How Long will Tattoo be Shiny? Tips to Take care of Tattoo when it is Shiny

Many people have the concern of their tattoo that looks shiny after being inked. Let us share something that will give you a sigh of relief; the shiny tattoos are a normal thing. Yes, it is normal to see the shine on the tattoo. The shining of the tattoo is one of the parts of the healing process. It is a sign that your tattoo is healing and the shine is the new skin that is showing up.

If you talk about science, tattoos are injuries caused to the skin. If you are in a good health and your immune system works well, then it is helpful for tattoos to heal.

People who have suffered from any recent injuries or fractures also must avoid getting a tattoo done until they are fully healed. We are sharing this because shiny skin on tattoos means that the person is capable to heal the tattoo injuries.

How long will the tattoo be shiny?

Some people also refer to shiny skin as ‘Onion skin’. As a part of the healing process, it takes about 2 to 8 weeks for the shine to settle. The duration and healing may vary from person to person.

There are other things you will experience along such as; itching, dryness, and cracks. Thus, you will have to take extra care of your tattoo and the skin together so that the healing is processed safely.

The tattoo starts looking faded as soon as the shiny skin settles. You shouldn’t worry about this; the healing takes weeks for some which are normal. However, for some people, it may even take months for their tattoo to look completely normal.

Before we proceed to check on tattoo shine in detail, let’s take a quick read on what happens to the skin actually when you do a tattoo.

What happens to the skin when you do a tattoo?

Tattoos have to be carefully done on the skin as in a way they cause some injuries to the skin. Not just the outer layers of the skin, the ink goes deep within causing further damages to the skin’s health and immune system.

As soon as you get a tattoo done on your skin, you will notice dryness, cracked skin, and skin peeling off.

The shiny part is the new layer of skin that is starting to grow underneath. After a couple of weeks, you will the tattoo healing completely with a beautiful matte finish. Your skin will also naturally exfoliate.

Shiny tattoos are also indications that your skin needs more time to heal. Thus, you need to take extra care of your tattoo.

Let’s come to the main concern of what to do when a tattoo gets shiny…

Tips to take care of when the tattoo gets shiny:

  • Have a habit of washing your tattooed skin with warm water.
  • Switch to a soap that is natural/neutral pH soap.
  • Always use your hands while applying soap. Do not use or scrub your tattoo area with a bath sponge, scrubber, or any hard fabric.
  • Avoid putting your tattoo under running water. The water pressure always has to be subtle and not direct.
  • As soon as you get the tattoo done, wash or wipe the ointment that your tattoo designer applied. It is important so that your skin gets a breather.
  • Pat dry and gently wipe off any remaining parts of moisture on your skin.

During the tattoo process, the skin pores generally tend to clog and if you don’t exfoliate your skin, it will be covered in scabs again. You also need to keep a close check on your diet during the tattoo healing process.

Top 3 signs that your tattoo has completely healed

  1. No shiny tattoo
  2. No faded colors on the tattoo
  3. Zero scabs

To share a quick tip, if you wish to make some changes in your recent tattoo, you must get it down during the healing process, or the tattoo will get deep in the skin and stay for many years to come.

Before you proceed to read further on more tips to heal tattoos faster, remember three things;

  • Notice the changes on your skin and how it feels.
  • Always use good products for tattoo healing.
  • Be prepared for the basic process of tattoo healing and accept it calmly.

How to heal tattoos faster to get over the shiny thing?

Your tattoo designer will perform either of the following three things post designing;

  • Use plastic wrap on the tattoo
  • Use surgical dressing pads
  • Apply non-stick dressings with some pressure

Here are a few techniques and tricks that can shorten the process of tattoo healing so that you can see the matte finish soon;

  • Always keep your tattoo clean.
  • Keep your tattoo moisturized with a good moisturizer. (We have mentioned some recommendations at the end of this article.)
  • If the tattoo starts to shine or peel off, switch to a moisturizer that is lighter than your current one.
  • Avoid choosing tattoo moisturizers that have a strong fragrance.

Overnight method:

Although it won’t be easy to get over with the shiny tattoos soon you may still try some methods. These methods can help shorten the healing process;

  • Leave the dressing of your tattoo as it is overnight.
  • Remove the bandage wrapped by your artist the next morning. Do not leave it for more than 24 hours.
  • It is likely that by doing so, you will not get scabs and you may also avoid any ink stains to come on your sheet.
  • You don’t have to wrap the bandage again once removed. Wash the area with water and antiseptic soap.
  • Wash the tattoo several times a day.
  • Every time you wash and pat dry, apply an antibacterial ointment.
  • Repeat the process for several weeks until healing is complete.

You can use below recommended products to heal tattoos faster to get over the shiny thing

Final Words:

If your immune system is stronger, most parts of your body exactly know what to do to recover from an injury. Thus, a shiny tattoo is an indicator that your skin is all set to beginning healing. It would be wise to have some patience for healing to complete. It is because not everyone is the same.

Each body reacts to changes differently. It also depends on the place where you got your tattoo done. Based on your skin tone, health conditions, and the area chosen, the shine will either take the time or heal soon.