexposed to the art. They have no exposure to the beauty of getting inked.

It may be either banned in their country or they may have never thought about this art ever. They just give a weird look and smirk at someone who they see with a tattoo. We don’t know what that means but, they certainly dislike the idea of a tattoo.

11. Society conscious

Some people’s friend circle or society that they live in may not appreciate someone with a tattoo. As a result, people hate the idea of a tattoo as they don’t wish to be chucked out of their friend zone or locality.

To society, tattoos are negative fashion statements that would leave a negative impact on the minds of children who live together with them. Thus, they do not mingle with people who have tattooed skin.

12. Tattoo taboo

Believe it or not, a tattoo is still considered taboo in many places. Some of the least tattoo-friendly countries include; Denmark, Sri Lanka, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Iran, Turkey, UAE, and a few more.

You will find most people disliking the idea of a tattoo. Some religions don’t allow tattoos either as these are not a part of their culture or custom.

Countries like Denmark have tattoo restrictions on the face, neck, and hands. It was in 2015 when Iran banned tattoos too. Other than tattoos, they even banned hair spikes and artificial tanning of the skin.

13. Allergies and medical history

People with genuine reasons also dislike tattoos. They may be either having a sensitive skin or they could be allergic to the tattoo inks. People prone to allergic reactions refrain from the idea of a tattoo.

They may not hate others with a tattoo skin but may regret that they can’t have one. There are others with strong medical histories that have been advised by the doctors to stay away from body artwork. Some even have a past medical history that disallows them from getting inked.

Common medical reasons may include weak bone density, a history of accidents, severe allergic reactions, skin disorders, and other health complications.

The feeling of isolation from tattoos makes them hate the facts and this is why they refrain from accompanying someone to a tattoo parlor. We don’t blame them for anything here.

14. Self- integrity

Some people praise their body too much and do not like any type of work on it. Tattoos make them feel horrible and make them feel it is against their body integrity. They dislike the idea of face painting, piercing, beading, branding, and cosmetic surgery too.

Tattoos would be the last thing they would do if they fall for self-hatred. As long as they are respecting their original existence, they will continue to hate the idea of body art including tattoos.

15. Lack of patience or laziness

A tattoo is an art of patience. Not just the tattoo artist but a client is also expected to have the same level of patience while doing so. People who lack patience may hate the idea of spending hours at one position for the tattoo process.

It feels like a test of their patience levels. Let’s get to the other reason for hatred that is even stronger; laziness.

Other than lack of patience, some are too lazy as well. If they are too lazy to take care of themselves, forget about experimenting with their skin. The act of laziness is so intense in them that they start hating people who get a tattoo too!

Don’t expect them to accompany you to a tattoo parlor either. Forget that you will even win in convincing them for a small one.

Final Words:

We don’t know how many would agree to these reasons for tattoo hatred and we leave it up to their experience. If you related to a few and agree to the above, share your experience with us and let us know how you find the idea of a tattoo. Even if you hate the idea of getting inked, we would love to hear your reasons.

To conclude, we can only say that tattoos are not a sign of ugliness. The only difference is that some see it as an art and some don’t which is perfectly ok.