How Much Does A Tattoo Cost | Key Factors that Impact the Cost of A Tattoo

Getting tattooed is a significant commitment. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, then everyone, in general, would want you to think about it for some time and then decide if you really want a tattoo or not. Tattoos, unlike dresses or hairstyles, are permanent and can’t be changed ever.

So, one should spend a lot of time thinking about the design, color as well as size of your tattoo. Tattoos can be very costly too, so if it is your first time then you should get a small tattoo first, and if you like it, you can go for a bigger tattoo next time.

Key factors that impact the cost of a tattoo

There are a lot of reasons which can affect the cost of your tattoo. Cost of Tattoos artist generally cost anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour. Still, if your chosen design is not very common or something that is very detailed, then your tattoo artist might increase the cost of your tattoo to $300. But usually, the price depends on your artist, and how experienced and famous he is. So check out these factors which affect the cost of tattoos the most and decide for yourself.

1. Design

The design of the tattoo is an essential factor that affects the price of your tattoo. The more complicated and detailed your design is, the more costly your tattoo will be. But if your design is simple or something very generic, then the price will be lesser. Generic tattoos are very common, and so tattoo artists don’t have to work hard on them. In contrast, a new tattoo has to be customized by the tattoo artist, making the tattoo price go higher.

2. Number of Colors

The cost of a tattoo also depends on the number of colors used. If more colors are used, then the price of the tattoo will increase. If the tattoo consists of many colors, it means that the tattoo is very detailed and time-consuming. The tattoo artist will have to focus a lot more on the design, which increases the tattoo price. If your tattoo has gradient colors in it, then also the cost of the tattoo increases.

3. Size

The size of the tattoo is a significant factor that alters the price of the tattoo. This is because if the tattoo size is large, then the tattoo artist will have to use more ink. The tattoo will also take a lot of time because it will be very detailed, which will increase the price of the tattoo. Whereas if the tattoo is small in size, it won’t cost a lot as the artist will complete it in a lesser time.

4. Placement

The area where you want to get tattooed also alters the price range. The more the sensitivity level of the area, the more expensive that area becomes. The reason behind it is that the sensitive areas have many receptors and nerves, which makes the area more painful. The artist has to be very careful when tattooing on these areas. These areas are usually the feet, wrist, ribs, and genitals. But the body parts which are not very sensitive, like buttocks, arms, thighs, shoulders, are very muscular so these areas are not very painful and hence cost very little.

5. Artist’s expertise

The experience of a tattoo artist also alters the price range of the tattoo. If your tattoo artist is very experienced and known, he can charge you a higher amount for getting inked. The very skilled tattoo artists usually charge by the hour, and their average rates typically start from $100. But if the artist is comparatively new and not very experienced, they will charge less. So it would be best if you chose wisely who you want to go to.

6. Location of the tattoo studio

The location of your tattoo studio also affects the cost of your tattoo. If the tattoo studio is in a rural area, it will cost a lot less than the tattoo studio, which is situated in an urban area or a major city. This is due to the fact that the better the location, the more rent, electricity bills the tattoo artist will have to pay for his studio, which is included in the cost of the tattoo that he provides. Whereas if the studio is in a small place, then the price won’t be that much so then the artist won’t charge you much too.

Cost Of Tattoos

On an average, Cost of a Tattoo varies from $50 to $5000

However, there will always be exceptions for specific cases depending on some unique situations.

Below are the details of average tattoo cost for different types of tattoos.

1. How much does a basic tattoo cost?

Basic tattoos usually cost between $50-$250. These are common tattoos like hearts or someone’s name etc. They don’t take much time to get completed so they dont cost much either. Basic tattoos are usually small tattoos that people get when they are getting a tattoo for the first time so that they can get an experience of getting a tattoo.

2. How much does a large tattoo cost?

The prices for large tattoos usually start from $500, increasing up to $4000. They can be full sleeves tattoos or even a full back tattoo. You can get a large tattoo when you are absolutely sure about the design as tattoos are permanent and large tattoos are very expensive. You can get tattoos like tribal tattoos or large animal tattoos etc.

3. How much does a medium-sized tattoo cost?

A medium-sized tattoo costs up to $150-$450. It can be a custom tattoo of something tribal or portraits. These tattoos take some time to get completed, and depending on the amount of time; it usually costs $120-$150 per hour. Medium sized tattoos are usually 4-6 inches big but it also depends on the tattoo artists.

4. How much does a small tattoo cost?

A small tattoo ranges from $50 to $250. A tiny tattoo usually covers up to 3 square inches or less. If you get an elaborate design or if you choose multiple colors, then the cost might increase. Small sized tattoos are usually under 2-4 inches like a small butterfly, sunflower, a small cross tattoo etc.

5. How much does a sleeve tattoo cost?

A tattoo that is full sleeve can range from $2000 to $4000 if you only use black ink. If you use more colors or get a more detailed tattoo, then the cost might increase. It can take two or more days for the tattoo artist to finish one full sleeve tattoo. Sleeve tattoos are large tattoos or a lot of small tattoos combined to cover your whole arm.

6. How much does a half sleeve or quarter sleeve tattoo cost?

A half sleeve or a quarter sleeve tattoo costs around $1000 or above. This is when you choose a very detailed design which has a lot of colors in it because the tattoo artist will have to work a lot. Mostly sleeve tattoos take around 15 hours to complete but if the details are very intricate then it can go for as long as 80 hours too.

7. How much does a forearm tattoo cost?

A forearm tattoo costs between $200 to $1200. This price range consists of everything from just a black ink outline to something very elaborate with multiple colors. Forearms are a part of our body that don’t hurt a lot when getting tattooed because it is a particularly muscular area. It is also an ideal place for getting a large tattoo.

8. How much does a wrist tattoo cost?

A wrist tattoo costs between $50-$150. Wrist tattoos are small and don’t take a lot of time, which is why they are not very expensive. Inner wrists are a very common place for people to get tattooed as the tattoo is nicely visible and it is also believed that the inner wrist is a good place for a tattoo if you want something meaningful.

9. How much does a hand tattoo cost?

Hand tattoos can cost around $200 or above. If the tattoos cover your entire hand, then it might take more than 2 hours to complete. People who get tattoos on the hand are usually considered rebellious and very bold. Hand tattoos also hurt a lot as the hands are usually bony and don’t have a lot of muscles.

10. How much does a shoulder tattoo cost?

A shoulder tattoo can cost $875 or above if you are only getting a black ink tattoo. If you want a tattoo with a design that is your original and has a lot of details and shading, then you will need a skilled tattoo artist, which will make your price high.

11. How much does a full back tattoo cost?

A full-back tattoo costs around $2000-$5000. It is generally very detailed and consists of a lot of shading and coloring. It covers the entire back, which increases its size by a lot. Hence the time required is also a lot, which is around 40 hours or more. A tattoo that only covers half of the back or half-back tattoo costs around $1000 if it only consists of an outline that is black in color. But if you want it colored, then it can come to $1750 or more.

12. How much does a thigh tattoo cost?

A thigh tattoo costs between $1500 – $3200. Thigh tattoos that consist of many colors and cover a large portion like the whole front thigh or the side of your thigh can take as long as 16 hours or more, which increases its price range. Whereas if you only need a black outline, then it takes as long as 3 hours and can cost around $300-$600.

13. How much does a chest tattoo cost?

A chest tattoo covering the whole chest can cost around $600-$1200 because it takes a lot of work to be completed and approximately 6 hours of time. Whereas a tattoo that covers half the chest can cost around $250 if it is using just one color and if it is only an outline. If you want to fill any colors in the tattoo, then it will cost you up to $350 or even more.

14. How much does a rib tattoo cost?

Rib tattoos usually cost between $600-$700. They are 6-8 inches in diameter and are filled with various colors, making them very expensive. Since they are so big, it makes them really long to get completed. The area is also very sensitive and has a very irregular shape, because of which the tattoo artist should also be very experienced.

15. How much does a spine tattoo cost?

A spine tattoo usually costs around $100 if it’s just a black outline. Suppose you want a colorful and intricate tattoo. In that case, the cost can increase up to $300-$400 depending on the complexity of the design and the time that the tattoo artist takes to finish the tattoo.

16. How much does a foot tattoo cost?

A foot tattoo costs $300-$400 if your tattoo covers your top foot. It can take up to 3 hours. Foot tattoos look very pretty if they are maintained properly because foot is used very regularly and wearing shoes can rub off the ink over time. But it should be kept in mind that foot tattoos hurt a lot as like the hands, feet don’t have muscles and they are bony.

17. How much does a lip tattoo cost?

A lip tattoo usually costs $375 for a tattoo that lines the lips and $600 for a tattoo that fills the color in the lips. The inner lip tattoos cost start from $100. Still, it is a very sensitive area, and the color also starts fading away and disappears entirely within 1-5 years.

18. How much does a leg tattoo cost?

A tattoo that covers your legs or hips cost around $500. This cost is when you only get tattooed with black ink and when the tattoo is just an outline. If you get the tattoo filled with colors, then the tattoo cost can increase to $1800.

19. How much does a full body tattoo cost?

A full body tattoo can cost as much as $100,000 or even more. If you want to completely commit to the tattoo world, then getting a full body tattoo is the best way to go about it. Full body tattoos are extraordinarily detailed and very time consuming, which might increase the price even more. A full body tattoo covers every part of your body, from the neck to your toe.

20. How much does a tattoo behind the ear cost?

Tattoos behind the ear generally cost around $50- $100 as they are minimal tattoos. If the tattoo artist is experienced enough, then it doesn’t take much longer. Usually, they are just a black outline. Since the area is very less people usually get floral tattoos behind their ears.

21. How much does a calf tattoo cost?

A calf tattoo costs around $350 – $500. This cost is for tattoos with one solid filled color, which covers the whole one side of your calf. If you want more colors to be filled in your tattoo, then the tattoo’s cost might increase up to double the amount.

22. How much does it cost to get a small tattoo on your ankle?

Ankle tattoos cost between $60 – $200. Ankle tattoos are small, but the tattoo artist should be very experienced; otherwise, it can hurt a lot because ankles dont have a lot of muscles. It’s just bone and skin so the needle will hurt the bone causing pain. Ankles are the most delicate and painful part of the body to get inked.

23. How much does a tattoo on your finger cost?

Finger tattoos usually cost between $50 – $100. They are small tattoos that don’t take a lot of time for the tattoo artist to complete. But it would be best if you remembered that it is always better to choose a simple and small tattoo design for the fingers as the skin of your hands to mature over time. It can distort the image of your tattoo. So choose your finger tattoo design wisely.

24. How much does a letter tattoo cost?

A letter tattoo costs between $50- $200. These are small tattoos that usually cover 2-4 inches of your skin and take very little time to get completed. Usually, tattoo artists charge letter tattoos based on how long it will take to get completed, so you should talk to them before and make sure how much the charge of the tattoo will be.

25. How much does a quote tattoo cost?

A quote is like a small sentence, so it usually gets done within an hour. Hence the cost is as low as just $90 for only one color. Quote tattoos are a perfect choice when you want to keep something memorable or be reminded about a loved one or important experiences in your life. The quotes can be about motivation or love etc.

26. How much does a name tattoo cost?

A name tattoo costs around $75 -$100 because they are pretty straightforward and fast to complete. If you want to use many colors in the tattoo or make it detailed, then the tattoo price might increase.

27. How much does a roman numeral tattoo cost?

A roman numeral tattoo usually costs as low as $50- $100. It is effortless and easy to make and requires very little time to get done hence the low cost. People often get roman numerals tattooed to honor the dates or names of their loved ones or to keep the people who have passed away in their memory.

28. How much does a wedding ring tattoo cost?

Wedding ring tattoos can cost between $50-$200. Most wedding ring tattoos cost less than gold wedding bands while offering a range of artistic choices. Wedding ring tattoos are a symbol of commitment between you and your partner.

Summary Cost of Tattoo for Different Tattoo Types

S.NoTattoo TypeCost
1Cost of a basic tattoo$50-$250
2Cost of Large Tattoo$500-$4000
 3Cost of medium Tattoo$150-$450
 4 Cost of small tattoo$50-$250
 5Cost of sleeve tattoo$2000-$4000
 6Cost of half sleeve tattoo$1000-$2000
 7Cost of forearm tattoo$200-$1200
8Cost of wrist tattoo$50-$150
9Cost of hand tattoo$200-$400
10Cost of shoulder tattoo$875-$1000
11Cost of full back tattoo$2000-$5000
12Cost of thigh tattoo$1500-$3200
13Cost of chest tattoo$600-$1200
14Cost of a rib tattoo$600- $700
15Cost of a spine tattoo$100- $400
16Cost of a foot tattoo$300- $400
17Cost of a lip tattoo$375-$600
18Cost of a leg tattoo$500-$1800
19Cost of a full body tattoo$100000
20Cost of a tattoo behind ear$50-$100
21Cost of a calf tattoo$350-$500
22Cost of small ankle tattoo$60-$200
23Cost of a finger tattoo$50-$100
24Cost of a letter tattoo$50-$100
25Cost of a quote tattoo$90-$200
26Cost of a name tattoo$75-$100
27Cost of a roman numeral tattoo$50-$100
28Cost of a wedding ring tattoo$50-$200
29Cost of any Tattoo$50-$5000


Now that we have read about all the different prices of different tattoos you must have got an idea of how tattoo pricing works. Cost of the tattoo does not just depend on the amount of hours that the tattoo artist took to make that tattoo but on a lot of other factors like the color, experience of the tattoo artist, size of the tattoo, the body part that is to be tattooed etc. So now you can make a decision after understanding every aspect thoroughly.