Tattoo Blowout or Bruising [How to Prevent, How to Identify & Ways to Deal]

Having a tattoo is exciting as well as risky. Someone who is getting it done for the first time is often to be nervous of the fear of what if it doesn’t turn out right? Well, there is always a risk associated with getting tattoos.

If your artist is new, there are chances of tattoo blowout or bruising. In case you are new to this term, don’t worry, we will help you understand the same.

Tattoo blowouts occur when your tattoo artist is new to the art and doesn’t apply the tattoo ink properly. Some of the common causes by an amateur tattoo artist are wrong angle, deeper, or shallow application of the tattoo ink.

As a result, the skin doesn’t heal properly which is also referred to as tattoo bruising. However, the causes may also vary from case to case. Sometimes, bruising or tattoo blowout is not necessarily the fault of a tattoo artist.

Few common causes for tattoo blowout

  • Unusual pressure on the skin while inking
  • Wrong angle used by tattoo artist
  • Ink needle touching the joint inside the elbow or knee
  • Choosing a thin skin area
  • Twisting or over-stretching of the skin
  • Inking on the bony areas of the body
  • Improper experience of inking
  • Inexperienced tattoo artist
  • Lack of proper care

If you have faced any of the above issues with your tattoo, do not worry, we shall discuss how you can fix a tattoo blowout. Let’s also understand the fine difference between a tattoo blowout and tattoo bruise.

Tattoo Blowout

Tattoo blowouts happen due to improper angle of the ink and hands while inking. Tattoo blowouts are realized just during the tattoo or after the tattoo.

The three major reasons responsible for tattoo blowout are; tattoo on thin skin, the tattoo is incorrectly drawn on thick skin, and inexperience of tattoo artist.

Tattoo Bruising

Bruising occurs during the healing period. It usually stays for one to four weeks as per the tattoo design and the type of skin. Do not panic if you notice a bluish-purple bruise on your tattoo.

It will slowly turn yellowish-green after some days before it finally heals. Many people often mistake bruising with tattoo blowout. Although both are wounds, the major difference between the two is that bruising is common and blowout is uncommon.

Bruising get cured naturally during the healing process whereas tattoo blowouts need tattoo experts. There are ways to treat bruising at home whereas for blowouts we shall discuss the methods in detail ahead.

As people are more concerned about tattoo blowouts, we shall focus more on the same and discuss the various ways you can cover these up.

How do I identify if I have a tattoo blowout or bruising?

If you chose an area that has sensitive skin, your tattoo may blowout. While deciding to go for a tattoo, avoid areas like toes, ankles, fingers, elbows, and more.

These are more prone to blowouts as the skin is delicate here compared to the other areas on the body. As the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure. Similarly, it is better to avoid the factors responsible for blowouts than treating the same.

The reason why we mentioned prevention is that curing won’t be easy. Treating tattoo blowouts take longer and you cannot be sure if the treatments will work 100 percent.

Many people go-ahead to add another tattoo to hide the previous blowout. An experienced tattoo artist will be best to deal with such cases.

Get your blowout checked by a skilled tattoo artist. Not all bruises could be blowouts. As soon as you get a tattoo done, your skin may look swollen, red, and bruised. Many people confuse it with blowouts whereas these are common tattoo wounds.

Fresh tattoos also look blurred and foggy which is again common. A tattoo expert would be the best person to differentiate these and clear your doubts. If your tattoo blowout is confirmed, we have some of the most preferred ways to deal with it.

How to deal with tattoo blowout or bruising

We have few ways that are suggested by some of the experienced tattoo artists on dealing with tattoo blowouts.

Tattoo experts know that some amateur artists are unaware of the correct pressure to put on the skin while inking resulting in tattoo bruising.

As a result, the ink reaches deep from the layers of the skin causing bruises. Under the surface, the skin spreads out making the tattoo look blurred.

Here are few ways to deal with a tattoo blowout:

1. Skin makeover

Skin makeover is one way you can cover the blowout. You may use skin-friendly makeup and cosmetics to cover up the tattoo bruise.

However, this would not be a permanent solution. You may have to rely on other treatments to settle the bruise.

2. More tattoos

Adding more tattoos on the blowout is another option to cover the same. However, you must know that cover-ups won’t be an easy thing.

Some poorly done tattoos can be covered up beautifully by an experienced artist, but not all. It is in some cases, you will have to change the entire tattoo and perhaps risk more blowouts.

3. Laser removal

For irritable blowouts, laser tattoos are one way to look at them. Although it could be expensive and painful, it will help you get rid of the unwanted scattered tattoo.

In few sessions, your skin will be clear of the tattoo. Certain laser treatments do not fade the entire tattoo but only that respective area that has caused the blowout.

4. Surgery

Surgical removal is another way to look at unwanted tattoo removal. It is a recent practice where the surgeon operates your skin to extract the tattoo from the same.

There are chances of scars that will remain for a long time due to sewing back the skin together; however, your blowout will go away.

5. Tattoo artist

Only an experienced tattoo artist can help fix a tattoo blowout. No home remedies or creams will work as it is similar to an injury.

In some scenarios, your tattoo expert may ask you to wait for at least 2 months until the tattoo heals before they decide for a cover-up on you.

For any confusion between the tattoo blowouts, reach up to your tattoo artist. They are experienced to differentiate between tattoo healing and tattoo bruising.

How can I prevent tattoo blowout or bruising?

Discussing preventions of tattoo blowout is way better than discussing the cure. One of the major reasons for tattoo blowouts is ignorance which can be avoided. Let’s consider some ways how you can prevent tattoo bruising.

1. Tattoo Area

Selecting the tattoo area can help prevent bruises. Some sensitive skin areas have higher risks of tattoo blowout and so you may better avoid these.

We already discussed the areas and here is a quick reference once again for you:

  • Toes
  • Ankles
  • Fingers
  • Elbows
  • Feet
  • Wrist
  • Top of hands
  • Top of feet

2. Experienced Tattoo Artist

Always choose an experienced tattoo artist to get inked. We understand the love you share for a tattoo artist in your family or friend circle that recently learned the art and may seek your support to practice the same on you.

Some new tattoo artists offer tattoos free of cost but, you can’t take a risk of performing the same on sensitive areas of the body. You may ask him/her to stay away from the discussed parts of the skin to prevent bruising.

A professional tattoo artist has come a long way in dealing with many clients; they have the required skills to perform tattoos.

3. Aftercare

Takedown all the aftercare instructions from your tattoo artist or refer to our articles for the same.

You will have to follow aftercare instructions as provided by your tattoo artist to allow the tattoo to heal completely and smoothly. The web has oodles of information on how to take care of a fresh tattoo.

Tattoo care is essential during the healing period to avoid any type of unwanted issues with tattoos. Talking your heart out to your artist is the best thing to do.

Final Words:

A clean, skilled, and professional tattoo artist followed by the right aftercare tips will help you live a blowout-free tattoo for life.