What Clothes to Wear After A Tattoo & Clothes to Avoid After Tattoo

One of the major stresses after getting a tattoo done is about the type of clothes to wear until it heals. We all wish to flaunt that tattoo after all the pain and patience.

From celebrities to commoners, everyone is crazy about the idea of tattoos especially when the new techniques came in. With little care and caution, you don’t have to worry much about the clothing after the tattoo.

Don’t stress too much about the type of clothing to wear as it is not something extraordinary. However, the right type of clothing can help to heal your tattoo faster.

What clothes to wear after a tattoo?

1. Tees

Tees or t-shirts whatever you refer are the most comfortable clothing for upper body tattoos. You must switch to tees when you got your tattoo done on your hand or wrist.

Tees have sort sleeves that help to flaunt tattoos and helps in healing faster too. Clothes put more pressure on the fresh wounds making you itch often.

2. Hoodies

Hoodies and sweatshirts cannot be ignored if you are based in a cold region. Sweatshirts are the best friends during winters. Choose from classy to traditional as per your personality.

When you go to select those, make sure you pick anything in organic cotton. The material is soft on the skin and doesn’t lead to any type of infection during the tattoo healing process.

3. Custom designs

Some people customized their clothes to flaunt their tattoos. We don’t blame that as these are too tempting to resist. If your tattoos have some message that you carry, choose designs and colors that go with the theme. That’s where you feel it’s worth the effort so that it can target the right audience.

Why wear light colors after a tattoo?

Wearing dark-colored tattoos may irritate your skin and you will tend to rub it often. This can worsen the healing process of your tattoo. Remember, the lighter clothes you wear, the lesser the skin will be irritated.

Tattoos cause injuries to your skin that needs healing. If you focus on the clothing preference and other factors that are related to skin, the tattoo will heal naturally.

You must also keep the tattoo covered from direct sun else the tattoo will fade. Thus, you must wear full sleeves loose cotton tees while traveling under the sun.

After how long can you wear tight clothes post-tattoo?

Tight clothes rub against the skin and may cause further irritation. If your skin pores do not breathe fresh under tight clothes or close fitted clothes, you may also likely get prone to infection.

Avoid wearing tight pants and innerwear too if your tattoo is near the neck, shoulder, back, or legs. You will unnecessarily make the healing process longer.

Tight clothes can even damage the efforts and artwork of your tattoo designer. There are possibilities that the ink may spread or the design may fade.

What clothes do I wear to exercise after getting a tattoo?

After you get a fresh tattoo done, you must wait for at least 48 hours before you hit the gym. Avoid heavy lifting and strenuous physical activity as that may lead to sweating which is bad for your tattoo until it heals completely.

Technically, you must not do heavy workouts for at least four to six weeks. You may wear palazzos, loose shorts, loose track pants, and jogging tees and continue light exercises like walking.

If you have done a tattoo on the upper body, you may try doing squats or lunges too. However, keep a close check on your tattoo to ensure the healing process is taking place properly.

How often should you change clothes after a tattoo?

As long as you are wearing loose and clean clothes, you don’t have to worry about changing them often. You just need to remember to wear neat and clean clothes. Don’t let the sweat or dirt stick to your tattoo or skin that can lead to infections. You don’t want to blame the tattoo artist for your negligence, do you?

Avoid sleeping in tight nightwear. Your tattoo will be wrapped by the designer and wearing tight clothes will be furthermore bad for the healing process. Nightwear has to be anyway loose always.

Here are few things you must consider in terms of clothing after a tattoo:

  1. Your tattoo needs to be saved from direct sunlight and at the same time you are suggested not to cover tattoos. Thus, the wisest thing to do would be to stay home for few days and wear loose tees that are short sleeves or sleeveless.
  2. Wear loose and breathable clothing always whenever you have a fresh tattoo.
  3. If you have tattooed your waist, avoid wearing a waistband, waist belt, or anything that puts pressure on your waist area.
  4. Dark fabrics are to be avoided too. Avoid wearing closed shoes too and switch to open sandals or floaters until the tattoo heals.
  5. Do not sleep on your tattoo side for at least the first week despite wearing comfortable nightwear. In such scenarios, we recommend that breathable cotton pajamas are the best!

Clothes you must avoid wearing after tattoo:

We focused on the clothes one must wear after getting inked. Let’s quickly go through the clothes that are highly not recommended after you do a fresh tattoo.

  1. Avoid dark-colored clothes especially when moving out in the sun.
  2. Winter wear or thermal wear has to be avoided at least for two to three weeks till the tattoo heals completely.
  3. Do not wear skin fit jeans, tight leggings, or swimwear as your tattoo designer will not advise you to go swimming for some time post the artwork on your body.
  4. Synthetic clothes are to be avoided too at all times as such materials are skin irritants.
  5. Take off any accessories that you are wearing and avoid wearing any type of jewelery until the tattoo heals.

To help you further, we also have some suggestions on what you should wear based on the common tattoo areas on the body.

Clothing recommendations based on the most common body tattoos

As we already saw light colored clothes work well on colourful tattoos, you must always remember that the more neutral you are with your clothes, more beauty it adds to the tattoos.

Best Clothes to wear after getting Back tattoo

Most women prefer to get their tattoos done on the lower back or upper neck portion. To flaunt their back tattoos, a backless dress or top may fit perfect.

Below are our recommended clothes for back tattoos:

Best Clothes to wear after getting Thigh tattoos

Tattoos on thighs must be showed off as it really takes some artwork and sacrifice on the natural skin color there. Avoid wearing jeans when you get a thigh tattoo done. Switch to shorts for men and miniskirts for women that go the best with thigh tattoos.

Below are our recommended clothes for thigh tattoos

Best Clothes to wear after getting Shoulder tattoo

Loose tank tops or t-shirts are recommended for those who got inked on their shoulder. We have some amazing suggestions for you that are breathable, light, and neutral on colored tattoos for shoulders.

Below are our recommended clothes for shoulder tattoos:

Best Clothes to wear after getting Neck tattoos

When you go for a neck tattoo, we recommend pique shirts or round collar shirts. You may even try a V-neck t-tee as per the placement of your neck tattoo art.

Below are our recommended clothes for shoulder tattoos:

Final Thoughts:

Tattoos are designs that you have planned, made up your mind, and finally accomplished. Thus, you have to take care of the tips of seeing the final results. If you follow the guidelines provided in this article, you will be able to heal your tattoo peacefully and enjoy the same